I know, I know, I should be updating Hive Academy, but I wanted to put another story out there. :/ So I'm writing this story, I hope it will be good and you'll like it as much as you like Hive Academy.

It was dark, it was cold, it was depressing. Beast Boy sat in the corner of the cell, wondering how things could have gone from so good to so bad so quickly. Rats could be heard scurrying through the walls, water leaked from the ceiling dropping from the ground with a rhythmic plop, plop, plop. The darkness was like a thick blanket that hovered over his head. Beast Boy tried to get some sleep, but nightmares had plagued his dreams. He couldn't remember how long it had been, how long he'd been locked up…one week? Two? Or maybe it was only a matter of hours. There was no way to tell, not that it mattered anyways, they lost and there was no possible way things were ever going to go back to the way they were.

Everything fell apart so quickly, Robin's carefully thought out plan had cracked. One moment they were on their way home, the next everything went spinning out of control. It happened so fast. Beast Boy felt a little bit of pride in being the last Titan to be taken down, but then he felt a deep sense of guilt and disappointment. He was everyone's last hope, and he failed. Now the villains ran free, doing anything they pleased without anyone to stop them.

Being locked in a dirty, dark cell all day there wasn't much to do except think. Beast Boy often thought about what would have happened if he never answered the Doom Patrol's cry of help. What would have happened if he just ignored it? Would he be with the Titans, playing video games with Cyborg? Or would if all of this happened anyways? But one of Beast Boy's biggest questions was; What if he was a better hero? If Robin were the last Titan standing, then he surly would have won the final battle and saved everyone. Cyborg would have, Starfire, even Raven would have won. They all would have, but Beast Boy couldn't. Beast Boy didn't.

A ray of light landed onto Beast Boy's face as someone opened the door to the cells. Beast Boy quickly shut his eyes, trying to block out the light. He heard the soft clicks of high heels coming toward him. Madame Rouge, he absentmindedly thought. His eyes still not adjusted to the brightness of the light, he felt vulnerable. But the slightest of hope flickered through him; there was a chance, however small that he would be seeing his friends.

Madame Rouge bent down to Beast Boy's level. She gently grabbed he chin, forcing him to look at her. For a spit second Beast Boy thought that he saw something flicker in her eyes; compassion, understanding, pity, but it couldn't be any of those things. This is Madame Rouge; she didn't care about anything but herself. He must have imagined it. Her eyes turned cold once again as she place a cold, hard, metal thing around Beast Boy's neck. A collar. A collar that would keep his powers at bay, he wouldn't be able to turn into animal. His powers were useless, there was no escaping.

"Come, follow me," Madame Rouge said in her thick accent. She roughly grabbed Beast Boy by the arm and harshly lifted him up to his feet. They walked along time, down halls, upstairs, and through many doors. She led him with a leash attached to the collar she put around his neck. He didn't even bother trying to transform, he knew it would be pointless.

As they got closer and closer to their destination, voices could be heard talking. The people who owned the voices sounded excited, something was going to happen and had everyone thrilled. Beast Boy had a horrible sick feeling that it involved the Titans. As the last door slide open Beast Boy and Madame Rouge stepped out onto a plat form. Every villain the Titans had ever fought where at the bottom, laughing and cheering. Young heroes were stuck in frozen ice. Prizes, is what The Brian calls them. Beast Boy calls them friends. The Brian and Monsieur Mallah stood over to the right, guards stood the left, and in the middle, front and center were the rest of the Titans.

They looked just like Beast Boy felt, like crap. Their hair was sticking up in all sorts of different places. Robin's hair gel had stopped working and his hair hung in his face. They had dirt smeared across their faces, which made Beast Boy wonder if he had the same marks on his face. They looked tired and worn down. Starfire no longer had a smile on her face and Cyborg had a hard grimace on his face. Raven showed no emotion, as usual. But one thing that Beast Boy noted was that each Titan stood tall and held their head high. It gave Beast Boy hope, the Titans were not broken.

Beast Boy had expected Madame Rouge to shove him up there with the rest of the Titans, but instead she dragged him towards The Brain and Monsieur Mallah. Panic started to quickly rise inside Beast Boy, why weren't they placing him next to his friends? Trying to come up with theories, Beast Boy started to pick up his breathing pace.

