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Julius threw himself back on the bed next to me, "Oh, don't leave me." He cried. I laughed, despite the bitter situation.
"Jules, I was the one about to cry a minute ago. You beat me to it."
He turned and propped himself up on one arm. "You'll write me? No, of course you won't. You'll be busy as hell. I'll come visit you once or twice. You're not allowed to stay there forever."
I laughed again.
"No, Chelsea, I'm serious."
I stared at his face, he was typically so sure of himself, but there was doubt on his face, his delicate features were wrinkled with genuine sadness. I picked up a piece of his bright purple hair and twirled it around my finger.

"Do you really want to dye this beautiful hair of yours?" I asked, running my fingers through it.
He groaned, "Yes, I'm so tired of it. I need a change."
I shrugged my shoulders and began mixing the purple dye. "Jul, this is really going to make a statement." I warned.
His eyes shone. "I know."

His hair was now bright purple with streaks of green, red, and yellow. It was actually very cool looking. And he took such good care of it, that it didn't even seem damaged. I watched as his lips slowly turned into a pout. I brought his hand to my cheek and laid my face on it. "I promise I'm not going anywhere." I mumbled. He shut his eyes, content for the time being.
"You know, Chels. If I wasn't gay, people might think you were into me." I grinned and slapped his hand off my face. I stood and walked to his vanity and pulled open the door and rummaged around for a cigarette.
"What are you doing?" He demanded from behind me, as I found the box and flipped it open, pulling one out. "You don't smoke."
"Owen says it relaxes him. I really need to relax right now." I said holding out my hand and showing him how shaky it was, I then flipped it and asked for his lighter.
"I don't have it on me, I only smoke when I drink. Which you don't do either, remember? There are other ways to relax. Go and play with Mello or Near that does wonders for you."
I glanced over at Near's terrarium, he was curled up in his log. Near was my corn snake, he was only about a foot long, and he was albino. He was white and red and had little red eyes. He was my baby.
"Please just give me one." I begged, turning my attention away from near, as he pulled the box out of my hand.
"No." He said, and tucked it into one of his jacket pockets.
I pouted.
"Oh, hush, you'll be fine. Now let me pack." He said.

I left the house later, and went to the side where my dog, Mello, lived. Julius wouldn't let him in the house, unlike Near, so I built a fence and a dog house for him. I climbed over the fence and Mello came running out of his little home. I patted him on his head and crouched down to play. "Hey, Mels." I giggled as he licked my face. He was a Siberian husky, large, lovable, and protective, with piercing blue eyes. I adored him. I knew I couldn't leave him here, Julius would kill him. He could kill a cactus. A dog would be way too easy. "We're going on a trip, baby." I mumbled, and kissed his wet nose.

Once Julius had finished packing two bags for me, (He wouldn't let me), we began walking to the dock, Mello was on his leash at my side and Near was in his travel carrier in my other hand. I glanced back at the farms near our house. I had only spoken to the people that live there a handful of times, no sense in saying goodbye. We crossed the bridge and walked along the path by the ocean; Julius kept stealing glances at me before he reached out and held on tightly to my hand. Geez, this was going to be harder on him than it is on me. We past the still run down farm that a new girl lived in. She lived there for about two months, the place looked awful, she had no crops planted and she only had one chicken. I felt bad for that bird, I loved animals and it obviously wasn't being treated right.I watched as it pecked at the barren ground, trying to find any remnant of a seed. It was a scrawny little thing, feathers were jutting out in all directions. She definitely didn't take good enough care of it. I made a mental note to let Kathy know. We walked up the walkway, past the pond and up towards the Garmon Mine District. Julius was parading me around town for all of my farewells. We crossed a rickety bridge, and both held our breath. We were just in sync like that. Constantly. It suddenly hit me, I couldn't leave him. I stopped walking and dropped my bags. Julius didn't say anything he just turned and hugged me tightly. I cried into his shoulder, and he smoothed my hair down. He pulled me back, and smiled lightly, "Don't worry." Was all he said to me.

We stopped in the Carpenter's and I said bye to Bo and Dale, they told me Luke was at the bar. I figured he would be there with Selena anyways. Julius had to stop in the jewelry shop, where he worked, to pick up something, and I said goodbye to Mira. She was like a mother to me, I didn't tell her every detail of my life, but she always seemed to know when something was wrong. I stopped in at the blacksmith and said bye to Ramsey, but he told me Chloe was in the mines. Chloe was only 7 years old, but she was the sweetest thing I had ever met. I loved her with my whole heart, but I didn't have time to search for her in the mines again. I stared longingly at the entrance to the mine as Julius and I climbed into the mine cart that would take us to the church grounds. We got out and walked up the stairs to the church grounds, and then back down another set of stairs to the town. I walked straight down to the mayor's house and saw Gill sitting at the table reading, through the window. I knocked on the door and he answered it. "Hello, Chelsea." He said rather formally, he was always like this, even though we were friends.
"Hi, Gill. I just wanted to say goodbye for a while."
His mouth dropped, and his voice wavered. "You're leaving?"
"Just for a while. I have to help my brother on his farm on Sunshine Islands."
He nodded thoughtfully, "Well, good luck. You'll be back though, right?"
I nodded quickly, "Yes, of course I will be. I promise."
He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. "I'll let my father know. I'll be seeing you."

