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Chp. 1


It took a while but I made it.

The sound of a bell was the signal of our arrival; some people began to mumble as they woke up, and others had already started to make their way off the bus. A voice on the speakers informed everyone of where the bus had stopped and I could feel my heart rate increase slightly.

I'm finally here.

It was only nine in the morning, almost ten; I had left around three or four so that I could leave peacefully… It was a six hour drive after all, and now all I had to do was find the hotel that I had contacted the day before so I could drop off my stuff before exploring the area.

Where am I at? You might be wondering. I am in Tokyo, Ikebukuro to be exact.

After watching the bus leave, I looked around at the tall buildings around me, feeling like a small grain of rice among tall boxes filled with even more rice. When I was home, all I could think of was getting here but now I felt like all my plans had just dissolved into a childish game of hide and seek. I was the one seeking in this game.

I began to walk in the direction of the hotel I had planned on staying at for however long. After my time was up there; when I ran out of money, I will have hopefully found what I was looking for and wouldn't need to stay any longer… Hopefully.

If that doesn't happen…Well, I hadn't thought of that just yet and I really don't want to. As far as I know, finding the truth shouldn't be hard at all. I was going to find the truth and prove them wrong; prove that I wasn't just imagining things and that I wasn't as useless as everyone thought I was.

My friend encouraged my plans; she convinced me to make this trip and it was thanks to her that I was able to lie to my parents in order to save enough money for the bus ticket and the hotel. I was tempted to ask my friend if I could stay with her during my time here, but I decided that it would be best if I didn't… We never really actually met before so it would've been kind of odd.

[I made it. I am in Tokyo now!]

I sent her the text as soon as I caught sight of the hotel. My friend also lives in this area, she didn't specify where but she knew a lot about this place so I assumed that she lived in Ikebukuro somewhere. In fact, she was the one who told me which hotel to go to and which bus station would be the cheapest; she was a big help to me so I really wanted to meet her and thank her… Again, that would be a little odd. I was mainly waiting for her to ask if we could meet that way she wouldn't think that I was some creepy man who sought out young girls to take to hotel rooms and so on…

I shook those thoughts out of my head when I entered the hotel and approached the front desk to retrieve my room key. I put it in my jacket pocket before continuing my way to the elevator; I didn't have much with me, just one suitcase and myself.

A small jingle caught my attention and I pulled out my phone to see that my friend had messaged me back.

[Great! Will you be too busy? I really would like to meet you! ^_^]

I stared at her message for a moment and my vision began to blur as my mind began to wonder. Meet? I know that I wanted to thank her but how? How? I began to think of getting her a gift or something… I've never really given anyone a gift before… Well, not any friends, only family. Usually my parents would tell me how to deal with these types of situations, but they weren't here. I was by myself.

This was my first time being alone in a place where I knew no one. I couldn't just walk into a building and know that there would be a person who would help me if I needed it. Back at home, there was always someone around, there was always someone watching me everywhere I went. I wasn't sure why, but after that accident, I was never really alone.

The sound of a ding filled the air and my vision became clear so I watched as the elevator doors opened to a hallway. I closed my phone and immediately walked out but bumped into someone during the process. I glanced at the person briefly, only noticing their dark hair and odd fur-trimmed jacket.

"I'm sorry." I spoke quickly and averted my gaze to avoid eye contact as well as look out for any other people who might be around so I wouldn't run into them also.

The young man only smiled, "It's quite alright."

I didn't even bother looking back at him before making my way toward my room number, dismissing the event that had just occurred. I guess you could say that I wasn't a very social person and that I didn't get out often… This was why I was still thinking about what to do in order to thank my friend for her advice and help… What should I do? What should I get for her?

I stopped in front of my room and took out my phone again to look at the message again.

[Where would you want to meet at? I don't know this place as well as you.]

I let out a long breath when the message was sent and I stared at the phone's screen for a moment before closing it. I needed to at least put my stuff away before heading out anywhere again. I reached into my jacket pocket to retrieve the key but it wasn't there. My stomach dropped as I looked around the floor and continued to dig through all of my pockets desperately. How did I lose the key already?

I set my suitcase next to the door and started to retrace my steps to the elevator. It was nowhere around here… I walked over to the elevator and pressed the button repeatedly and waited for the ding. When it finally sounded, I motioned to step inside but stopped when I saw a figure in my way.

