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Some Demons are Worse Than Others

Chapter 7

"Halloween Night" (Party)

It was October 31, noon and the Kanker sisters were watching a selection of horror movies as is their tradition. Only thing different this year was instead of waiting till it was late at night to watch their movies an eat their candy they were doing it now because Marie would not be home that night. She would be at a Halloween party that Double Dee invited her to attend with him. It was his cousin's and her husbands party, and from Double Dee's description they sounded like really cool people. The theme for the party was anything Tim Burton. Double Dee said his cousin was a big fan of his, and she herself was dressing as Coraline. Marie chose to go as Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas. One reason was she knew Edd was being Jack, so they would match. Another reason, was she knew that with an ass like hers she could rock being Sally the way she is meant to be. Everything considered, she was excited to go.

Rob Zombies Halloween was in the PS3 playing, it was half over before any of them said anything about their plans for later.

"So Marie whens your man coming over to pick you up for this party?" Asked Lee

"At about 5 he said he'd be here. So knowing him at exactly 5 he'll be here." Marie laughed at her own remark

"Do you have everything for your costume?" May asked

"Oh yea no worries their."

"Of course she does May, she dresses up like Sally just for kicks. Just so she can blame the costume for her ghetto ass." Lee joked

"At least I have one Lee and not everything went to my tits like you. Your going to be miss back problems by the time you hit 30!" Marie said back

"I don't see why you don't just emit your jealous of my girls." Lee said puffing up her breasts.

"Oh I'm not jealous, I have pretty nice girls if I do say so myself, just I also can put a little swing in my steps and trust me I noticed my stud muffin looking when he thought I wasn't." Marie said in a bragging way

"So lucky for you your man's an ass a legs man then." May piped in

"He is one because I have them, I think Double Dee's just a Marie Kanker man!"

At about 3:20 Marie when to start getting ready. She showered and shaved her legs, (she is being Sally after all) clothed in her custom made Sally dress, then put her hair in a net so none of it would fall out from under the wig she had for her costume. Once her wig was on she then proceeded to put on her make up. This, if done correctly, can be a time consuming task. She wanted it to be perfect. After only 7-10 mins it was done and it was indeed perfect. Then right on cue their was a knocking at the door, the clock had just turned 5:00. May opened the door, (after being hit by the remote thrown by Lee telling her to open it.

"Um, hello May is Marie available?"

"Hey Edd, or Jack I guess tonight." Marie said coming down the stairs

Double Dee couldn't help but stare for a moment at Marie, she looked amazing.

"Yes, I guess I'm Jack tonight, even though you wouldn't think I'd be the King of Halloween at first glance."

"Well, long as I'm your queen for the night I think you can pull it off." Marie replied with a smile

"I can be scary if I want to be, but I think with your help we'll be terrifying."

"On second thought naw. I don't want to help you." Marie said teasingly

"Yes, well, who needs you anyway." Edd replied back just as teasingly

"All right, All right thats enough of that. Just get out of here and hey! No fun without protection all right." Lee said making May laugh along with her

This made Marie blush but more irritated at her sisters. She saw that it made poor Double Dee turn three shades red, despite the white face paint/make up he was wearing.

"Well, now that be our signal to leave." Marie said grabbing Double Dee's hand and leading him out of the Kanker's trailer.

"Sorry about that." She said once they were outside

"Oh don't worry about it, I starting to get used to that kind of thing because of Eddy."

"That is true, back in the day when we were kids a that was said, he prob would have passed out." Marie thought and laughed to herself

"Well, lets get going, we should arrive just before it starts so I can introduce you to Greg and Harmony properly."

"So, Harmony is your cousin and Greg is her husband is that correct?"

"Yes, that is right, Harmony is being Coraline, and Greg is being Victor from Corpse Bride."

"Oh thats a movie I haven't seen in a long time now, I have to make a mental note to watch it soon." Marie said making her mental note

"I believe I need to make the same mental note, its not my favorite of Mr. Burtons but I do enjoy it every now and again." Double Dee said

"We could watch it together some time if you wanted. You don't have to of course, I'm just saying if you wanted to I wouldn't mind." Marie almost shyly told him

"I'd really like that Marie." Edd smiled at her

Marie just smiled back and blushed slightly, she turned away hoping to hide her blush, "Thank god for heavy duty stitching paint," she thought.

She then noticed the bag Double Dee had. "Hey what is in the bag?" Marie asked pointing at Edd's plastic bag

"Oh, it is a bottle of root beer vodka for the party, I thought it be polite to bring something to contribute to the party."

"Do you drink? I would have never thought." Marie said surprised

"Well, yes but only on the occasion calling for it. All through high school Eddy kept pestering me to partake but I stood my ground. When we graduated is when I finally succumbed to his pleas, and it wasn't as horrible as I thought it be but it gets more enjoyable once its legal. So I do but only on the occasion calling for it."

Marie was surprised at the story Edd was telling her, surprised and impressed. Impressed not only by his willingness to try new things and take a chance but also to go all through high school without getting wasted is an impressive feet. Double Dee has grown up, not only physically but it seemed in mental ways too. She liked it.

They arrived at Double Dee's cousins house with 15 minutes till the guests were supposed to show up. This gave Edd's cousins a moment to meet Marie more personably than if they met her with many other guests present. Marie felt a good first feeling about Greg and Harmony. They seemed like cool people, but they seemed like nice people which she was happy about. Before anyone knew it, the other guests were arriving. Harmony and Greg's friends were the other guests and for the most part they all seemed like decent people from what she could guess without knowing them on a more personal level.

What was the best part for her though was being with Double Dee, because she could feel it, knew it, that he was truly enjoying her company as well.

The night was very fun, they talked, met Greg and Harmony's friends, ate Tim Burton themed foods, (curtsy of harmony) they listened to music and after the help of some drinks, they danced. Toward the end of the night, the party was ending and people were starting to leave if they had a DD, or they passed out wherever they laid. Double Dee and Marie, drunk, ventured upstairs to the room that Greg and Harmony said they could use if they became to drunk to leave. Of course they were going to explain to them that they weren't in need of a single bed but to avoid an explanation they just let it be for the moment. Now that they were drunk, they just didn't give a shit. They plopped down on the bed beside each other, not touching, but still close.

"That was so much fun, thank you for bringing me along." Marie said in a laughy happy way

"Oh thank you for coming with me Marie."

"Hey, hey, hey, dude I can't believe our make-up stayed on as good as it did."

"I know right, its crazy, we have some awesome make up skills Marie."

"I know we do, we so do Double Dee." Marie turned and smiled at him as she said this

Edd turned and thats when their eyes met and locked. They didn't know how long they stayed just looking at each other, but they didn't care either.

"Marie, I swear that I, that I, hope I don't want to come off as rude or disrespectful or to be treating you as lesser than an equal to me because I don't I swear I view you as a beautiful, intelligent, funny, equal and I just really like you and I want you to, or I hope you like me, and." Its now that Marie just grabs his face and says, "Please just kiss me." She pulls his lips to hers and they are begin to kiss passionately. Double Dee did not hesitate to kiss her back, and they let all their feelings be put into this kiss. Alcohol or not, they both knew that they liked the other so their was no regret in this. It wouldn't be a drunken mistake in the morning, but they will have a lot to discuss.

They fell asleep holding each other, fell asleep with their bodies perfectly fitting together. Even if they woke up hungover, tomorrow it would be so very worth it.

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