Beast Boy

Everybody was tense. Madam Rouge tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for The Brian to give her orders. Mallah sat next to The Brian and wouldn't take his eyes off of Beast Boy. Beast Boy was chained to the wall. His hands, feet, and neck were bound. He was completely immobile. How exactly the girls escaped, nobody knew, but they will be found. And until they were found, The Brain had to make sure that none of the other Titans escaped.

Beast Boy wiggled his finger, he was extremely uncomfortable. His chest was heavy, making it hurt to breath. He leaned his aching head against the cold wall. He didn't know all the details, but he had overhead enough to know that Raven and Starfire had escaped. He couldn't deny the pride that washed over him when he thought about them. But he also couldn't hid the worry that shock him to the core.

Madam Rouge was tired of standing here, waiting. The longer they waited to act, the further the girls got. The longer the girls where free the cockier and confident the other Titans got. The last thing she wanted was the Titans to gain hope. Madam Rouge has always hated hope. It was a four letter word that bred internal misery, which she was all for, but at the same time it kept people from breaking.

"We need to act now," Madam Rouge told The Brian in a not so pleasant voice.

An irritated look swept across Mallah's face. "What do you suggest we do?" he growled.

"Go after them," Rough nearly shouted. Her eyes drifted to Beast Boy, "Before they get any more ideas. Before more of them begin to rebel."


Slade stared down at the computer. Robin looked everywhere but at him. Robin may not be great at reading Slade's emotions, but he knew enough to figure out he was pissed. Wreaking his brain he tried to come up with something that he did that might have upset his master. But nothing came to mind.

Slade couldn't punish him for something he didn't remember doing, could he?

Robin may not be as well informed of current events as he preferred to be, but I did know that Raven and Starfire escaped late last night. Although the whole event took everybody by surprise, Robin wasn't in the least bit shocked. Raven was smart, and Mumbo wasn't so much. Neither was Killer Moth and defiantly not Kitten. No, the three villains did come close to the mind power that Raven had.

Robin wasn't shocked, but he wasn't pleased either. The trouble the girls would get into when they were found may very well cost them their lives. The Brain has no use for uncooperative apprentices. And their actions held consciences for the other Titans as well, including tighter restraints and a more watchful eye. Not that Robin had much freedom to being with, but this just made things worse.

Robin hated to admit it, but he was actually angry at the girls. They acted on a stupid idea, that was most likely sorely plotted out. He wasn't worried about them though, and that scared him. How could he not be worried about his friends?

He was breaking. He knew this, because he dreaded being separated for Slade. He hated the thought of having to leave. What was the word therapist used for an irrational love towards someone's captors? Stockholm syndrome? Yeah, that's what it was. Robin knew he had it. Or maybe he didn't have it, maybe he just liked being bad. Robin didn't know the difference; all he knew was that the girls need to get to him before it was too late.

Slade smiled beneath his mask. He too knew Robin was breaking.


Cyborg was ecstatic that the girls were free. He could not ask for better news. He was sure that once they were safe and sound they would come up with a solution to this problem. He was completely confident in the girl's plan and it showed.

Brother Blood was irritated at the way Cyborg acted. He wasn't supposed to be happy that his former teammates escaped. No, he was supposed to be deeply disappointed in them, loath them even. But not even Blood could convince himself that Cyborg was completely emotionally and mentally his.

Cyborg wasn't outright rebellious, but he wasn't as dedicated as Blood wanted. He wanted Cyborg too long to be with him every moment of everyday. He wanted Cyborg to want to be just like him. To walk and talk like him, to share the same dreams as he did. Blood wanted Cyborg to love him.

Cyborg was clever, and he prided himself in being so. He knew, deep down, that Brother Blood wasn't with it mentally. Cyborg knew Blood wanted him to be the perfect apprentice, a son. As much as Cyborg tried, he couldn't bring himself to hate Brother Blood. Blood was sick, mentally sick, like most villains. That's why he locked Cyborg up in a tiny cell with little water and less food. That's why he only let Cyborg out for a little bit at a time. That's why he made Cyborg live in darkness.

When things got too bad, Cyborg would think back to his friends. He would think about all the times they had together and all the fun things they would do in the future when they got out of this mess. He just hoped they were doing better than he was.


The waitress came around and filler her cup up with more of that bitter tasting, black drink. Starfire didn't drink it though, she just took a spoon and swirled it clockwise. The dark liquid whirled around making a coffee tornado.

Sighing she looked out the window. She had been here for an hour and half already, waiting for Raven. She listened to the same old music that played in the background. She had eaten two donuts and ordered a third.

Doubts ran through her mind; what if Raven didn't show up? What if she gets caught? What would the punishment be? Would she ever see her friends again? How were they ever going to free the rest of the Titans?

Oh how she wished Raven would just show up so she didn't have to think these thoughts anymore.


Raven laughed at how easy it was for her to get away from Mumbo. He really was a fool. She should have done this long ago. But as excited as she was to get out of there, she was also disturbed. What is Startfire couldn't get out of her place? Then Raven would be on her own, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but taking down The Brother Hood of Evil by herself wouldn't be easy. It won't be easy with Starfire.

Another thought that plagued her was the idea that this was a trap. It wasn't like Starfire to come up with complicated plans up all on her own. If this was a trap, Raven would have to fight a battle all on her own. She couldn't go back to Mumbo. She couldn't let her friends get hurt because of her.

As she approached the little shop she lifted her guard up. If this was a trap, she would most likely be ambushed when she least expected it. The thing about living with the Titans all these years, she and learned to let her guard down, so she could let people in. But now she needs it up, and she wasn't completely sure she remembered how to do that.

A little bell rung as she opened the door, she eyes swept over the café. Relief flooded her when they landed on a redheaded girl. Raven let a smile cross her lips.

"Starfire," she greeted.

Starfire's head snapped up and she jumped out of her seat. Meting Raven halfway, Starfire wrapped her arms around her.