"Looking for something?" Said the figure.

My eyes focused on the object being held in front of my face and I reached for it but it was pulled away before I could grab it.

"You dropped it when you bumped into me."

I looked passed the key and at the young man who I had indeed bumped into only a few minutes earlier. "Yes. I'm sorry." I put my hand down and waited for him to give me the key.

"No need to apologize again." He laughed softly, "in fact, you should just at least say thank you." He had stepped forward and leaned against the elevator door so that it wouldn't close between us.

I frowned slightly but pushed away the feeling of embarrassment that he was making me feel from telling me what to do. "Thanks." I muttered and grabbed the room key when he held it out for me.

The young man watched me for a moment then tilted his head slightly, "Not a problem."

I turned and began to walk back towards my room before the heat had completely consumed my face from that embarrassing moment. As soon as I reached my room, though, I began to visualize the meeting with my friend; if I acted anything like that then she would definitely think that I was a complete weirdo! This was no good. I sighed and entered the room, not even paying any attention to the details; my mind was focused on the possible meeting. I still needed to get a gift!

Again, I heard the jingle of my phone and I quickly flipped it open to see her reply after setting my suitcase by the bed.

[How about… Outside your room?]

I blinked and swallowed dryly then let out a breathy laugh. She must be joking.

[ Haha when? Lol ]

I shook my head slightly and looked around the room but couldn't even begin to examine everything before my phone jingled yet again. I flipped it open.

[Right now.]

My heart felt like it had skipped a beat, and before I knew it I was already typing up a reply.

[You must be joking right?]

As soon as I closed my phone, there was a knock at the door and I whipped around quickly and stared at it intensely. This felt like a horror movie… Only it wasn't night time... All the other conditions were right though; me being a girl all alone in a hotel, in a city that was completely unfamiliar to me… I scoffed at my thoughts and approached the door bravely at first, but hesitated when I reached for the knob. Slowly, I twisted it and opened the door, peeking through the small opening seeing no one.

"I'm not joking."

A face suddenly appeared in the opening of the door and I jumped back in surprise, not realizing anything until the door was pushed open wider. It was that guy again.

"W-what?" I managed to say.

The young man entered the room, hands in his jacket pockets, piercing mahogany eyes scanning the area as he walked towards me. "I said: I'm not joking."

I stared at the guy and watched his hand when he pulled something from his pocket; a phone. He opened the device and held it in front of my face so that I could read what was on the screen.

[I made it. I'm in Tokyo now!]

[Great! Will you be too busy? I really would like to meet you! ^_^]

[Where would you want to meet at? I don't know this place as well as you.]

[How about… Outside your room?]

[ Haha when? Lol ]

[Right now.]

[You're joking right?]

I stared at the messages then looked at the young man's grinning face. "W-why do you have Kanra's phone?"

He closed the phone in his hand and put it back in his pocket before bending his slender body forward so that we were eye level. "I am Kanra~" He stood straight and laughed softly while looking down at me with judgmental eyes. "You would think that parents these days would teach their children about the dangers of online strangers." He sighed softly, "I bet you couldn't even guess how many people I have gotten to come here to this city with my very own words. I'll give you a hint; a lot." He spoke with a bragging tone.

I watched as the young man walked around, circling me while he continued to speak.

"When I found you, though, I knew that it would be easy." He took a lock of my hair and let it slip though his fingers as he continued to circle me like a shark. "A young girl desperate to leave her family in order to find out some secret that involved this place; at first I wasn't going to even try because of how easy it seemed… But now, I'm glad, I really am." He stopped in front of me, "what do you think your parents are going to do when they realize that you're gone?"

I knew that he was staring right at my eyes, but my gaze was settled on the floor. I had been tricked and now I was being lectured? I could feel a small smolder of annoyance begin to burn in the pit of my stomach.

"What are you thinking right now? Hm?" He grabbed hold of my face and lifted it so that I would look him in the eyes. "What are you willing to do to get out of this situation?"

I still wouldn't meet his gaze; my mind was too busy to really pay much attention to his words. I did feel stupid for being tricked into making the trip, but honestly I was still thankful for getting the motivation to come here. If it wasn't for Kanra; I mean, this guy… I would still be at home doing nothing while people watched me and told me that I was only being delusional. I was just glad to be out of that place and at least be somewhere I could be my own person for once.

