The Sandlot Of Love?

A Benny Love Story Enjoy!

Chapter 1- The Game

Demi P.O.V

It was the last inning.

I was up to bat, 2 outs, and playing the richest team in the town. I glared at Phillips as he got ready to pitch the first pitch to me. A little backround of whats happening here: My name is Demi Sofia, I live with my aunt who hates me, and blames me for my parents deaths. I got dark brown, straight hair, and I live for baseball. Both my 'rents played ball, so its in my blood, and basically the only way I can connect to my dead parents. Its been a few days after Benny 'The Jet' Rodriuez, jumped the fence and got some ball signed by Babe Ruth back from Mertle's yard. I tried to focus on the ball Phillips was gunna throw, and I didn't have much pressure since I knew what he would throw.

"Stirke One!"

I had let the first one go by, only caus I wanted to make him nervous. I usually always swing at the first pitch. I stepped back and swung a little, and someone caught my eyes. It was Benny and the gang. They were leaning over the fence, watching the game intensly. I almost laughed, since all the guys in this town thought girls sucked at baseball, and got back in the batter's box, and looked straight at Phillips. Slider, I thought, caus I knew I would swing at this one. He threw the ball, and excitement went threw me as I swung the bat, hearing the ball crack on it. I watched as it flew threw the air, and I took off sprinting, knowing I had to go fast. It went way out in the outfield,but I cursed myself when it didn't go over the fence. I ran around first base, and saw some kid throw it in.

"Get her!"

I smiled as Phillips yelled at his teammates, and I started running to 3rd base. The shortstop caught the ball, but dropped it, giving me more time to run. You got this, I thought in my head. Phillips grabbed the ball from his teammate, and started running towards me instead of throwing it to the catcher. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, and finally I made it to home plate, winning the game by 1. "Yeah Demi!"
My best friend who also played with me, Riley shouted happily. I smiled and started walking off home plate, when Phillips suddenly threw the ball at my face, making me fall to the ground, but only for a second. "You cant do that!" Someone beside Benny shouted, and I got up, pissed off, and tackled Phillips, kicking and punching his ugly little face.

"Stop! Break it up!"

Some big guy, grabbed me off him, and I could feel my cheek already starting to swell up. I glared at the man, and Phillips father came up and boy did he look mad. "You guys are banned from playing here ever again!" He shouted at me, and I looked at him, not believing what he just said. "You cant do that!" I yelled back, and looked at the man who grabbed me for help, but he looked back at me sadly. "He can actually." He whispered to me and my team, and I couldn't belive this. "His player is the one who threw the ball at my face!" I yelled, losing my temper, and I saw Smalls peeking behind some guys. The guy smirked, "I make the rules, and I say you cant ever step foot on here again."

"Bull Crap."

His fat face got red, and I was about to attack him but my team held me back. "Chill Dem, Chill out." Sky whispered in my ear, and I tried to calm down. Everyone started to clear out, except me and the girls and Phillips, who had a broken nose. "You just cant face the fact that we won." I hissed at him, and He looked like in idiot with his dumb bloody nose. He tried to glare at me, but he couldn't caus of his stupid nose. "Get off my field!" His dad shouted, and I finally gave up. I turned around and shoved threw my girls, and got on my bike. "Lets go." I grumbled, and Benny and his guys were still standing there, watching us. Sky came up to me and whispered in my ear. "Hey , its that Benny kid." I nodded and looked at Benny, who was studing us curiously.

"Yeah, lets go before I blow up."

She nodded and me and Riley lead the crew away from the field. I went as fast as I could to the tree, our hangout, and I threw my bike against the tree and slumped down against it, while Riley sat down beside me. "What are we gunna do now?" She asked, while everyone looked at me intently, and I ran my hands threw my hair and put my hat back on. "I have no clue." I said, frustrated with myself. "I guess me, Riley and Sky can look for a new place today, you guys can go home." They all agreed and I sighed as the drove away, leaving me, Riley and Sky. Sky looked at me curiously, "Where are we gunna start?" I just shook my head and got up.

"No clue."

We walked out of my yard, and turned the corner to main street. We had been walking for at least an hour when I finally had to stop. One other thing you should know, I had severe anorexic problems, which leads me to get out of breath quickly. "You okay Dem?" Riley asked me concered, and I nodded and leaned against a tree. "Fine. Lets get going again." Just as I started to walk again, who would come around the corner, but Benny and his gang. We both stopped awkwardly, and stood there staring at each other. After a few minutes of akward silence, I finally snapped out of my trance. "Sorry." I mumbled, and we walked around them.

"That's okay."

I looked at Benny, who had responded to me, and we made eye contact for a few seconds before I looked away. "What you doing out here?" Ya-Ya asked us suddenly, and I realized we were standing a few feet away from their Sandlot. I looked back about to say something, but Riley beat me to it. "We were just looking for a place to play ball." I stepped on her foot, making her yelp. I didn't want them thinking we were trying to steal there Sandlot. The guys snorted when I did this, and I turned back to them. "We were just walking around town ya know, getting some fresh air." I tried to cover up, but I had a feeling it was too late. "Oh yeah, Phillips banished you from the field. "Smalls said, making everyone look at him. I sighed.


I didn't like talking about what had happened a few hours ago, and my cheek was swelling up even more. "You should put some ice on that." Benny said, motioning to my cheek, and I nodded. "I probably should." I said, and Sky looked at me weird. "We told you to do that hours ago!" I just shrugged, "I didn't want to seem like a sissy, walking round town with a ice pack on my cheek." I said sarcasticly, and a couple of the boys laughed. "Better do it soon, or else it'll be as bad as Smalls!" Squints said laughing, and Smalls blushed a little. I didn't get it, so I just motioned for the girls to follow me. "Well, see ya later I guess." I said awkwardly, and Benny smiled at me. "See ya, and good game by the way. You beat the crap out of Phillips." He said, making me smile and blush a little. I never blushed, so why was I now?


"Good luck finding a place to play."

I smiled and nodded as we walked away, and we felt the boys staring at us until we turned the corner, and Sky and Riley turned to me. "You so like him!" They both said, and I blushed, and looked down. "I do not!" I respionded, but they shooktheir heads. "Yes you do! He made you blush!" Sky said her eyes wide with excitmenyt, and I rolled my eyes at them. "Whatever. I gotta be getting home." I said, and turned to head to my 'house' that was ruled by my aunt who I never listened to. I parted ways with the girls, and walked up to my front door, one main thought in my head at the moment.

Did I have crush on Benny?