Who's ready for a cop-out chapter! I have minimal idea of what to do and where to take this, plus I have five school papers coming due in two weeks, so nothing will really get updated for a while, at least a week.

I was reluctant for Gilbert's help, but with no ideas of my own, I convinced myself quickly I had no choice.

"Fine. Whatever you say. Are you sure it will work?"

"Of course it'll work! When you're as awesome as I am, the plan would be foolish to fail!" He laughed.

I waited for the fit to calm before I asked, "So, what's first?"

"Ok: before we waste my awesome plans, let's start simple. How about you try the direct route?"


"Tell the idiot straight."

I frantically shook my head; my glasses slid down my nose. There was no way in hell I would ever pluck up the courage to just up and tell Alfred.

"Ok. Next is a slightly less direct route. Write it down and I'll find a way to get it through a network of people so neither you or me are directly involved."

"But doesn't that defeat the purpose?"

"Are you saying you want the plan to be more awesome?"

I shrugged, not knowing how to respond.

"Yes!" Gilbert pumped the air. "Great! Then meet me by the sign out front right after school! Awesome as I am, this'll take assistance!" With that, Gilbert got up and left me sitting alone with cold instant potatoes.

Just as he said: right after class by the sign out front. Gilbert and friends were late. I was a bit anxious. I didn't really want the news of my crush getting spread all over the school. But for some reason I trusted Gilbert; I guess armed with the information he had, I had to trust him.

I watched the door for him to arrive; I assumed he would appear out the front. A lot of people came out, but not the ones I was looking for. Although I did see Al...he came out with Arthur, though. Stupid me hoped that he'd wave again. He, as usual, didn't notice my existance. I watched the pair walk away, a sort of pathetic longing in my gaze. Unfortunately, I wasn't only doing the watching.

"Ah, Gilbert, it's as bad as you say," an all-too familiar voice said next to me.

I jumped a mile and turned to face Gilbert and his two friends: Francis, the son of an old family friend of ours, and Antonio, something the pair of them just picked up. Antonio was the only one not concealing a laugh. My face turned beet red and I looked at the ground.

"Ah, Matthew, no need for that," Francis said again, stepping forward. He took me by the chin and made me face him. "We three are here to help." I didn't like his smile.

"You don't know how pleased Francis is to help you, amigo," Antonio said, laughing. "He's been wanting an excuse to break the two of them up all summer!"

"They aren't together!" Francis said angrily, letting me go.

"Now, now, this isn't why I called you two here," Gilbert said, stepping forward. Looking at me, he said, "I called these two for help because they're the only ones I trust in such awesome matters as these. I'll let you two explain."

"Yes," Antonio said. "Well, as you know, I am the epitome of a Spanish lover."

"So he says," Francis said with a smirk.

"And," Antonio yelled over him, "I have dealt with matters of the heart numerous times. I know how to make any man or woman yearn desperately for me. Not that I've ever used it -"

"On that Italian boy a few times." Gilbert hid his laugh.

"Only once and it didn't work!"

"Not selling yourself there," Gilbert said as Francis responded, "Sure it didn't."

"And Francis has a vested interest in this as well, so you know anything he tells you, he wouldn't unless he too was convinced it would be a success. Then he can teach you what to do after you win the muchacho over," Antonio finished with a mischievous grin.

Opposite of what he obviously expected, Francis just shrugged.

"What can I say, I'm just that good. But, mon ami, we have much to do before I can teach you those moves."

What the f*ck did I get myself into?

"So you see why I picked these two out. We have an awesome plan; we just need to tweak it a bit and we'll need to see how you work so we can come up with one-hundred-percent foolproof ways to set the two pairs up!"

"I thought I told you I don't need any help!" Francis said, feigning indignation.

"Well, then, here's your job," Antonio told him, taking him by the shoulders. "You need to get Arthur's attention away from Alfred, and when he's all lonely and depressed, Matthew can come in with the plan we have. Got it?"

"I said I needed no help, Tony, I didn't say my plans were working."

"Anyway, since I know you best, Matt," Gilbert said over them, "I can work the plan around your type. This isn't really in your hands right now; I just wanted to introduce you to the team. Be here tomorrow and we'll tell you what we came up with!"

The three friends left. All I was left with was a nausous feeling in my stomach. Tomorrow couldn't get here slowly enough.