Epilogue, 6 years later.

Carlos chuckled standing over the kitchen counter while dicing up an onion. The sounds of high-pitched laughter and squealing were music to his ears. He glanced over his shoulder to see Rachel carrying a set of fraternal twins, a four year old boy and girl who were mirror images of their parents. Even as a tired mother with her hair pulled back in a messy bun, running around chasing four year olds in sweats and a tank top, Carlos still found his wife to be the definition of beautiful.

"Dad mom found us again! I don't know how she does it!" Their son David James Garcia said with a sigh as his mom set him down. He ran over and stared up at his dad who put the knife down and picked him up. "Wow, did she really?"

"Yeah! Momma so good at hide and seek!" Their daughter Evelyn giggled as she put her arms around her mom's neck and kissed her cheek. Rachel smiled and kissed her back and stepped forward to kiss her husband. Both children made disgusted faces and started whining for them to stop kissing, but the two just laughed it off. "What can I say? I'm so good at catching people!"

"Yeah, clearly babe." He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm making grilled chicken and potatoes for dinner, sounds good?"

"Sounds great what do you think guys, sounds good?" Rachel questioned putting her daughter down and leaning against the counter as Carlos set DJ down and went back to cooking.

"I don't know momma cooks better." DJ shrugged and Carlos laughed shaking his head but keeping it down on the cutting board.

"Nuh uh! Daddy cooks better!" Evelyn said quickly which made Carlos grin and turn around to wink at her.





"Hey hey hey easy guys!" Rachel said quickly to shush her kids. "Momma and daddy both cook well, it's uncle Logan who can't cook at all, let's remember that."

"OHHH right!" DJ nodded and Carlos threw his head back laughing.

"Babe that's terrible."

"It's true." She shrugged and kissed his cheek, then left the kitchen with her kids, dragging them along so they could help her clean up their mess of toys In the living room. The couple was happily married for six years and still going strong. Both were still with their bands and touring and making music. After they were married it was smooth sailing for the both of them. No longer did they face creepy stalkers or disturbing ex-lovers who vied for their love and attention. They were one big happy family. I say a big happy family, because the group of friends were very close and just seemed to keep growing.

James and Becca were the very last couple to get married, but that didn't mean they were any less in love than they were. James just had a bit of an issue tying the knot and getting used to the idea of being permanently tied to, I mean, in love with someone for the rest of his life. The two of them were expecting their first child together, but they were leaving the gender a surprise.

Kendall and Dawn, oh what a special couple. They married before James and Becca, and already had a two year old boy by the time they were married. They had a house by the beach because Kendall loved to surf, and Dawn loved watching him surf.

Logan and Zoey were the second couple to marry, and Rachel thought they were absolutely adorable. Unlike Carlos and Rachel's large, loud wedding party, they had a small, more quiet and romantic wedding that seemed extremely picturesque and perfect. The two of them had a three year old boy, and were trying for another. Logan wouldn't mind the idea of having another son but Zoey was dying for a little girl. Especially since, like his dad, their son Tobey was very inquisitive, and would often be going through the house exploring, sending the parents in a panic and mad dash to find their son.

Drake and Rick, Rick was trying to get Drake to marry him, but Drake wasn't a fan of the idea of marriage. He just didn't think it meant anything, especially since gay marriage was such an issue and people were throwing bitch fits about it. Rachel was supposed to convince Drake, and hopefully when she sees him for rehearsal in the near future she'll be able to talk some sense into him.

Rachel and Carlos had faced such an… adventurous time as a couple, but it only served to make them stronger together. They had reached their ultimate goal of getting married and staring a loving family. They were madly in love and nothing was going to change that.

"Hey guys, dinner's ready!" Carlos yelled, and as soon as he did so DJ was the first one in, running into the kitchen and jumping onto his chair. Carlos shook his head with a laugh and ruffled his hair, serving food for the four of them before sitting down.

"Alright guys, let's thank daddy for dinner." Rachel said putting a napkin on the laps of her children.

"Thanks dad!" They chorused before digging in. Rachel glanced up at Carlos and shot him a wink, which he gladly returned.

"Hey momma, where that picture from, the one with you kissing daddy in front of this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig clock." Dj questioned, and the picture he was referring to was when Rachel was on her very first tour ever with Big Time Rush, and they were wandering around London. It was when Carlos was staring at the camera in front of Big Ben while Rachel kissed his cheek.

"Oh, we were in London on tour."

"Was that how you met?" Evelyn asked, blinking her adorable wide eyes at her dad. He put his fork down and leaned his elbows on his table.

"Well it all started with your mom falling all over the place."

"Wow, thanks baby." Rachel muttered shaking her head. Carlos laughed and turned his attention back to his children.

"Like I was saying, your mom was super clumsy and tripping everywhere as she tried desperately to catch her hat, but daddy saved the day…"