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Her head pounded, and the alarm rang in the distance and only made it worse. Oh god worst hangover ever she thought. The events of the previous night at the bar, poured into her head, the man with his gorgeous brown hair rested on his shoulders, and the scent of his aftershave overwhelmed her with desire.

"Hey, is this a good place to hang out?" he said, in his god damn sexy Russian accent. He turned to the bartender "double scotch, single malt please"

"Wouldn't know, never been here before" I replied, looking away. The bartender places a cup on the counter and puts it in front of the man.

"Ah… you're ignoring me" he smirked, oh GOD his smile.

"Um trying?" I said, his smile grew wider and my heart jumped out of my chest.

"You shouldn't ignore me"

"Why not?"

"I'm somebody you need to get to know to love"

"Gosh you really love yourself don't you?"

"Ha! Just hiding my pain... So what's your story?" he asked, as he raised an eyebrow, at the same time sipping his scotch.

"No story, I'm just a girl in a bar" I say in return, throwing back the second shot of tequila.

"Right, and I'm just a guy in a bar"

The conversation didn't end there, it ended up at my place, on my couch with his hands all over my body, his oh so gentle touch, making me feel like the only girl in the world. My hands running over his chest… his abs…

She snapped out of her trance, and looked for him. He lay on the floor, face down, a blanket covered his naked body. She glanced down at herself, I'm fully naked and exposed to the cold of the world. Gently she pulled the blanket off his body and wrapped herself with it. She grabbed the nearest pillow and dropped it onto his ass. He jolted awake, and gave a low growl through the soft tender lips, he reached for her bra and lifts it up.

"This is uh… uh…" he said, his hair was wild, disheveled whatever you want to call it.

"This is humiliating on so many levels" she stated, as she snatched the bra from his fingers. God those fingers. "You have to go"

"Why don't you just come back down here and pick up where we left off?"

The combination of his bare chest, and the playful gleam in his eye was almost enough to make her say 'heck yes'.

"No seriously, you have to go" she said reluctantly, and the brushed her hair out of her face "I'm late which isn't going to be good on your first day of work, So…"

"So um, you actually live here…" he said, trying to make conversation.

"No!" She said hurriedly, "Yes… Kind of"

"Oh? It's nice… a little dusty but its nice" pulling up his pants. God could this conversation get more awkward? "So how do you 'kind of' live here?"

"I moved here… uh 2 weeks ago. It was my mother's house. I'm selling it"

"Oh I'm sorry…"

"For what?"

"You said was?"

"Oh! My mother's not dead… we don't have to do the thing"

"What? We can do anything you want"

"No the thing, exchange the details, pretend we care" She replied quickly dismissing his ideas, the smile crept up onto his face again, so dreamy. "I'm going upstairs to have a shower… okay? And when I'm back down here… you won't be here, so um good bye um…" that was when she realised she didn't even know his name. What the heck was I thinking last night?

"Dimitri" he said, holding out his hand.

"Right… Rose… yeah… mhm" she mumbled, he jumped over the couch, and stepped closer to her.

"Nice meeting you"

"Yeah um… bye Dimitri" She said shyly, hiding her laughter and she dashed up the stairs.

She ran down the stairs to her car, ready for her first day at the hospital. She was an intern, a baby surgeon fresh out of medical school.

She pulled open the door, the chief of surgery stood a few feet in front of her already beginning his introductory speech. He kept going on and on about how their lives would be a living hell for the next 7 years. He pushed to door open to the surgical theatre that waited on the other side, everyone stepped around the room, looking at all the instruments, the scalpels, clamps, lights… everything.

She and 3 other interns, Mason Ashford, Lissa Dragomir and Mia Rinaldi, walked down the hallway, their resident standing at the end. The Nazi she thought, that's what they all called him, and his reputation was hardcore. Alto.

"I have 5 rules memorise them. Rule number one don't bother sucking up, I already hate you, that's not going to change." He walked off, "you answer every page at a run, a RUN people that's rule number two!" he gestured his interns to follow. He continuous to recite his rules and hands out the assignments. He handed Rose the chart for a 15 year old girl, Camille Conta, who began seizing on her way into the hospital. "Take her up to CT"

She pushed the bed up and down every floor of the hospital looking for CT.

"You're lost aren't you?" the girl said.

"I'm not lost. How are you feeling?" Rose asked, pushing the bed out of the elevator.

"You are so lost, what are you new?" She said.

After 3 floors, she eventually finds the CT room.

