Title: Cranky Gherkins

By: akinosora01

Category: Hana Yori Dango

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Author's Note:

"Legacy" really inspired this. Not exactly a sequel, considering that it's the Hana Yori Dango universe, but perhaps a side-fic?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hana Yori Dango franchise.

Cranky Gherkins

It was a cry for help, the phone call that interrupted his sleep at…what…three in the morning?

Rui groaned when he heard the phone ring again, burying his face in his pillow in an attempt to ignore the insistent ringing; perhaps the caller would eventually give up and call again at a more reasonable time. But when his wife beside him began to stir and move fitfully, he sat up with a sigh. It really wouldn't do if his wife woke up now, after spending so much time trying to fall asleep with a baby whose idea of fun was to kick everywhere.

He recognized the name of the caller and picked up the call. "Yes?"

"Rui, do you have any gherkins?" Soujiro's voice asked urgently on the other end.

It took a few moments for Rui to focus and mentally process the abrupt question. "What?"

"Gherkins. Do you have any?"

"I don't know," Rui yawned. "Why do you need gherkins?"

"Look for some in your refrigerator."

"Okay…." Rui reluctantly pulled himself from the bed and padded his way downstairs, blinking at the sharp kitchen light and absentmindedly opening the refrigerator doors. "What am I supposed to look for?"

"You don't know what gherkins look like?" Soujiro asked in an incredulous tone. "What did Makino eat while she had cravings?"

"Umeboshi with peanut butter and whipped cream," Rui said. When Soujiro made sounds of disbelief, he said, "She had it for a couple of weeks until she had morning sickness from just looking at it."

"Oh. Well, they should be in a jar. Kind of like small pickles."

"Hold on." Rui had to lean over and rummage around the jars, all labeled with white stickers and black ink, until he saw a small jar in the back of the second lower shelf labeled "gherkins." With a smile, he pulled out the jar, and said, "Found them."

"OK. I'll be there in a few minutes," Soujiro said with a sigh of relief.

Rui frowned. "But don't you live about an hour away? How are you able to come here in a few minutes?"

"I'm calling from my car. Just have them ready for me."

Rui was waiting in front of the house when Soujiro pulled up. When Soujiro cut the engine and came out of the driver's seat, Rui took one look at him and asked, "You're angry about something?"

Soujiro rolled his eyes. "Rui, you have a pregnant wife, too. Don't tell me that you didn't go out at some ungodly hour to get something not all stores sell."

Rui blinked in bemusement. "Yes, I did."

"I'm not angry, I'm cranky. Yuuki woke me up because she wanted gherkins."

"Why would you be cranky?" Rui asked.

"Never mind. Thanks for the gherkins." Soujiro hurried over and got into his car, and drove away to deliver gherkins to his wife. Rui, still confused, shook his head and went inside, taking care to check the security system before going back up to bed.

"Why'd you get out of bed?" his wife drowsily asked him when he slipped back into the covers.

"Soujiro. Apparently Yuuki wanted something."

"Oh." She snuggled closed to him, eyes already closing, when Rui asked.

"Should I get angry when you have a craving at night?"

"Then you'll be on the couch for a month," Tsukishi mumbled as she shifted to a more comfortable position.

Rui didn't understand why getting angry would result in sleeping on the couch for a month, but wisely chose not to contest her words and fell back asleep.


I…didn't like the way it ended; however, it's hard to expect a lot when this fic was written in just ten minutes.

So…how did you like it? ^.^