OIIII! This is my first 100 theme challenge. Considering how backed up I am with stories, starting this theme challenge just shows how stupid of an author I am! But mebbe I can make it since all the chaps are supposed to be short :X

Pairing: Namiku

Disclaimer: I don't own KH or any of its characters (wont be saying this again)

Theme: Birth:

Breath of Snow

Every time he passed her he felt cold inside. It was a strange feeling.

Whenever she even said a word to him he was too frozen inside to answer to friendly words or smiles.

And he never said a word. It always was the same. She would smile and laugh and then say goodbye and walk away. Every time she would turn her back on him, he felt the warmth in his cheeks return. Fast.

After every encounter, he would turn away and blush like mad.

Namine. She was always had such a strange and strong effect on him. She made him feel…wanted. Without Sora and Kairi by his side, Riku was always the loner. No one really noticed him in the crowd. Except her.

The rare moments when she would talk to him were the moments he craved for but he was always too reserved to reply. He had always regretted that.

In fact she was his second love. His first love since Kairi.

But one day he unexpectedly made a change in his life. Another day went by when the blonde passed by him again after school and waved. They started a conversation or rather she did all of the small talk. It was the usual. Riku nodded and smiled slightly from time to time. It lasted only 2 full minutes. But to the young man it seemed like forever.

"So I guess I'll be going now…" And the girl turned around to make her way.

And that's when he made his move.

"Wait," he murmured as his right hand reached forward and grabbed hers.

It seemed so abrupt and surprising for the poor embarrassed young man himself as well as the girl but they stayed that way for a while, frozen in place.

And when she turned around to show her shocked and hazy blue orbs, he felt like…he was born again.