"Camille is a bitch" Rose ranted as she sat down at the table with her fellow interns.

"Hi, everybody , I'm Dr. Ozera, as the attending on call for the OR today, I get to pick the intern who will get to scrub in with me on today's appendectomy. This intern will be the one that shows the most promise" Dr. Ozera patted Mason on the shoulder "Dr. Ashford, you will be scrubbing in congratulations"

"Did he just pick me?" he asked, but no one replies, jealous that he was chosen.

Two worried parents run into the hospital, weaving in and out of doctors and nurses.

"Camille Conta please?" she asked one the nurses.

"Room 2204" the nurse replied.

"Oh Camille" she cried, dashing into her daughters bedside.

"She was given a sedative during her CT scan, she's still a bit groggy." Rose informed, as the father turns to her.

"Our family doctor says she might need surgery, is it true, does she need surgery?"

"Oh… Um I'm not the doctor, I mean I am a doctor, but I'm not her doctor" she fumbled "I'm just going to get him." She raced out the door looking for Alto, she opened the door only to bump straight into him.

"What do you want?" Alto asked, angrily.

"Camille's parents have questions, should you come? Or should I ask Dr. Ozera?"

"Ozera is not on the case anymore, Camille is under the new attending, he's over there, Dr. Belikov I believe."

She looked into the direction he was pointing at. There he stood in his 6 foot 7 glory, his hair touched his neck, slightly moussed. She stared at him in horror. I SLEPT WITH MY BOSS! He looked up her direction as if he noticed her presence, but glanced back down at the chart in his hand. As if he only just realised he looked back up, a look of complete surprise, a smile formed on his face. Without another thought she bolted out the door. Holy Crap.

She sped down the hallways getting as far away as she can, thoughts overwhelm her mind. Before she could turn the corner, an arm pulled her into the stairwell.

"Dr. Belikov!" she squealed, checking the stairwell for other people.

"Dr. Belikov?" he asked curiously, the sexy Russian accent sank deeper and deeper in to her bones "This morning it was Dimitri, now its Dr. Belikov"

"Dr. Belikov, we should pretend like nothing happened"

"What never happened? You sleeping with me last night, or you kicking me out this morning, both fond memories I'd like to hold onto"

"No! There will be no memories! I'm not the girl in the bar anymore and you're not the guy! This can't exist! You get that right?"

He nodded "You took advantage of me and you want to forget about it?"

"I did not take advantage you!"

"I was drunk! Vulnerable and good looking and you took advantage."

She couldn't help but smile at his ego.

"Okay I was the one who was drunk and you are not that good looking."

"Maybe not today," he conceded "but last night… last night I was very good looking, I had my red shirt on, my good looking red shirt, you took advantage"

"I did not take advantage" she begins, only to be interrupted by him "Do you want to take advantage again? Say Friday night?"

She looked at him and hesitated, the smile was becoming too tempting. "No! You're an attending and I'm your intern! Stop looking at me like that!"

"Like what?" he asked.

"Like you've seen me naked!" his very dreamy smile began to form. "Dr. Belikov! This is inappropriate! Has that ever occurred to you?"

The smile vanished from his face and a look of disbelief replaced it. Rose walked out of the stairwell feeling extremely turned on.

She walked into the gallery, overlooking the surgery being performed by Mason.

"He's going to faint! He's a fainter!" said an intern following her into the gallery.

"Ha! 10 bucks he messes up and burns"

"15 that he cries"

"20 on a total meltdown"

"50 that he pulls it off" Rose said, rooting for her fellow intern. Everyone turned to look at her, shocked expressions plastered on their faces. "Down there… Is one of us, where is your loyalty?"

"75 says he can't even ID the appendix"

"Oh I'll take that action"

"Here it comes"

The surgery began, and Mason took out the appendix.

"The appendix is out" Mason said. He got stuck and suddenly the blood pressure dropped and the patient began to arrest.

"Dr. Ashford!" Ozera yelled, "You're patient is crashing! What are you going to do?"

"Uh…" was all Ozera got as Mason became completely speechless.

"Get out of the way!" Ozera says, shoving Mason to the side "Get this pansy ass out of my OR"

"Double O Seven" Eddie one of the interns declared.

"Definitely 007"

"What does 007 mean?" Mia asked.

"License to Kill" Rose replied, looking down at Mason who stood there disappointed. Everyone stood and left the gallery. Her pager went off right at that second, 911 it read.

"Shit! I have to go!" she ran fast and hard towards the room that Camille was in. "Move!"

She entered the room and Camille sat there with a magazine.

