A/N: So, I will have a whole bunch of new stories coming in. A couple of one shots and such. Not to worry, I'll still try to keep up with my other fanfics.

So this is the prologue for my new Little Secrets fanfic. It's a little suspenseful, but it's that kind of story. Hope you guys, like it!

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Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop. This is all I can hear. This, my quickening heartbeat and uneven breathing. Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

I don't know what it is? Water from the sewer? Blood? I shudder, though that could be from the fact that it's 20 degrees in here. Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

Rage rises inside me. Part of me wishes that I had never tried to help Kelly. Part of me wishes that it was her rotting down here, shivering from fear and lack of heat. It was all her fault, anyway! Drip Drop.

The other day though knew that it was the right thing to do, and was more worried about getting out of here. Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

I immediately thought of Tom. He may have probably been in a jail cell, but it's safer than the cell I'm in. Drip Drop, Drip Drop. Does he know about what happened? Is he trying to find a way out of jail to save me?

And what about Zoey? Did Bryan get her, too? Is she still at the party looking for me?

And what exactly is Kelly doing to help me, if she's even trying?

Chad? Drip Drop. Did Chad question Kelly about my whereabouts? Or is he still trying to negotiate with the officer to let Tom go? Drip.

I'm such an idiot. I knew that it was all going too far and I did nothing to stop it. Why did I even agree to play in the first place? Drop.

I mentally screamed, grabbing fistfuls of hair, completely losing my Diamond confidence. Panic was taking its place.

I was going to die.

Tom wasn't getting out of that cell.

Zoey was nowhere to be found.

My plan to save Kelly didn't even work. Bryan was out looking for her right now.

And Chad's running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to keep everything from falling apart.

My mental screaming then turned to mental laughter. If only Mrs. Bentley could see me now. Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

Too much detail, Mrs. Bentley? One-sentence summary, huh? Well, how's this for a one-sentence summary?


We're all screwed.


There it is? Is it good? Suspenseful? Confusing, probably. R and R. Can't wait to update some more!