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The window sills outside of Peter's bedroom window were covered with a small layer of snow, and started to pile up as each hour passed slowly, creeping nearer to dawn.

It seems as this would be a white Christmas, just as the little boy was hoping for, but there was something else of a greater value he wanted this year.

Yes, he wanted toys, but more than anything, he wanted "The missing puzzle piece" as he liked to call it.

You see, the first day of Kindergarten was when he noticed he was missing the so called puzzle piece, when the teacher had asked them a simple task.

It was his teacher's first year of doing his job, and the young mentor had not meant to cause such a blunder in his words, but this blunder may have changed Peter's point of view on a lot of things.

The bushy-browed child, along with his classmates, were asked to draw a picture of their families with a piece of construction paper and a supply of large, blunt crayons. Delighted, Peter had started scribbling on a piece of paper, His tall papa, the little white Hanatamago, and himself, right in the middle of course!

He raised his hand, flailing it around like any hyperactive child would when he was done with his drawing. The teacher walked over, taking a glance, though looked puzzled. "Where's you're mother?" He asked, with a concerned expression, like any somewhat parental figure would have.

Now Peter, puzzled by this question, just shrugged. "..I don't have one", He replied, the teacher realizing his mistake and clearing his throat. "oh, alright, now let's go and put this on the wall..."

Later, when the pictures were all hanging on the wall and it was nearly time for lunch to start, he looked up at them with a small frown. Why was his the only one different? Had he done it wrong? Most of the others had at least three people in their family... where was the third in his? Sure, there was Hana, but she was a dog, not a real person.

...Where was his mamma? Why didn't he have one?

So this Christmas he wrote down 'A mamma' on his wishlist, after his father had read it, of course! It was sort of like a present to his Papa, because Mammas and Papas were always together!

He had sometimes wondered why his stoic father never talked about him having a mother, but it's not like he questioned him. He wondered if it one of those questions he shouldn't ask, like where babies come from or what Viagra is on those weird commercials.

The sleeping child nearly woke at exactly six o'clock by some miracle, having an inside timer telling him "Hey Peter!Wake up, it's Christmas, get papa up and rip into those presents!"

So he nearly flew off the bed with an excited squeal, peeking out the window to see snow dusting the neighborhood and covering the bushes outside. He ran downstairs, feet thudding noisily down and he jumped off the first step, greeted by many presents, though, there was something else as well.

He peered somewhat shyly at the person he remembered to be Santa, though his hat was off and he was snoring very loudly on the couch. He giggled mischievously, pitter patter-ing over to look at Santa more carefully. Hey! He didn't have a beard... he couldn't be Santa!... But wait.. If he wasn't Santa, then..

Was this his mother that he asked Santa for?

Tino had noticed he wasn't in his own home when he was woken up by a very wriggly and excited boy who was nearly hugging him to death.

He let out a confused yell, sitting up with the child nearly hanging off the edge of the couch, boy he had a grip!

"Merry Christmas!" The little boy said as if Tino was a good friend or a family member, instead of an almost complete stranger who had snuck into his house by the chimney.

Tino, who had just woken up and had only gotten about three hours of sleep, yawned and tried to smile tiredly. "Uuuuh, Merry Christmas..." He mumbled, trying his hardest not to doze off.

"Who are you? Are you my new momma?" Peter questioned, blue eyes wide and hopeful.

..Huh? had he heard that right? No.. he must have misheard! "Uhh, no? I live down the street, I'm Tino, have you seen me before?" The groggy man asked, Peter nodding enthusiastically.

"Yeah! Papa likes to drive by your house when he takes me to school!" The English boy said, which made Tino blush with an "Oh my god what?" kind of expression. Th-that perve!

"U-uh, d-does he now?" He asked, remembering the whole scenario before. Waah! Absolutely terrifying!

Peter nodded, slipping off the couch to poke and prod at his presents experimentally, knowing that he'd have to wake up his dad upstairs before he could rip them open. "Yeah, but I don't see what the big deal is, i think he liiiiikes you, eewy!" Peter made a small grossed out face. Which was purely for emphasis.

Tino shook his head embarrassedly with a groan. He was dreading the moment when Berwald would awaken, wanting to leave before all that happened again.

"Oh! That reminds me, I'm really sorry Peter, but I have to get going soon.." Said the Finnish man, slowly getting up from the furniture. Damn! He was sore from all the bruises the tree left..

Peter's eyes widened, and he fearfully threw himself at Tino's legs, nearly making the Finn stumble and fall. "No! Please don't go, I want you to stay for Christmas, Papa hasn't even woken up yet!" He wailed, starting to tear up. No! He couldn't leave now!