The guy's grip tightened as if he were demanding my attention. "Well?" The grin on his face looked more like a bad attempt to cover up his own aggravation.

"I wanted to say thank you. Again." I looked him in the eyes, "for convincing me to come here. I couldn't have done it without you." I blinked and watched as his expression dropped. "I don't understand why you had to pretend to be a girl; I would've accepted you as a boy. I just wanted to get here." Maybe I was taking this situation lightly…? After speaking, I began to wonder what his plan was; now that he got me here, would something bad happen?

The guy let go of my face and began to smile again then laughed harder than he did before. Did I say something funny?

"You!" He continued to laugh, "You are definitely a strange one." He stopped laughing abruptly and leaned forward again. "Tell me, do you not value your life?"

I shrugged slightly, not really sure why he was asking such strange questions and looked away from his eyes again, they were a bit intimidating. "I value knowledge I guess." Since learning information was the main reason I was here, that answer seemed reasonable.

"So you don't care that you were tricked by me? You're not scared that I'm not the person that you thought I was?" He tilted his head slightly.

"I'm surprised, but I don't know your intentions. Why did you trick me?" I looked at him again and raised a brow.

The guy scoffed and stood up straight, "Honestly, I was planning on drugging you, then locking you up in a metal briefcase to ship you off to a warehouse so I could get paid, since young girls are favored these days but… I at least expected more of a fight from you." Wearing a bored expression, he took out his phone and began texting for a moment. "Seeing how you don't care makes this too easy so I've lost interest." He closed his phone and looked at me again as if he were examining me for the first time. "How do you expect to get anything done if you don't know this place at all?" He looked serious for once.

For a moment there, while he was explaining his true intentions, I had begun to panic internally; that was something you didn't hear everyday… For a second I wasn't sure if I should've taken him seriously or maybe I should've already been out the door… But when he practically admitted to giving up on that plan, I decided to remain calm. I just thought that he acted like a girl so that he could persuade me easily to come here, which worked, but I really didn't know his real plans until now… I really thought that I was meeting a girl… Instead I met a guy who looked to be in his early twenties who seemed to be a complete trouble maker with an odd taste in clothing style…

"Honestly," I sort of mimicked his tone. "I was hoping that you would help me." I admitted, "But now I'm sure that you really don't want to since you… Lost interest..." And besides, you're not even the person I thought was my friend, so there would be no point for me to even expect any help from you… I wanted to add, but decided to keep that last bit to myself.

He stared at me for a moment then he grinned yet again, "I like you… And I will help you since its information that you need after all."

For a short moment I was stuck on the first part of what he said, and then on the part of him agreeing to help hit me by surprise. "Really?" I looked up at him, "how are you going to help me?"

He looked at me with a slightly bewildered expression when I responded with a hint of excitement. "Let's just say that information is my specialty." He replied, "But before you start asking anymore questions, it would be best to move this information exchange to my office."

"Alright, where is your office?"

"In Shinjuku, so if you really would like my help, then I suggest that you follow me." He began to walk toward the door but stopped and looked back at me. "What are you doing?"

I looked at him when he asked that question; my hand was on the handle of my suitcase and I was getting ready to follow him. "I'm going to follow you." Not intending for that to sound as creepy as it did.

"With your bag."

I blinked then looked at my bag, then back at him. "I might not be able to walk back if it's too late at night." Recalling the last time I had to walk in the dark, by myself; it was before the accident when I wasn't always being watched… I would follow my brother around everywhere but I had gotten lost that day and ended up walking home alone at night. I had never been so scared in my life. "Shinjuku is an hour long walk so I'll find a different hotel if I have to."

The young man just smiled and chuckled softly before shrugging his shoulders dramatically, "As you wish." Then walked out of the room so I followed.

When we exited the hotel and began walking down the sidewalk, I was growing curious. "What's your real name?" I decided to ask.

The guy kept his eyes forward and just smiled. "Orihara Izaya," He looked over at me while holding up his index finger, "but you can all me Izaya-chan."

