A Different Friend.

Full Summary: What if Sakura found a best friend before Ino came to her rescue? You tend to be shaped by those you surround yourself with, so if a lost puppy brings Sakura to the attention and friendship of the Inuzuka's, we now see a different girl. Having more strong women as role models, Tsume and Hana, along with a boy and his dog as best friends, Sakura will grow up showing more self confidence and some strength she didn't know she had.

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Protecting Others.

Little Haruno Sakura is eight and a proud student of Konoha academy. Well, she would be proud, and happy if she got to play with the other girls instead of being picked on. Only a month into the academy and Sakura was currently walking home crying from being poked, teased, and having her hair pulled. She was lost in her own depressed thoughts until she heard a lot of loud noise coming towards her. She quickly turned the corner and watched a small white puppy running away from a group of boys throwing rocks, she thought the puppy may have hurt its leg and Sakura was sure it looked like the nin pup that came to class with the Inuzuka kid.

Before really thinking about it Sakura scooped up the puppy, something maru she thought, and yelled at the boys to stop it. All that really did though was getting her pushed around as they tried to get at the puppy. Sakura ended up on the ground crying while curled around the puppy when the boys started kicking. It all stopped and everyone went completely still when a loud growling filled the air. As the boys left Sakura kept her eyes closed and stayed curled up. Until that is a gruff voice started talking. "You can get up now."

Opening her eyes, Sakura saw the biggest dog ever, it was easily bigger than she was, it only had one ear and one eye, along with mostly black fur and a white underside. Looking around for the voice she realized that the dog was the only one there. Still holding the puppy at this point she almost jumped when the dog spoke. "Is Akamaru alright?" At this the puppy wiggled in her arms and she asked. "Is this Akamaru? If it is I don't know what happened to him before I got here." Akamaru then started barking and the dog listened intently before speaking to Sakura again. "Akamaru says his hind leg hurts, but that you shielded him from most of the blows. Thank you and now I need to lead him home.

"But." Sakura started and stood up still holding Akamaru. She took a deep breath before speaking again. "I'll carry him home if you'll lead the way? Oh, and um who are you Dog san?" The dog's eye narrowed before he spoke. "You've already helped why do more now?" She trembled slightly, she really couldn't tell if he was angry or not, but she always tried to follow father's lessons, so she replied. "Father always says that if you start something you should see it through till the end." She waited to see if Dog san would get angry or maybe have some cruel words to make fun of her with. Neither of those scenes happened and the dog simply turned around and started walking. At this Akamaru yipped and when Sakura looked at him, he pointed his paw towards the dog. "I guess that means I should follow."

When Sakura caught up with the dog she heard "Kuromaru."


"That's my name pink brat."

"I'm, I'm not a brat. My names Sakura."

"You're all brats at this age. When you can prove you're not, then I might use your name."

And so Sakura, Kuromaru, and Akamaru all continued walking and when they came to a dirt lane in a large field, Kuromaru let out a large howl which startled Sakura.

"Tsume will be waiting for us when we get there now." Kuromaru spoke still looking ahead.

"Okay Kuromaru san. Um, but who is Tsume san?"

"Tsume is the head of the Inuzuka clan and I'd call her Tsume sama if I were you."

Sakura simply nodded, too busy looking ahead to respond. In front of them slowly getting larger was a series of buildings spread out right before the forest next to the field. She watched as her classmate came running and was followed by two taller figures, one of which shouted and brought her classmate to a halt. Sakura sped up knowing he was probably worried. When she and the two canines reached the waiting trio Kuromaru immediately spoke to the young woman with long hair tied in a low ponytail. "Akamaru said they hurt his leg Hana." At this she came over to Sakura. "Hey, I'm Hana can I have Akamaru now."

"Sure Hana san." Sakura replied. This was followed by her classmate and Hana going back towards the building and into a white two story building. Then right in front of her was the wildest woman Sakura had ever seen. With the same predator like eyes as her classmate, completely untamed short hair, and the bright clan markings of the Inuzuka this was the kind of woman that Sakura wouldn't have even been able to dream up. Then, even as the woman's eyes never stopped looking at Sakura, she spoke to Kuromaru. "What happened and why did you let a pink stray follow you home? She better not be the reason he's like that."