There was a moment of hesitation, Tino, being the soft-hearted mother hen type, just didn't want the little boy to cry. "H-hey! Don't cry, I, uh, I just live down the street.." Tino said, trying his best to shush the child. But that just made Peter start to cry harder, The Finnish man sighing, trying not to think of the consequences of the choice he was about to make. "Shh! It's alright Peter, I'll.. I'll stay if you really want me too.."He mumbled, not too enthusiastic.

Right when the words flew out of his mouth, Peter's expression brightened up and his teary eyes nearly dried up in an instant. "R-Really?! YEAAAAAAH! This is going to be the best Christmas EVER!" He said, bouncing off to the stairs. "I'll get Papa now!" He squeaked, before disappearing up the stairs.

Tino shook his head with a quiet groan. "That child already has me wrapped around his finger..."He mumbled, sitting back on the couch grudgingly, glancing up at the stairs as if Berwald was going to pop out of no where and float down the steps like some monster.

The blue eyed child was super excited, wanting to show papa his extra special "Present". He sure hoped it would make his papa smile, that way, he knew for sure that he was happy with it!

Papa didn't smile that often, but Peter didn't mind, it was actually easier to know if he had done something good or not. So he scampered off to the room, pulling open the door and ready to catapult himself into the bed, when he was surprised to see that Papa was already awake and slipping out of bed.

The tall man quietly retrieved his glasses and threw a black robe on, looking over at peter tiredly."I'll be there in a min'te" he rumbled quietly, Peter nodding delightedly and nearly flying down the stairs without another word.

Berwald hadn't slept a wink last night, to engrossed in his thoughts about Tino and whether he left or not. Of course, he didn't check at all in fear he would make things worse by tripping down the stairs or losing self control again.

So he tentatively walked down the stairs, keeping quiet until he heard Peter chattering about, was he talking to his imaginary friends? Or did Hanatamago get into something once again?

He sighed, about to ask the bushy eyed boy when he walked into the living room, and saw his violet eyed guest, laughing quietly at some funny thing Peter had done. He had certainly looked like he was a little more relaxed since yesterday, though once Tino saw the towering form of Berwald, he straightened up and his smile disappeared from his face.

"Umm, merry Christmas" The Finn said shyly, Peter sitting expectantly at the presents, bouncing up and down. "Papa! Papa! Sit down so we can open presents!"

The Swedish man looked over for a moment, silently sitting down about a foot from Tino, nodding at Peter to start opening them, then looking back at Tino with a gruff mumble. "... M'rry Chr'stmas."

It was awkward, Peter would open presents and look absolutely blissful, Tino and Berwald taking turns trying to cut a ribbon or trying to share his excitement. Berwald could feel Tino shy away whenever he moved, and if he looked at the Finn, the smaller would look away with a huff.

Once Peter was in a pile of shiny new things and wrapping paper, Tino thought it was over and started to get up. "It's been a great Christmas, but.. I have to leave soon..." He said, trying to come up with a last minute excuse, like he had to feed his fish, or check his voicemail.

"But there's one more present.. it's for Papa!" Peter protested once again, Berwald looking surprised. Really? Ha, that was sweet of him... Looks like he was raising the child right after all.

Tino sighed crossing his arms. "Alright, alright, one more, and I'm leaving.."He said, getting exasperated. Peter slowly got up, looking around a pile of trash to find a shiny, red bow.

He scampered over to Tino who wore a puzzled expression on his face when the boy tied it around the his hand and pulled him over to Berwald. Wh-what!? He had to be joking!-

"Merry Christmas Papa! I got chu a Mamma!"

The house got abnormally quiet, Berwald, for once in his life, showing an emotion.

Which, was a mixture of complete surprise and embarrassment.

Tino, however, squeaked shaking his head frantically. "P-Peter! You can't just give someone away! A-and I'm not a woman!"He scolded, the child looking a bit hurt.

"...But, my teacher said we were missing a mamma. so I found one." He said quietly, sitting down feeling crestfallen.

The Finnish man, who was torn by the innocent heart of the little boy and the serious, stoic Swede, gave up, sitting down with a groan. Lord, he just got into a worse situation by the minute! But.. he could play along with this. At least for a couple of hours.

"...I'll make you a deal, if I play "mamma" for the rest of today, may I please go home?" He asked, aiming it more at Berwald than Peter. But, before the Swede could speak the little boy giggled and nodded.

"Alright!" He squealed, launching himself into Tino's lap.

Berwald took this as his chance, wrapping an arm around Tino gently, pulling the two close, taking a small chance. " I D'nt know, it might be tough f'r yah"He said lowly, but meant it in a
playful kind of way. This earned him a dark blush from the Finn, who looked away embarrassedly.

Holy shit?! Could Berwald even joke?! Tino had thought him as this serious and scary guy... or what if he was being completely serious? Lord! Tino really needed to work on understanding this man.. and survive another day with this odd family.

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