I only stared at him then looked forward; this guy really did act like a girl… Or maybe he played this Kanra character for too long and he couldn't act like a normal guy anymore…

"I just didn't want to call you Kanra." And now that I had time to actually think about it, I was kind of angry about it. I had been friends with Kanra for almost a year now but this day seemed to have ruined our friendship. It was all a lie. Even if our friendship was only based off of texts and talking online through chats, I still thought of her as my only friend… But now I learned that Kanra really doesn't exist. Instead, he's some guy who sought out young girls to trick them… Then apparently he drugged them; put them in briefcases, and sold them to other people for good money… But hey, at least he was willing to help me.

"How about you? What's your name?"

"Koizumi Méline." Eyeing him suspiciously as he gave a weirded expression.

"Hm." Was his response.

"What?" I stared at him, wondering what kind of reply that was.

"You have a strange name." He replied and before I could respond; "I'll call you Mel-chan~" A smile formed on his face and he wrapped and arm around my shoulders. "You're in good hands Mel-chan, since I know everything about this city." He let out a breath and closed his eyes as he inhaled the air. "My city."

I only watched his odd behavior and wiggled myself out from under his arm but decided not to ask why he considered this place as his own. I assumed it was because of the fact that he did know this city inside and out; he claimed to be a girl for over a year after all and who knows how many other times before, so… I was sure that he was a little messed up in the head. No doubt.

It felt like more than an hour to get to his office; when he pointed out the building, I could see that it was really an apartment building… A very expensive looking one. I looked at Izaya for a moment as we walked a few more feet to reach the entrance; he didn't look rich… He wore a very strange fur-trimmed jacket and black clothing. If anyone took a gander at him, they would definitely think of him as some middle-class guy who tried to buy a decent looking jacket for winter or something.

Once we reached his room, I looked around as he opened the door for me with one arm stretched outward as if to guide me in the right direction.

"Welcome to my office." He chimed before closing the door.

"Your office and your apartment..." I muttered and stood awkwardly before looking over at Izaya when he walked passed me and over to a desk in front of a large window that took up most of the wall.

It was a nice looking place; outside the window was a great view of the city, then there were book filled shelves on the other wall with an oddly shaped table in front of it and what looked like another floor above; there looked to be more books and another table up there. To my left were some couches surrounding a coffee table; I turned around to see the staircase that lead up to the second floor, and below that was an open doorway to what looked to be the kitchen.

I turned back around to face the desk but then looked over at the large window, feeling the urge to look outside so I walked over to it and placed a hand on the cold glass. I examined the moving people below; they looked like grains of rice; moving grains of rice trying to find the boxes where they belonged. My eyes then looked around at the boxes, the buildings, around this one; they all seemed to look the same.

"Fascinating, isn't it?"

I only blinked in response then turned to look at him, hand still on the glass. "How long have you lived here?"

"Ever since I was a kid," His elbows were rested on the arms of his chair and one hand held the other as he spun around slowly. "This place never bores me, which is why I am still here even after all these wonderful years."

I looked back out of the window but then quickly dismissed my thoughts as they began to wonder how I would learn this place as well as him. "So where were you five years ago?" I walked over to his desk and tilted my head to look at his computer screen but it immediately turned black when he pressed a key on the keyboard.

"I was attending Raira academy." He replied; keeping his eyes focused on my face as I continued to examine the things on his desk. "Why?" He moved himself in my line of sight to get my attention.

"The information I seek is from that time period." I replied and looked at the couches; they looked very comfortable… I was so very tired; I didn't even sleep a wink on the bus ride here and I hadn't stopped moving since I got off the bus.

"What does this information involve?"

I walked over to the couches and stepped down the small step while continuing to examine the area. That was a pretty neat design; a single step and a change of floor color from grey to mahogany; I was used to simple rooms that didn't involve such fancy details.

When I sat down on one of the couches, I leaned my head back to let my body relax into the couch that felt like a cloud to me. "I want to find out who killed my brother, Léon." I replied before closing my eyes.

"A death from five years ago?" Izaya scoffed, "Do you know how many people die here every day?" He began to spin in his chair yet again but thought about my words for a moment. "And trying to learn about this after so many years seems kind of useless, don't you think?" He stopped spinning and rested his elbows on the desk when I didn't reply. "Nē." He looked at me for a moment then narrowed his eyes when he noticed the fact I was sleeping.

She fell asleep; while talking to him and this only made him feel slightly annoyed yet curious. This girl really was defenseless.

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