Author's Note: Ok, so this isn't usually the kind of stuff I write, but I wrote this for my cousin who loves Tinker bell. Hope you like it Abby.

How the idea came to me: One of the things that made me think of this was while I was watching Tinker bell, at the part were Tink is going from item to item to find her talent, I noticed that Queen Clarion looked nervous like she was afraid that Tink wouldn't find a talent so I thought 'what if that was possible'.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tinker bell or anything to do with it.

The new arrival

"Welcome to Pixie Hollow." Queen Clarion said to the fairy standing before her. He was looking around at all the other fairies who were staring at him. "Now lets see what your talent is." He looked as objects were placed in a circle around him.

"Do you think he'll be a tinker?" Tinker bell asked Bobble.

"It's hard to say, Miss bell." He replied.

They watched as the boy walked up to the snowflake, but it wasn't his talent. He turned to the flower; it, too, was not his talent. Everyone watched in curiosity as the pale, brunette went from thing to thing.

The hammer dropped out of his hands. The tornado of wind turned into nothing. The dew drop popped. Item after item. Then, he came to the last item: the ray of light. Everyone expected this to be his talent, but, when he touched it, it just disappeared.

Everyone gasped. This one didn't have a talent. Everyone started to mumble. "He doesn't have a talent." "It can't be possible." "This is unheard of." "What are we going to do with him if he can't do anything?"

He looked around confused. Queen Clarion placed a hand on his shoulder. "Your name shall be Averill. You will have to come with me."

She lead him away. The other fairies started back to their homes, but they continued to talk about the talent less fairy.

"How can he not have a talent?" Tink asked as she flew beside Bobble and Clank. "Every fairy has a talent."

"It is puzzling." Bobble said. "I've never heard of it happening before."

Tink was not satisfied with the answer.

Chapter one is done.

Sorry it's short, but I wrote this in the middle of the night and was tired.

I will defiantly update in the next couple of days.