The Beornings

Note: Hi guys. I feel that chapter 1 didn't get enough of Beorn's personality on the page so there will be more in this chapter.

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Chapter 2 – Letting the Bear Run Wild


Beorn sat back laughing when the wizard stopped talking. "A very good tale! The best I have heard in a long time. If all beggars could tell such a good tale, they might find me kinder. You may be making it all up of course, but you deserve a supper for the tale at least. Let's have something to eat!" With that he stood and led his guests through into the great hall. The hall was dark but as he clapped his hands some of his animal friends appeared. He spoke to them in their own tongue and soon the hall was filled with light as his companions carried torches in their mouths.

Soon the fire was lit and the table set ready for a feast. It was then that Beorn realised exactly how much he sometimes missed the company of others. For a long time he had spoken to no one except his animal friends. Deciding to make the most of the experience, he decided to tell a few tales of his own as they ate. The atmosphere was merry and the bear man even listened to the dwarves as they talked. Although he didn't care for gold or jewels or any of the other precious things they coveted, he listened to them. His was a simple life with little need for luxuries and baubles and as a result although he endeavoured to pay to attention to their tales, and was enjoying their company he found his attention beginning to wane.

Soon the food was cleared away, the fires were lit and drinking bowls filled with mead. As the drink began to flow and the guests made themselves comfortable, the conversation became little more than a buzz in Beorn's ears. It was a nice change to have company around the fire but the bear in him was becoming restless. He had been indoors for too long. He needed to feel the cold night air on his fur and the naked ground beneath his paws. That was one thing solitude gave him, it gave him the freedom to run whenever the urge took him. Right now however he was torn. The bear wanted to run through the trees as free as the wind itself, but the man wanted to take advantage of the unusual situation he found himself in. Until today he hadn't realised how much he missed simple conversation by the fire.

Ultimately the wear won out. The man had already taken a huge step that day in reducing his isolation but in the end it was too much too fast. He had gone from seeing no one except the other animals to having fifteen guests residing in his halls. Beorn stood and nodded his apologies to the wizard before finding the comforting silence of the night with only a few words. "You are safe within these walls friends, but please do not stray outside until the sun has risen. Goodnight all and sleep well."

As the door clicked behind him Beorn closed his eyes and sighed with a contented smile on his face. The breeze was cool and refreshing after the claustrophobia of the hall. He took a couple of moments to just feel the fresh air on his skin. Then he moved forward onto four legs as the change overwhelmed him. Beorn rode the familiar changes his body went through as his animal nature rose to the surface. The great black bear stretched his muscles as his paws felt the grass soft under foot. Then leaving them all safely behind in the noise and confusion he ran off into the trees.

For over an hour the bear ran through his lands. He bounded up the Carrock and greeted the moon. Then he stood up on his hind legs with his claws raised to the sky and his head thrown back. Beorn called the other bears to him before bounding down through the trees again. As he ran the others joined him. Together they traced the dwarves back to where the eagles had dropped them on top of his own Carrock where he had smelt them before. Then they roamed in search of the place where Gandalf had released is wizards fire, and then on again in search of the goblins gate in the mountain.

They didn't get very far before Beorn caught the scent of is enemy. There was just one, a solitary Goblin, a warg rider with his steed, skulking through the darkness in search of dwarves a wizard and a hobbit. The bear man could practically smell the anger and the fear in the vile creature. But Beorn kept himself calm. He had to find out what the goblins had planned, for one thing the dwarves and company were his friends, letting them into his home had made them his responsibility. They were under his protection now, for as long as they were in his halls and he wasn't going to let anything happen to them. He had to be sure that there was no further threat to them.

Turning to the other bears Beorn sent them to his halls. He wouldn't risk his new friends or the animal companions under his roof. He would deal with the evil from the mountains and he would keep them all safe. The bears snuck away through the trees to protect Beorn's lands while the bear man himself crept towards the clearing, following his enemy closely. The goblin dismounted and muttered to himself. Beorn crept closer still listening intently to what the goblin said. Evidently he was a scout, sent out to find any trace of the dwarves and report back. Beorn couldn't let him get any further, couldn't let him bring any news to the goblins, but he continued to listen. He had to find out what the Goblins were planning.

Once he had discovered where the goblins were meeting to plan their attack Beorn moved forward into the clearing. He growled low and loud showing his teeth as he stepped towards the Goblin, who turned sharply towards him. The warg growled back at him but Beorn was not concerned. He was the great black bear and he didn't fear anyone, least of all a solitary warg and its rider. Moving slowly he approached the goblin, who had drawn his sword ready for an attack. The bear laughed at his enemy's confidence. He was invulnerable in his bear form and could not be hurt. He would rip the creature apart and the warg as well. Taking another step forward he let his animal nature take over completely.