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Some Demons are Worse Than Others

Chapter 1

It was finally starting to feel like the fall season in Peach Creek. It had been an above average temperatures in summer and to be honest nobody enjoyed being cooked alive under the suns rays over the heat soaking pavement of the cul-de-sac.

"Fricking took long enough for it to cool down! Like an oven, even through out September! I mean come on thats messed up." Said Eddy

"I do agree. Though you must admire the power that a constantly changing biosphere has, even if it takes it several lifetimes to show any significant change in its functions." Replied Double Dee

As he was talking Ed and Eddy just looked at him, Eddy with his "whatever, I don't care" look; and Ed with elevator music going through his head.

"Whatever sock head, all I know is it was way to hot this summer, couldn't leave home unless it was night and even then couldn't go because of my stupid parents and their 'you don't want to work in school so there will be no play in summer,' Eddy said as he mocked voiced his father. "I mean jeez dad I'm 20 years old, and its community college for crying out loud.

"You should try harder in school Eddy, just coasting through and passing by the skin of your teeth does not look promising on an application for a 4 year university." Said Double Dee

"Double Dee you and I both know there is no more college coming my way, I'm just not the type, and neither is lumpy here." Eddy said directing towards Ed who was currently digging in his yard like a dog, intent on burying his favorite collectible space mutant from Planet 66, for safe keeping of course.

"Maybe, but I think you could if you truly wanted to Eddy."

"Maybe, but I could also be miserable and not feel right if I went to more school, I'll be working in my uncles garage here pretty soon, already set up to start soon, maybe Ed too. We'll have to see about that though."

"I knew that you were passionate about automobiles but make a career out of fixing and selling them?" said Double Dee questionable

"Yea! Don't you know how much doh you rake in working on cars? Everybody's car breaks and its always something more than the single reason they brought it in, and best of all its always so expensive." Eddy said with obvious hints of greed in his voice

Edd just shook his head knowing that yes a good living can be made working in a work garage but it was a living that had to be earned and wouldn't be handed to anyone. It was ok though, Edd knew Eddy was a survivor and he'd be ok, just had to learn it the hard way on his own that almost no one had an easy life right away, but had to earn their good life through years of hard work, dedication, and discipline.

It was during these thoughts that Ed came over from his 'mission of safe keeping' to hang with his friends. Like this they stayed just laying around on the sidewalk in-between Eddy's house and Jimmy's. Then then the escape from the world ended for the trio, but especially for Double Dee.

"Well, guys mom just texted me saying to come eat so I'll be tak––" Eddy was saying before the vicious scream of Sarah boomed over him.


"I mean no dis respect toward you and your families choice of communication Ed but Sarah does realize we are no more than 25-30 feet from your front door, the obnoxious yelling is really not necessary." Double Dee directed toward Ed

"Oh no guys I have to go now, but my mom made me extra gravy to put on my mashed potatoes tonight because I is a good boy!" Ed said as he was about to run off to go home but stopped abruptly and turned and ran back to his friends and with a goofy smile said.

"You guys are welcome to come have the joy that will be dinner tonight, it always looks like happy and makes me feel like magic." Said Ed

Double Dee couldn't help but give a small smile at his friends excitement about something as simple sounding as extra gravy at dinner, its something he was envious of Ed, he didn't let things bother him, or better stated as he didn't understand things enough to be bothered, at least not yet anyway. Ed always compared Ed to Forrest Gump, slow and not exactly smart, but he did understand things, things that a book can't teach you.

"As appreciative of your offer as I am Ed I'm afraid I must decline for I have chores to finish at home at the request of mother and father."

"Yea thanks anyway lumpy but I'm just going to go home and eat, not feeling it tonight." Said Eddy

Ed just smiled and before taking off he went and said to Double Dee "Don't be said Double Dee, things will get better, just one day at a time." And then he was off.

It was times like that when Edd really did appreciate Ed for who he was.

"Well, I'll see ya later sock head." Said Eddy as he started walking up his drive way

"Hey, if you don't want to be by your lonesome tonight you can come chill at my house, just don't be expecting any hugs or cuddling." Eddy laughed at his own joke

Double Dee smiled but assured his friend that he'd be all right, and some chores will be a good way to take his mind off of things.

"Change your mind you know where to find me." Eddy said with his back turned walking away from his hat wearing friend

Edd really did appreciate his friends, and how in their own ways they were trying to help, he knew Eddy knew what this was like, to a degree he is still recovering from it, but it was a year ago now and the wound had more time to heal for him. For Double Dee however its been 4 months. Long enough to finally leave his room and go outside and stop listening to the same sad songs on replay. Not long enough for it to not bother him, after all, even an elderly wise old man has trouble when he has no closure, let alone a 21 year old.

Author's note:

So I know that the characters aren't the best at being "in-character" but I made them older and the idea for this is a more depressing part of life, especially for growing up so I am making them as I think best, plus I could see them like this at least somewhat so whatever. I am happy with the way this chapter turned out, I know its a little confusing on what exactly is going on but no worries it'll be explained and the next few parts will be pretty awesome. (hopefully)