We walked down to the Tailor's and Julius stopped. I rolled my eyes. I forgot he was in a fight with Luna and refused to be near her. No point in trying to argue, Julius was the most stubborn person I knew. I sighed.
"I'll be at the bar, that will be your last stop, okay?" He said picking up my bags.
"Take Mello, too. Hayden is the only one that will allow animals."
Julius rolled his eyes, "Kathy will watch him." I said thrusting the leash into his hand. He walked off, I watched the whole way, making sure he had a good grip on my Mello. Once he was in, I pushed open the door of the tailor's. Candace was sewing and Luna was modeling Candace's latest piece. It was a ruffle-y green dress with a ribbon around the waist. Luna looked perfect in it. It matched her bouncy pink curls in an odd, but cute way. She pranced around and stopped in front of Candace. Candace only smiled at her masterpiece, she was too humble. Strands of her deep blue hair fell into her face as she slaved away at the sewing machine, the rest was tied back into two long braids. Luna spun and saw me, she rushed over.
"Isn't this dress fabulous? Candace made it for me!" She smiled brightly, and spun again. I just smiled lightly. Candace had shown me sketches of this dress before.
"It turned out great, Candace." I called out to her, she smiled gratefully. "And it looks amazing on you, Luna." I added. They both smiled at me, and I felt my heart break. These were my two best friends aside from Julius. I had made plenty of other friends, but these two were like sisters to me. I looked into their smiling eyes and suddenly it all became too much for me. I know I was only leaving for a few months, but people move on. They could forget me, I won't see them for so long. I was going to miss them horribly. I started crying, and then got embarrassed. Julius, Mark, and Gustafa were the only people to ever see me cry. Candace rushed over to where Luna already had her arm around me, comfortingly. They led me to their bedroom and I sat on Luna's bed, with the two of them on either side of me.
"What's wrong, Chelsea?" Luna asked quietly. Candace laid a reassuring hand on my back.
I finally got a hold of myself, "I'm going away for a while." I whispered.
"Where?" Candace asked.
"To Sunshine Islands, Mark needs me to help on his farm…"
Luna was staring at me. "You're leaving?"
I nodded.
"For how long?"
"I don't know, a couple months maybe…"
She burst into tears. Candace had her arm around me, "It's okay. You'll come back. We'll still be here. We're all going to miss you. But we won't forget you." She said with a single tear. She always knew the perfect thing to say. I wrapped an arm around her and the other around Luna. "I'm going to miss you guys."

Before I left the tailor's I went into the bathroom to compose myself a little. Their full length mirror gave me a chance to decide that I looked like a bum. I had on shorts and a tight black tank top, with slits in the side. I had my red bandana tied up in my hair as usual, and I was wearing my old red Tom's. My body was a mass of art. I had a lot of tattoo's, which required lots of trips to the city, but a few that I did myself. The visible ones, were on my thighs, my calves, my arms and my neck, my hands and my side. There were a few you couldn't quite see right now, though. My hands traced over the anchor on my thumb, there was a heart on the other. I did those two myself.

I was lying on the ground just outside Julius' and my house. I had my iPod in and was listening to Alesana's song, "The Lover". The lyrics "I'll be your anchor, I'll be your lover" came on. Those words had always given me chills. I decided that when I found the right person, I'd be their anchor and their lover. I'd hold them down, and keep them sane, but I'd love them enough and give them whatever freedom they wanted, as well.

I looked at my face in the mirror, I never wore much makeup, so it wasn't running everywhere from my tears. My nose ring was very thin, and hardly noticeable. My eyes were huge and green, even though they were blue up until I was ten. My nose was slightly crooked after breaking it several times, and my lips were dressed in red, upon Julius' insistence that red lips look stunning on me because of my fair complexion and light hair. I lightly splashed some water on my face and twisted on of my twelve earrings, a nervous habit. I didn't want to leave. I couldn't do this. But I have to. I opened the bathroom door, hugged my two best girlfriends one more time and then left. I walked up the hills to his house and pushed the door open without knocking, and slipped inside, quickly shutting it behind me. I turned around and was pulled into his arms immediately and he held me tightly, and securely. "Gale…" I whispered sadly.
"I know."

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