Chapter 1: gathering of love.

This story is based on the magic the gathering books and is a love story between Jace and Liliana.

My name is Liliana and I am a planeswalker what is a planeswalker you may ask well I'm still young so I don't have all my cool powers yet. I'm only 18 and I am in love with the amazing Jace Beleren (I don't know if this is his real last name just going with it). Jace means everything to me and I love him dearly. Jace is also 18 and is a planeswalker as well. All of the planeswalkers are training to fight Nicol Bolas an evil planeswalker that's been alive for almost as long as the earth.

Bolas was once a dragon but then was turned into a planeswalker when his spark activated. My spark only half activated so therefore I'm not technically a planeswalker, I fucking hate technicalities. Jace is the only planeswalker that can really truly go up against him because he already has although it had almost killed him exactly one year ago. Jace's powers allow him to control minds earning him the nicknames mind sculptor, and the mind mage.

Jace is very smart and very talented with what he does. Life as a planeswalker isn't all fun and games we have to train very hard. Everyone is born a planeswalker but you only become one if your spark ignites. My spark half ignited when I saw Bolas nearly crush Jace between his jaws. He had almost cut Jace in two but Adjani helped heal him. I just hope that it won't take seeing Jace getting killed to fully ignite my spark.

Jace is very dark and mysterious and half the time he wears a hood up over his face and half the time I end up yanking it down. Jace is probably what you normal humans call "emo" but the only difference is that he doesn't cut himself. I would kill him if I found him cutting himself and he knows it. Jace is a great guy though once you get to know him and as long as you don't make him pissed off that's when he loves getting into peoples' heads and fucks their minds up.

I'm the exact opposite of Jace I'm not dark and brooding and I don't hide my face. It's really kind of funny how Jace and I are different. Jace and I have been dating for two years now and our relationship although it's had its rocky parts it's been very good although I hate that Jace knows what I'm thinking almost all of the time.

Jace and I almost never fight unless we're training and even then we won't hit each other it's normally him practicing his mind control on me and me trying to block him and keep hm out of my head which almost never works. Jace is the perfect boyfriend he knows his limits and he respects me for me and not my assets.

Jace and I were trained by Venser another planeswalker and the day that Bolas nearly killed Jace was also the day that Venser was killed by Koth (Bolas' equally evil servant). Jace was protecting me when Bolas had snatched him up in his jaws and bit down hard.