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Ok, he had never done this kind of thing before, let alone think about it, he had no reason!.. Until now, of course. You see, if someone had seen Tino right then and there, they would have thought he was impersonating Santa trying to break into someone's house by the roof. This was, of course, exactly what the Finn was doing, but it was for a good cause, he swore!

You see, he was doing this for a child named Peter Kirkland, a poor little lad who had anaphylaxis in his neighborhood and was just recovering from one of his attacks. Peter had just started Kindergarten, and his parents didn't even know he had the condition until he ate his lunch and were called by the hospital telling them their son almost died.
Upon hearing this, and it being Christmas Eve now, Tino Väinämöinen decided he would find out where he lived and leave a few presents at the door, but... it seems it escalated into something more serious.

"Perkele! Why am I doing this?! I'm crazy!I hope I don't get stuck... Ugh! I hate heights!"He grumbled, scaling the side of the two story house, just finding enough window panes and bricks to climb up without much difficulty while carrying a somewhat large bag slung over his shoulder. He was afraid someone would steal the presents if he set them at the front door, so he tried the gate to the fence at first. He was about to throw them over when there was a loud barking and scrabbling against it, so he freaked and decided up the roof and through the chimney it was. The blonde finally heaved himself up onto the slippery and snowy roof, dangerously creeping to the red-bricked chimney, thank god there was no smoke coming from it, he wasn't looking forward to be burnt to a crisp for the sake of being compassionate!

He took a deep breath, praying that they were fast asleep and wouldn't hear anything, and took the bag, trying to shove it down the chimney, though it was a little too fat to go on by itself. He gulped. damn! now it was out of reach! maybe if he could just push it down more... He cursed again, trying to shove it down with a foot, teetering oddly from the edge of the chimney, before there was a loud honk from the street. "Shit!" he hissed, thinking he had been spotted but accidentally lost his grip, falling down face first down the chimney, feeling like a masculine Alice in wonderland wearing a Santa suit. There was a bit of scrabbling and the sensation of falling, when finally the short man yelped when he landed on a few pieces of charred wood. Tino coughed, smoke and ash following in a cloud after him, the black dust smeared on his face and covering his clothes. He groaned in embarrassment, pain, and just the shock of falling when right after he landed the bag followed with a loud thump. So much for being silent..

He tried to pick himself up when a light upstairs flickered on and he heard urgent whispering. Oh lord.. what had he done!? He panicked and looked around for a hiding place, the only thing catching his eye was the large and heavily decorated Christmas Tree, dragging the bag behind him and hiding behind it, praying that he wouldn't be seen. But, unfortunately, the tree didn't provide much camouflage from his pursuer. There was a creaking sound as someone made his way down the stairs, the Finnish man unknowing that the stranger had a baseball bat in his grasp. Tino tried to be still, breathing as quietly as he could, when of course something else happened.

In one spontaneous moment, nearby in the kitchen the sound of plastic being rammed into and a flurry of barking made the fake Santa's blood run cold.
He forgot about the dog.
Tino let out an unmanly yell as a furry white thing tackled his leg and made him crash in the lovely-looking tree, The home owner blinking confusedly and gripping the bat tighter, just getting out of the way of the falling tree.
Tino, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky.
He yelped as it flipped and toppled onto him, making the small man hit the floor and get his breath knocked out of him, hitting his head so hard he blacked out.
Well, so much for that.

Berwald woke up immediately when he heard something crashing through the house, unnerved by this and creeping to his son's room to see if the little boy was being naughty and peeking at his presents early. He shivered when he opened the door to find Peter soundly in his bed, snoring softly sound asleep. The swede let out a low grumble, if anyone thought they would break into his house, they were looking for an ass-whooping. The Swedish man crept as silently as he could, retrieving a baseball bat from the closet and walking down the stairs, after flipping a light on so he wouldn't trip and kill himself in the darkness.

He huffed when he saw the figure standing beside the tree, dressed up as... Santa Claus?... What? But He certainly wasn't real, right? Of course not! He was stupid for even doubting for a second-!
Berwald was about to confront him, bringing the bat up to swing, when Hanatamago came bursting from the kitchen, it was all a flurry of yells and barks, when suddenly the swede had to dodge the Christmas tree he had spent so long to decorate, hearing a thump and the shatter of glass ornaments breaking.
He grunted. Damn.. what a set back.. at least it had fallen on the intruder...
Berwald pushed the tree off of the mysterious Santa-impersonator without much difficulty and crouched beside him, wanting to get a good look at him before Peter ran downstairs and they called the cops.
But.. wait... he looked familiar...
Oh lord.
This couldn't be happening.
His heart skipped a beat as he recognized him as the young man that lived a few blocks away, with honey blonde hair, large childlike eyes, and... err...
An ass Berwald couldn't help but stare at when no one was looking.

Yes, there was no doubt about it, this wasn't Santa at all, but Tino Väinämöinen. Berwald had never actually met him before, but he had always heard about him..and.. uhh, seen him. He wouldn't admit it outwardly, but, Berwald secretly had a small crush on the Finn, but it wasn't his fault! It had all started when Berwald was walking his dog on a really hot summer's day, when he passed by Tino's house and caught him watering his yard with nothing but swim shorts on. Usually, he wouldn't had noticed, but they looked so small... and tight compared to the Finnish man's feminine, large...
Oh lord, he shouldn't be thinking like this.

He decided against calling the cops, wanting to know why the Finn had broken into his house, also because he had a somewhat soft spot for him. He sighed hesitantly, awkwardly picking him up, looking around to find somewhere to put him, when there was the pitter-patter of feet hurrying down the stairs.

"Papa!You found Santa!"A small squeal erupted as a blue eyed boy came running up to him, not even noticing the large sack of presents or the dog that was tearing up the already dead Christmas tree.
Instead, he was more interested to why Papa was making a weird kissy face at Santa Claus.
...Crap. How was Berwald supposed to explain this one?