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I grumbled in agitation as I walked out of the science class to fourth hour. My stomach grumbled and I almost whined until I remembered it would make me look weak and humiliate me even more.

Cas led us silently down the hall and turned, making a right, and heading strait again to what I would guess was the elective hall. People walked back and forth pushing and shoving every which way to head to class. I choked up and blushed as we saw a couple making out against a far wall hidden from the teachers hawk eyes. "Get a room!" Cas called out laughing but with a slight serious tone inquiring they knew they shouldn't be doing that. I still hadn't spoken and felt all the blood rush into my face so I turned red in astonishing embarrassment as she looked at me. "What?" I finally asked, fidgeting. She shrugged. "You're just really silent, quieter than usual." What was THAT supposed to mean?! I didn't even know this girl! "WH-what do you mean?" I asked nervously stuttering. She sighed in what I thought was exasperation. "You aren't usually this quiet. That's exactly what I said and that's exactly what I mean." I scowled, getting mad. This girl was driving me nuts! She was almost as bad as Winry! "I mean how do you know that?" I said dumbly and coldly-ish getting stalker vibes. "We know everything about you! You're Edward Elric! Brother to Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist, fourteen years old, friends with Winry, your dad is Hoenheim (sorry if I misspelled that :/) of light, your mother died, should I go on?" I felt my eye twitch and my stomach turn. The suspicion of her possibly being a stalker was definitely approved and he made a mental note of watching his back from then on. "Who is we?" was the only thing that I managed to process through my mouth without trying to screw it up. She smiled "me, Kiara the girl who you have Spanish with, Roni the one sitting by me in science, Alice I don't think you met her yet, and Fasha I don't think you met her yet either. O ya and Niki! She goes to a different school in the London area." (Sorry I didn't mention it earlier but the school takes place in London. Since I have not visited I cannot tell you where in particular but within a hundred miles of the Phantomhive Manor. Sorry I'm so behind =... { ) I gasped. So many stalkers! What kind of school is this?! Who raised these people!

We walked into the Art classroom only moments before the bell rang. "Welcome to Art class." Said a chilling voice from the front of the room. "I will be your substitute teacher until Ms. Chaves is well again, I am Grell, better known as Mr. Sutcliff." He smiled through his square glasses, giving a sharp toothy grin that looked menacing yet inviting as if he would hug you but never let go until he suffocated you with it. His long red, silky hair was in a neat ponytail and he has a suit that gave off a serving look, like he was a Butler.

I gave a quizzical look to the sputtering gasping Cas. What was her problem? She was shaking and fidgeting so much it looked as if she was about to pee her pants. "Professor could I please be excused for a few moments I need the lavatory very much!" since when did she start speaking formally? Ok that was just weird on her part... "May I go to?" sudden impulse drove me to speak up out of place randomly. Grell smirked. "You may both go but I expect you would use the boy's lavatory young man? I would hope so." We both rushed out of the class and started at a fast paced trot down the hall. "Why are we going all the way down the hall? Isn't the bathroom over there?" I gestured back there to where the bathrooms clearly were. "Were taking a detour, and why did you come with me?" I did a strange shrug like motion as we ran down the hall to the I guess math class where I was told to stay outside as she went in. minutes later Cas came back with another girl in a black and white dress and strange necklace around her neck with the Omega sign, a small pocket knife was in one of the little pockets in the front looking ominously like dried blood. Weapons aren't allowed in school, I thought. What's up with that? This just keeps getting stranger and stranger. "Edward this is Alice. Ok you've met, back to business." Alice nodded quickly. "What's up?" she asked a little surprised but already informed of the Edward-Sebastian issue. "Grell is what's up. Our new substitute for Art is Mr. Sutcliff!" she almost yelled and it echoed in the hall. "Are you serious?!" Alice's expression turned from a nonchalant to a possible horror. "Why would I lie about this? What are we going to do? What happens with Sebastian if he finds out?"