Stiles was doing homework when he got the text message. It was from an unknown number, so he opted to ignore it, returning to his chemistry homework. Not even three minutes later, the phone rang, so he sighed and grabbed it. "Hello?"

"Stiles? It's Kalila McCahey," the voice said. Stiles gawped slightly.

"Kali? No way!" Stiles exclaimed. "Dude, it's been what, four years? Where were you?"

"Mostly great Britain, Canada and some Europe," Kali said. "Oh, and I visited Narnia too."

"And you didn't invite me," Stiles said in mock-disappointment. Kalila had been his BFF (Best Female Friend) through their childhood, and four years ago, on the sixth anniversary of her parent's murder, she'd gone off on a trip to keep her mind off things. "Seriously though, you had better come back soon! I've seriously missed you. You know I'm still not on Lydia's radar?"

"Yeah, I could totally predict that one." Kali teased. "And, I am coming home soon. In two days, to be exact."

"That's great," Stiles glanced at his calendar, pack meeting that night. "What time?"

"My flight will be coming in at around five in the evening. You wanna hang out?" Stiles gnawed at his lip- Derek would get over it. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not. He'd have to ask Kalila to plan his funeral then.

"Yeah, I'm game. Movie marathon?"

"You know it. I just have to drop my stuff off at the apartment. They're shipping my cars over next week." Kali said, almost to herself. "So I'll see you soon?"

"Absolutely. Miss you, Kali."

"Miss you too, Stiles. Say hi to your dad and Scott for me." She hung up. Stiles tossed his phone on the bed.

"And now I have to explain to Derek exactly why I'll be missing the pack meeting. Fun." He groaned and leaned back in his seat before getting up and walking down the stairs. "Yo, Dad?" he called.

"Yeah?" Sheriff Stilinski looked up from the couch.

"Kali's coming home in a couple days, and since it'll be Friday, can we have a movie marathon?"

"Sure, I'll be on night shift anyway. I thought you were hanging out with Scott that night."

"Scott will understand, I haven't seen Kali in four years."

"Alright, well, tell her I say hi," the sheriff said absently.

"Will do, Dad, thanks."

"Dude, you know Derek's gonna flip," Scott told Stiles the next morning.

"C'mon, can't you cover for me? After everything I did for you and your little werewolf escapades."

"He's still not gonna be happy." Scott muttered, "and he'll take it out on me with you gone."

"I trust you can handle it. Seriously though, this is Kali!"

"Why can't I come with, I miss her too!" Scott protested.

"You have a meeting." Stiles shrugged, walking away.

Kali stepped off the plane and grinned. She'd missed Beacon Hills so much she was nearly overwhelmed. She laughed breathily and grabbed her luggage, walking out toward the parking lot. Looking around, she was enveloped in a tight hug and lifted up. "Kali!" God, she'd changed, still short, but thin and curvy, she had nicely tan skin and coppery brown hair with blond highlights and the same deep blue eyes framed by thick, dark lashes and cupid's bow mouth.

"Stiles!" She grinned and whirled as he set her down on the ground. She wrapped her arms around his midsection tightly and felt a sudden nostalgia for the days when they were the same height. "Oh my God I missed you!"

"Same. You got shorter," Stiles smirked. Kali rolled her eyes playfully and shoved at his arm. "Alright, Stilinski, shall we?"

"Ah, yes. Your carriage awaits," Stiles smirked, gesturing to the Jeep. Kali nodded in approval as Stiles took her luggage and loaded it into the back.

"Very nice, good taste, Stilinski." She said, moving to the passenger side. "So how is everybody?" She asked as Stiles slid in beside her.

"Good. Scott has recently found he has a way with dogs," Stiles tried not to laugh to himself for that one as Kali rolled her eyes at him. "And Derek Hale's back." At this, she turned to give him an incredulous look.

"No way, Derek? Isn't he supposed to be, like, really grumpy?"

"Yep," Stiles said simply. And boy, was he gonna be in trouble tonight. "So I think we should build up one of our forts for the marathon, you know, for old times sake."

"In your room on the laptop or the living room?" She asked, looking over at him.

"I think my room, that way if we forget to turn the TV off Dad can still sleep." She nodded.

"Kay, you remember where my house is right? I need to pack a smaller bag. Plus, I brought you something."

"You didn't have to."

"Whatever, Stilinski, I brought something for Scott too, so don't feel guilty." She grinned over at him and he smiled back. Ah. Normal human friends. How he missed that. They pulled up to Kalila's apartment, where she opened the door and flicked on the lights. And, sure, they flickered for a couple seconds, but considering how long it'd been since they were used, they held up pretty well. Dusty, off-white sheets covered all the furniture and Kali looked at the walls with narrowed eyes.

"I need to give this place a makeover." She muttered, walking into the bedroom. The walls were a yellow colour and she flinched. "Stiles, how would you like to help me redecorate? Say, all next weekend?" She asked, turning to face the boy behind her.

"Ah, sure. I can probably get a few more helpers, too." He grinned and blushed as she hugged him.

"You are the best!" She told him, kissing his cheek. She tossed her luggage on the covered bed and grabbed a duffel, shoving some random stuff into it before getting a box. She handed it to him and grinned. "I know how much you love Lacrosse, and so I got this from some English team." It was a lacrosse jersey with the number one, Stilinski written on the back, and a bunch of signatures on the front.

"Awe, thanks, Kali!" Stiles pulled her into a one-armed hug before they headed back outside.

"I missed this place, like, insanely much." Kali sighed with a grin, and Stiles smiled.

"Yeah, I can safely say you were missed too. Scott will probably come visit tomorrow too. This place has changed since you left. You should see it. You coming back to school?" Stiles asked as they headed for the Jeep.

"Actually, no. I finished high school in Britain, and am taking online courses for college. Mythology and theology." She said, shoving her hands into her front pockets. "So, I'll just have to hang with you guys out of school."

"How'd you already graduate?" Stiles asked, taken aback.

"I got extra credits when I was working with a mythology expert in Scotland. He specialized in werewolves, it was so cool!" Stiles momentarily froze at the word 'werewolves' before blinking and continuing on.

"Well that sounds… fun. Learn anything interesting?" Stiles asked, trying not to sound apprehensive.

"Mostly behavioural habits, pack mentality and mating. Did you know that they mate for life?" She asked, seemingly oblivious to Stiles' change in behaviour.

"That's interesting. Assuming, of course, werewolves were real, which, of course, they aren't."

"Of course." Stiles visibly relaxed at that, and Kalila barely held back a chuckle. Of course, Cutler had warned her that there were werewolves in Beacon Hills, and considering he was an Alpha, she considered him a pretty damn reliable source. Judging by Stiles' nervous behaviour, he obviously knew them, or knew of them. Well, Kali wasn't pushing. She wasn't anti-werewolf, she'd hung around with Cutler and his pack for like six months and had helped them out of trouble enough times that she was used to it.

"C'mon, Kali, we've got a fort to build."

A/N: Aight, this will not be my only TW story, but I really like pairing people with Derek, cause I think he deserves love. If I owned dis, I would not be here, people!