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I sighed in aggravation under my breath and plastered the smile back upon my face. "No", I continued my argument. "If veronica jumped off a cliff, Sebastian wouldn't save her." I said bitterly but put an amusing, kidding edge to my voice, making everyone laugh and Roni give me a cold stare I avoided. "He wouldn't let you fall in the first place." Alice smiled, making up for my traitorous argument. I hugged her; she always knew what exactly to say. We laughed and people around us gave us a weird look. "What?" I called out getting mad. "Haven't seen friends hug before?!" I patronized the stares. I knew what they were thinking; everyone always thought it, thinking we were more intimate than friends, thinking we were "girlfriends". I rolled my eyes, what nonsense.

No one understood my true feelings. I hadn't said a word about what really went through my soul and mind in at least a month. They made it clear as if they didn't care. I listened to them but they never listened back. I asked what was wrong and help with their problems but they never daned to ask me. I sat silently now as the conversation topic changed as quickly as it started over and over. We were talking of an anime series, Black Butler. I didn't know much, but what I did know I cherished. Sebastian, the main character was absolutely amazing. I wish I had gotten dibs before Roni, she considered herself the perfect match for him, I didn't agree of course. I was given the character Grell who I was more than happy to accept. He played the bad butler with a chain saw, Jack the Ripper, and extremely Gay with a big wanting to court Sebastian. I smiled at the notion of me being gay. I never had anything against those who wanted to be with the same gender. My goal was too actually to go shopping with one sometime in my life, hearing they had great style and taste.

Of course as usual no one paid attention to me and my wondering mind except for the occasional glance I was still alive. Finally the bell rang and it was time for second hour. I silently packed up my stuff and stuffed my English books into my neat, organized locker, heading to Spanish. I stared down at my feet pretending to be deep in thought when really I felt depression start to settle as usual. This is when the dark thoughts come, overtaking my cheerful mind with ideas of death or darkness of some kind. I looked up at the sound of my name to see Fasha; she called herself Xion the girl in black from Kingdom Hearts. "Hey" I said silently but friendly as we passed each other in the hall, quick to get to class.

I entered the classroom and I felt the breath taken out of me. My eyes turned to orbs almost the size of blue moons. I was speechless and looked at the blond in my seat. "What are you doing in my seat, short stuff?!" I patronized, holding back my other taunts and a load of giggles. His face turned red and he shot daggers in my direction. "Who are you calling short, I'm as small as a toothpick?!" everyone in the silent class held back heavy laughter, failing completely. "She didn't even say that." Savannah whispered to Amanda across from her in front of me. "That's not what I said!" I yelled back. Black fumes hung over Edward Elric's head as he moved a seat back, letting me take my place. "Thank you." I said softly and turned to listen to the teacher who walked in ominously.