Chapter 41-Cant be happening

Demi P.O.V

This was not happening.

I shook my head when Milly told me this, thinking that this wasn't happening again. Not to me. "How could it be me, I've only been here for like 20 minutes!" I protested, looking at them with wide eyes. Riley looked like she was gunna throw up, and Sky looked as pissed as I felt. Milly shrugged, "That's what I told them." she answered, and I stood up and looked her in the eyes.

"Told who Milly?"

"The police."

I groaned and ran a hand threw my hair, already frustrated. "Oh great, now I gotta talk to them again." I complained, and I turned around when I heard footsteps on the road. "Benny!" I said, jogging down the stairs and going to him. He looked at me with a panic in his dark eyes, "Are you alright? Did you hear what happened?" he asked, touching my arms and inspecting me with his eyes. I nodded, "I heard and I'm fine…just really mad." I replied, Sky and Riley coming up beside us. "We gotta go the hospital to make sure Phillips is alright." I said, walking past Benny and onto the street. "We're gunna go visit Phillips?"Riley asked suspiciously, and I nodded, "He's not that bad guys, come on." They shrugged and joined us on the road, and I looked over at Benny's mom's car in the front of the house. I eyed Benny mysteriously, and he looked at me weird. "What?"

"Do you know how to drive?"


He got what I was meaning and he grinned at me, liking my plan. "Hop in guys." He said, running over to the car and jumping in. I smiled and got in shotgun, buckling as Benny started the new car. Riley and Sky came over and looked at us like we were crazy. "Come on, you know you want to." Benny said grinning, revving the engine and they smiled. "You guys are nuts." Riley said, but they both jumped in and buckled in. I looked over at Benny, "You sure you know how to drive?" I asked him, he just smiled at me.

"Don't worry."

That made me worry of course, but I trusted him. He sped off into the street, sending me back a little in my chair, but I knew we would get there in record time. "Slow down Benny!" Sky yelled to him from the back, but he just smiled and went faster. I grinned at him and soon we were at the hospital. I jumped out from the car and we all burst inside the waiting room, everyone looked at us and I ran up to the nurse at the front desk. "What room is Phillips in? We're his relatives." I lied, but the girl looked at me confised.

"Phillips? Oh, you heard the rumor Im guessing?"


The girl smiled at me, but I don't know why. "That was just a rumor that that boy got shot. He's perfectly fine." She said, and I felt as if the devil mode activated in my mind. Benny noticed, but It was too late. "Can I use your phone?" I asked threw gritted teeth, she nodded at the phone in the hallway way at the end. Perfect. "Thanks." I grumbled, and speed walked to the phone, Sky, Riley and Benny all following me. I dialed the number and held it up to my ear, listening to the ring.


"You little bitch!"

Benny took the phone from me and hung up, I glared at him. "What was that for?!" I asked, really not in the mood now. Benny put his hands on my shoulders, but I shook him off. I felt bad for it afterwards, but right now I was just mad. "We have to settle this at home." He whispered to me, "Theres a lot of people here." He added, and I really wanted to just punch someone. "Fine." I said, walking quickly outside and slammed the car door as I got in. the rest followed, clearly not wanting to mess with me. Benny turned on the radio loud so it wasn't an awkward silence. After a few minutes, I leaned over to him.

"Sorry I snapped at you Benny."

He smiled at me and put his hand over mine. "Don't worry, I know you didn't mean it." he answered, I ly"I smiled, knowing he forgave me. "What are we gunna do about Milly?" I asked, hating the sound of her name. benny shrugged,

"Guess we'll find out."