"No, actually she saved him from being hurt worse than he already is." Tsume's, because Sakura couldn't even imagine this woman being anyone else, eyes narrowed before she spoke again. "Okay stray how were you involved?" As Sakura retold the events from when she arrived Tsume and Kuromaru shared a look. At this point she was beyond nervous and her hands were clutching the bottom of her shirt. She finished by asking if Akamaru had said what happened before she got there. "The idiot wondered away from Kiba when the kid was being lectured at lunch. Short version, Akamaru pissed on one of the boys and he got chased." Not really sure how to respond to Kuromaru, she instead asked a question. "Um Tsume sama can I see Akamaru before I go home so I know he's alright?"

"Heh, sure you can stay, but first your name gaki?"

"Haruno Sakura ma'am."

"The silk merchant's daughter, huh. Well, he's a good man. From what I hear he's actually decent to the ninja, he hires."

"Father says you should always be nice, or at least polite, to others because you never know what the future brings." Sakura replied, a smile lighting up her face for the first time today. Though she squeaked shortly after as Tsume picked her up and tucked Sakura under her arm. Laughing Tsume responded to Sakura's words. "Well said stray. Now you can see Akamaru and get your own scrapes cleaned up."

"I can walk!" Sakura yelled.

"Ha, yeah, but my legs are longer."

Tsume let Sakura down after they entered the white building. Looking around Sakura realized it was a vet's office, from the exam table, the various medicines, and the different charts posted along the walls. When she saw Hana and Kiba, they were next to Akamaru while he was lying on an exam table. Hana writing on a clipboard while Kiba was petting Akamaru. They both looked up when the others entered, Kiba speaking first. "Hey your from class! Akamaru said you saved him, thanks!"

"Is he going to be okay?" Sakura asked.

Hana answered. "His left hind leg is sprained but all that needs is some rest. He is still small enough to be carried easily, so that makes things easier."

"Ha yup and my buddy will be as good as ever in a little while." Kiba said with a huge smile lighting up his face.

Tsume interrupted at this point. "That's good brat, but for going off on his own like that Akamaru isn't allowed any treats for a month. This all could have been a lot worse. Now Hana help patch up the stray will ya." Hana now taking a good look at Sakura gasped softly. Sitting her down in a chair Hana starting cleaning up the different scrapes that she found. While Sakura was thanking her Kiba interrupted. "Hey thanks, I don't think any of the other girls in class would have jumped in to help Akamaru. Your Sakura right? That's what Akamaru said anyway. I'm Kiba if you didn't know." Kiba now had Akamaru on his head as he came over, the puppy barking. Kiba laughed. "And of course Akamaru agrees with me."

"I'm just really happy he's okay." Sakura said with a small smile. Hana had finished with her at his point and Sakura continued. "I really have to get home now though or Aiko san well get worried. Thank you very much Hana san."

"Your welcome Sakura chan. But who is Aiko aren't your parents waiting?"

"Aiko san is the maid father hired so I wouldn't be alone while he travels."

"Hey mom, can me an Akamaru walk her back? I promise it won't take long." Kiba was in front of his mom asking while Akamaru barked.

"Meh, fine brat, but Kuromaru will go with you." She replied "Hey stray you okay with that?"

"Ah, if, um its no bother I'd, um like the company." Sakura said, shocked someone wanted to spend time with her. "I'll show you the way Kiba if you want."

"Sure, lets go!" Kiba said while Akamaru voiced his opinion. Kiba was then quick to drag Sakura through the field all the while talking about food, class and later when they were almost at her place, Kuromaru trailing behind to keep an eye on things, Kiba asked if she wanted to be a ninja.

"I want to ever since one of the ninjas escorting father saved me from an attack on the caravan but father always goes on about how I'll be just like how mom was all perfectly ladylike. I don't even know any kunoichi so maybe fathers right about how being a ninja is for men." She was pretty much speaking to her feet, her head was tilted down so much.

"Hey, you know some now mom and sis are two great ninja! Sis actually bonded with a group of triplet dogs and mom's so tough she scared dad away when he tried to take control of the clan from her! You just have to train really hard, or at least that's what mom says." Kiba said all this with such honesty that Sakura raised her head to look at him. "I say if you want something, then run towards it head on! Nothing happens if you don't do anything.

Sakura couldn't help the fact that when she was in front of her house, she was wearing just as big a smile as Kiba. "Thanks Kiba." hearing a bark she added, "You too Akamaru! I'll see you at class tomorrow, right?"

"Sure thing Sakura!" Kiba said before turning towards Kuromaru and his own home.

The door behind her opened and she saw Aiko san. When she entered past the quiet maid she rushed to her room to change. Afterwards at dinner Aiko asked her what happened that day. So with the biggest smile Aiko had seen since the little girl started the Academy, Sakura said "I think I made some friends."

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