Before Beast Boy could get too carried away with his theories The Brain become to speak in his monotone computer voice, "As you all know, we have captured the Teen Titans. Now as a reward I am selling the Teen Titans…"

"No!" Beast Boy shouted out and the collar gave him a nasty shock.

Monsieur Mallah growled and Madame Rouge forcefully grabbed his chin making him look her in the eye as she scolded, "You will only speak when spoken too. Understand?"

"Yes," Beast Boy mumbled and Madame Rouge let go of him.

Satisfied with Beast Boy's reprimanding the Brain continued, "These top villains will teach them how to be successful criminals and in a couple of years the Teen Titans with fight alongside us, committing horrendous crimes."

Cheers came from everyone in the room, except from the Titans. They tensed; terrible sick feels arose in their stomachs. Robin remembered back to the time he was Slade's apprentice and how ashamed he had been. Now it was happening all over again. This time the rest of his team would be living through the nightmare as well. He wanted to fight, but he knew they would never win in this situation. Robin was smart and he knew that the Titans would see each other again, but for that to happen as soon as possible they had to cooperate.

Madame Rouge came up behind Starfire and placed her hands on her shoulders, "Starfire will go to Killer Moth and his daughter Kitten."

Before Starfire could respond or argue Madame Rouge moved on to Raven, "Raven will go to Mumbo Jumbo."

Raven was emotionless as usual.

"Cyborg will go to Brother Blood and Robin will go to Slade." Madame Rouge finished and walked back to Beast Boy, grabbing him and pulling him to the front for everyone to see, "And Beast Boy will stay with us."

Before the Titans could be separated again, Robin whispered only so they could hear, "We have to cooperate and do was we're told. If they trust us, then they'll let us see each other sooner. And when we're together, we can come up with a plan. Beast Boy, you have to keep an eye on the Brother Hood of Evil and learn as many their secrets as you can. We're going to need all the information we can get if we're going to break out of this as soon as possible…"Robin was cut off when someone placed a hand on his shoulder. He didn't have to turn around to know who it was. Slade.

"Are you ready?" he asked. The last thing Robin wanted to do was go with that man, but he had to set a good example for his team so he just nodded and walked away with the guy he hated most. The four remaining Titans didn't know it then, but that would be the last time they saw their friend for a very long time.

It wasn't long before Mumbo Jumbo came for Raven, "So my dear," he said, "Say goodbye to your friends and lets get going."

"You're not going to turn me into a rabbit again are you?" Raven asked raising an eyebrow. This question put a small smile on the Titans face's, but Raven was dead serous.

"Behave and we'll see," Mumbo said leading Raven away.

Starfire was fighting back tears now. This was not how this was supposed to end, the Titans we're not to be separated in this way. And she was no certainly not supposed to go work for Killer Moth and his brat of a daughter. The tears were now starting to flow heavily and she couldn't stop it, no matter how hard she tried.

"Come on Star," Cyborg placed a hand on her shoulder, "This isn't goodbye forever. We'll see each other again. Come on, be strong for Robin." Cyborg wasn't sure he believed the words he was telling her, but she seemed to be calming down and at the moment that was all that mattered.

"Oh Starfire," Kitten sang as she ran up to the alien princess, "We are going to have so much fun! I'm going to tell you all about Fang and mine's relationship and you can clean my room while we talk and it will be so much fun…" Kitten's voice got quitter and quitter as she walked away with yet another Titan. Leaving only two left.

Cyborg knew that Brother Blood would be here for him at any moment, but he didn't want to think about that. He had only minutes left with his best friend and he wanted to make them count.

"Cyborg," Beast Boy turned to him, "We will beat these guys and they will pay for what they are doing to us! We will win. We always do. I don't want to be remembered for losing, I want to be remembered for winning. And we will win."

"Agreed. But for now do what Robin told us to do and…"

"And what did Robin tell you to do Cyborg?" Brother Blood asked.

"Umm, to always be ourselves and to brush our teeth," Cyborg gave Brother Blood on of his cheesy smiles.

"Aw well you can tell me more on the way home," Brother Blood taking Cyborg away. And then there was one. The Titans were no long the Teen Titans anymore. They were slaves to the people they hated the most, forced to bow down in hopes that one day they would see each other again. But the odds were they would never see each other again. The Teen Titans were no longer the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy swallowed hard, trying to wrap his mind around everything that had just happened when Madame Rouge placed her hands gently on his shoulders as it trying to sooth him, "Come, I will show you to your new room."

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