Pairing:none. Just some rikusorakairi trio stuffs :P


I can relate to this since I just started school again this Monday TT^TT. And im not liking it.

Chapter 17

One step after another.

It's freezing. What do you expect on a Monday morning when you have to walk to school and its early January?!

Kairi couldn't even imagine what it would be like when it was time for PE. But luckily, she had PE as her last period so no worries right?

She still hated school. And it was worse that it was her first day back. The end of winter break.

Can anything make this more bearable?!

A cold gale blew by chilling her to the bone, so she shivered and rubbed her arms for warmth. Not that it helped much though.

"Kairi! You need an extra jacket?" A voice called out from behind her.

Overall, it would be surprising to anyone that a girl could not protect herself from the cold even though she was wearing three jackets on top of each other. No matter what, she was still freezing cold.

"Eh…?" The red head groaned and turned her head to look behind her.

A tall Riku stood behind her with only a long sleeved shirt on and holding an overcoat in his hand.

"HOW CAN YOU SURVIVEEEE?" Kairi stared at her friend and took the jacket to slip it on. That made five layers on her.

"What? It's not even that cold."

"It's 45 degrees FAHRENHEIT." Kairi stood still for a moment and then remembered that this guy had toured the spirit world in snow with only a SLEEVELESS VEST.

"Hey guys! It sucks that we have to go back to school huh?" An energetic voice cried out.

The two teens turned their heads to see Sora who was running towards them.

Kairi felt a small smile form on her lips. The trio was back together after a long break.

"Hey Sora. It's nice to have you back!" Kairi hugged the boy and then took a step back to look at school.

"Y-you excited for classes…?" She asked quietly with a forced smile.


"Thought so."

Silently, Kairi laughed to herself. She had missed these guys during break and guessed that they were the only ones that made school something to look forward to.

School just got more bearable.