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Kevin isn't sure how much more of this he can take.

For the first couple of days, Kevin had kind of understood. At least, he tried to understand. After a week, he was a bit annoyed. But nonetheless, he tried to understand. But now? Now the cold shoulder doesn't really feel like cold shoulder anymore. It's cold fucking everything. And it's not even cold. It's freezing.

And it's not as if he hasn't tried.

He's only apologised about a thousand times and yet every time, Javier stares right through him, as if he's said nothing at. Javier still refuses to be in the same room as him, unless absolutely necessary. He still doesn't take any notice of what he says, unless it's to do with the case. He still replies to all of his questions in that stupid condescending manner that makes Kevin want to hit someone.

What's worse is that Kevin doesn't think that Javier's going to give it up any time soon. In the past few weeks, Javier hasn't even budged. Why should Kevin believe that a couple more weeks will change anything?

But even though Javier hates Kevin, Kevin can't help but try a little bit harder. It doesn't matter if Javier hates him; Javier's his partner. Kevin's not ready to give up on that just yet. Unfortunately, he's already exhausted the direct approach, so Kevin figures that it's time for something a little bit different.

He starts with sending text messages.

Sent: Friday 9:41 pm

Beckett thinks we ought to talk.

Sent: Friday 9:48 pm

Okay. She didn't say it quite like that. But I think we need to talk and I'm sure she'd agree with me.

Sent: Friday 10:11 pm

I'm guessing you don't agree with me.

Sent: Friday 11:01 pm

I'm sorry.

Sent: Friday 11:02 pm


Sent: Friday 11:36 pm

What? Not even gracing me with a reply?

Sent: Friday 11:59 pm

You're being a bastard.

Sent: Saturday 12:01 am

I didn't want to pull this one out, but I think you're forgetting that I saved your life. And Beckett's life. Don't you think thanks is in order?

Sent: Saturday 12:12 am

Well, fuck you.

Needless to say, the texting didn't really work. Maybe going from face-to-face confrontations to pixels was a bad idea, Kevin thinks. In all fairness, it probably would've been a lot easier if Javier had actually replied to him. But he hadn't, so Kevin moved on, thinking of a new way that might pull Javier's head out of his ass.

He starts to leave phone messages, but they don't work either. Then he goes back to pixels, sending emails that he's pretty sure Javier doesn't even bother to read.

Nothing works.

So, Javier doesn't want to be his partner anymore, but whatever. They are partners and eventually, Kevin thinks, Javier will forgive him. Javier has to forgive him.

And because he doesn't know what to do on the off chance that Javier doesn't forgive him, Kevin tries a even harder. He does everything he's always thought that good partner (and friend) ought to do. He gets Javier coffee and reminds him to take his breaks. He gets his work done faster than ever before and does every little thing that Javier demands of him, regardless of how stupid it seems.

But he's running out of hope and energy. He doesn't know how much longer he can live like this. He doesn't like walking on eggshells and performing mindless tasks in the hopes that Javier will just look at him. He hates feeling so completely and utterly unwanted.

Kevin just wants his partner back. That's all.