Dear Readers:

Here are some Q and A's to answer some confusing things.

Q: Did the King get sick and did the Queen die? :(

A: No, but it was an insight to the future. Mother Gothel put it to reality.

Q: Did Eugene really drink heavily? :(

A: Happy to say that no, he did not drink heavily; Eugene doesn't seem like the type

of guy who would do that. (Unless he had good reasons)

Q: What happened to Corona during that time of the King's illness? :o

A: Well... Eugene was doing all the paperwork and stuff but since he apparently drunk alot

in the story... half of the time he didn't even know what he was doing! Taxes were raised, crimes

were still low. Actually... pretty much the same as before (except for the tax raise); Corona is a small kingdom so yeah :p

Q: Did Rapunzel really have a baby? :D

A: Yes! And Eugene did see the delivery.

Q: Was it Eugene who killed the King and the Stabbington Brothers? ):(

A: Yeah... the "King" was Flynn. Let's just say they split into different bodies. Flynn was the thief

Eugene was the good guy. Guess who split them? It starts with an "M"!

Q: Who doesn't hear about death, coronation, and the birth of their own child?! :(

A: Eugene apparently... because Mother Gothel was screwing his life up.

Q: What was up with Rapunzel and the physician's face twisting up like that? O_O

A: It was Mother Gothel messing with Eugene's mind. Revenge in other words...

Q: What happened after the pitch black part? O_O

A: Nothing. Everything ended. That's all I have to say. o-o

Q: Was it a nightmare or reality? :\

A: This is the final Q and A. And it was a nightmare... if you were observing the questions you can see

how I put that Mother Gothel was always manipulating his mind in a way. He was basically

experiencing the chaos and hallucinations of Mother Gothel's curse that she put on him before she fell out

of the tower.

That's all. Hope it cleared some things for you :)