Jane stepped inside BPD with Maura following closely behind her, and, for a very brief moment, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. People milled about the lobby as security checked identification and ran people through the metal detectors. Everything was as it had been, but that all came to a grinding halt as Jane stepped up to the security desk.

"Sup, Hannigan?" She handed over her ID to the uniformed working security.

"Rizzoli," he grinned, "you ever go home?" He shook his head as he made a notation on the entry sheet.

"Nah, I live here." She winked. "Got a guest with me." She paled just a little as she handed over the newly minted identifications for the woman who strode up to stand next to her at the security desk. "Doctor Maura Isles."

"No way." He glanced from the IDs in his hand to the honey brunette standing in front of him and back to the items in his hand. "No frickin' way." His voice rose, and, as it did so, other people's attention turned to the desk. "You're dead." His eyes bulged. "I mean, it can't be. We went to your funeral. You were… you were…"

"Dead, yes," Maura tried to hold back her sigh. "But, as you can see, I'm much better now."

Jane's jaw dropped. "Maura," she said, not bothering to hold back her surprise. "Did you just crack a joke?"

"I think my boss's humor at the law firm has influenced me," the doctor replied with an eye roll. "Officer Hannigan, I'm so sorry there isn't a better way to reintroduce myself to the police department, but time is of the essence. It's vitally important that Jane and I meet with Lieutenant Cavanaugh as soon as possible."

"This can't be right." Crowe's voice pulled through the crowd of murmuring voices. "What kind of sick joke you trying to pull over on us, Rizzoli? How'd you find someone that looks so much like the doc? I mean, we all knew a couple of your screws had come loose, but…"

"I am not and actor, Detective Crowe." Maura's eyes flashed with irritation. "I was in Witness Protection. Clearly, I'm no longer in the program. The story is extremely long, and, should we feel like it, we'll tell it to you. Now," she turned back to the uniformed officer at the security desk, "let me in the building," the word 'now' seemed to be unspoken, but the word that came from the petite woman was a very cutting, "please."

Hannigan swallowed down the lump and tried to compose himself. He ran her ID through the system, and it not only confirmed the identification was valid but that she was, in fact, not dead. There was no mention in the system of her death certificate or the possibility the ID might be a fake. "Marshalls work fast, don't they?" With a shaking hand, he gave the items back.

Jane shrugged. "I guess she's alive again in the system?" The uniform nodded. Jane gave a nod of her as if to say she approved and then turned to follow the doctor through the metal detector. "This is going to be the longest walk to Cavanaugh's office ever," she grumbled to the other woman.

"Even longer than the time you accidentally scratched his car when you and Frost were playing Office Chair Race Car in the parking lot?" Maura smiled at the memory.

Jane shot her an annoyed look. "Yeah, but only by a little bit."

As Jane and Maura entered the homicide are of the precinct, all eyes were on them. The detective was full of nervous energy, and she didn't bother to try to hide her need to constantly have a hand on the doctor, to have a physical reassurance the other woman was actually there.

Frost and Korsak gave a nod of their head as the two passed by on their way to the Lieutenant's office while everyone else stopped working entirely and stared at the ghost passing them by.

At the closed office door of her supervisor, Jane stopped and took in a deep breath. "Here we go. You ready?"

"Yes," Maura nodded, posture ramrod straight, "let's get this over with."

Jane knocked and entered. Cavanaugh looked up from his desk and, before he could comment, Maura followed in. The last thing the rest of the office heard before the door shut was the Lieutenant's surprised voice uttering, "Oh my God, Rizzoli. What the hell is this?!"


"I'm glad Trish is talking, it's great we don't have worry about O'Toole, and I'm glad that, while you were away, you were treated well, but, come on, Maura!" Jane gave a little stomp of her foot. "Do we really have to go to Alabama for our vacation? Can't we go somewhere else? Anywhere else?" She huffed as she continued to pack.

"Jane," the honey brunette's voice was calm, but it was clear her patience was running thin. "We've discussed this. It's been two years. The trial has finally come to an end, and I told you that I assured Regina that I would let her know how everything finally turned out."

"Okay, fine, but you couldn't just give her a call or send an email or skype or something?" With a grunt, Jane picked her suitcase up and put it down on the ground. "Why do we have to actually go there? It's July, Maura. Do you know how hot and humid it's going to be in Alabama?"

"Yes, I do." Maura finally rolled her eyes. "Regina and her partner were very good to me, Jane, and I like them a lot. Now that there's no danger, I would very much like to meet them as myself, and," she walked over to wrap her arms around the taller woman's neck and give her a kiss, "I'd like for them to meet my wife."

Still pouting, Jane gave a relenting sigh. "Okay, fine, but I make no promises that I won't drink a bunch of sweet iced tea and keep you up until three in the morning while we're down there."

"If you keep me up until three in the morning, Detective Isles," Maura said with a smirk on her face, "it had better be for reasons other than a sugar high."

Jane grinned. "Challenge accepted."

"Good," Maura pulled away to finish her own packing. "We only have twenty minutes before our car service arrives to pick us up. Finish packing so we can leave on time, Jane."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it." The detective rolled her eyes. "So bossy."

"You like my bossy."

"Yeah, I do, but I don't like flying to Alabama."


Done! *does a little happy dance*