"Took you long enough" Camille said, putting the magazine down.

"You're okay? The nurse paged me 911"

"I had to go all exorcist, just so she picked up the phone!"

"Wait, there is nothing wrong with you?"

"I'm bored"

"You little!" she said, not even wanting to finish that sentence, she was too tired. "I'm not a cruise director! Okay this is an actual hospital, there are sick people here, go to sleep and stop wasting my time!"

"I can't sleep! My head's all full"

"That's called thinking! Go with it"

The morning rolled over and she had no to very little sleep over the last 19 hours. She looked jealously towards Alto who slept on a gurney in a darkened hallway. Her pager went off again for the 2rd time that shift.

"Dammit Camille" she said walking up to her room, nurses ran in and out of her room.

"What took you so long!" cried one of the nurses running into the room. Camille shook violently on the bed.

"She's loaded on diazepam and it hasn't stopped the seizures" yelled the nurse over the frantic beeping of the heart monitor

"Okay give her phenobarbital" Rose said hesitantly. Medical words blurted out of her memories, confusing her with what was needed.

"Pheno is in" said the nurse as she injected the drug into the central line.

"No change" said another nurse, as tried to hold Camille down. The heart monitor squealed Flatline. "Heart stopped!"

"Code Blue!" cried the nurse that monitored her heart rhythm, nurses ran in and out of the room, and the yells began to sound muffled.

"I… Charge to 200" I commanded, placing the defibrillator plates onto her chest, "Clear"

"Still in V-fib" said a nurse

"Okay Charge to 300… Clear"

"No response"

"Charge to 360… Clear"

"No change"

"Charge to 360 again"

"It's been 60 seconds you have to administer a drug"

"Charge again!" she yelled angrily.

"Sinus rhythm… we got her" relief washed over her, thank god.

Dimitri rushed into the room, taking her chart.

"She had a seizure and her heart stopped"

"Her heart stopped? You were supposed to be monitoring her!" he yelled angrily. "Just go!"

She stared at him in disbelief as he brushed her off. Nausea began rising within her, she rushed out to the parking lot and vomited.

"Rose?" asked her fellow intern Lissa. "You okay?"

"You tell anyone ever" She threatened, walking past Lissa, pulling the door open forcefully.

Later that day, all the interns were called to determine the reason behind Camille's mysterious seizures. After long and brutal time in the library with Lissa, she found it. She ran upstairs to find Dr. Belikov and informed him of her discovery.

"Congratulations Rose, you're scrubbing in"

Several hours later she is on a surgery high, like a drug was pumping through her body. She's standing at the entrance to the elevator, waiting for it to arrive. A soft ping from the elevator knocks her out from her train of thoughts and she steps into the elevator.

"Wait!" yelled a Russian man, reaching out to the elevator and reopening it's doors. He looked at his fellow passenger.

"I'm not going out with you" she said out of nowhere.

"Did I ask you to go out with me?" He smirked, and she glared at him in return. He's pretending to not know! Jackass! How am I going to get a serious conversation out of this!? "Do you want to go out of me?"

Oh now he wants to talk about it.

"I'm not dating you! And I'm never going to sleep with you again. You're my boss."

"I'm your boss's boss" he said.

"You're my teacher! And my teacher's teacher! And my teacher…"

"I'm your sister, I'm your daughter" he mocked, getting slightly annoyed at her adorable yet irritating rambling.

"You're sexually harassing me!" she accused.

"I'm riding an elevator."

"Look. I'm drawing a line, the line is drawn, and there is a big line"

"So this line… is it imaginary? Or do I need to get you a marker?"

Oh god! It's that smile again! Shit! She looked at his lips, those soft lips that gave her so much pleasure the previous night. And just like that, she gave up and dropped the charts she was holding and her lips crashed into Dimitri's while as they backed into the wall. Their lips and tongues battled for power as Dimitri wrapped two strong arms around her. He slightly raised her up in order to switch their positions, effectively pinning her between the wall and his body. His hands found their way into her long, soft hair. He moaned slightly as her nails softly raked his scalp and tugged on his hair.

The feelings rushed through her made her feel like nothing Rose had ever experienced before. Every nerve in her body was on fire and she never wanted it end. The loud 'DING' from the elevator signalled that they had arrived on their floor and caused the couple to break apart as soon as the doors started to inch open, Rose pushed away from Dimitri's embrace with a flushed look that only made him want to kiss her again. She desperately she picked up the scattered charts and whips through the doors without a second look back.

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