Chapter 3: you found me

Please listen to you found me by Avril Lavigne

Back to present Liliana's pov.

Jace is stubborn as hell. I love him to death but he won't tell me what he's been doing for the past few months. I know Tezzeret and Jace have been working together and he's been sending Jace on top secret missions. It was awful with Jace being gone. I love him so much and I worry about him almost all the time. There have been times where he's been gone for several days at a time. I just want Jace to come home safely.

One week later.

This is the longest Jace and I have gone while he's on a mission that we haven't talked and I'm completely terrified. I hope he's safe. I don't know what I'd do without Jace I'd probably go completely insane. Knowing that Jace could read my mind even when we were far away from each other I hoped he knew what I was thinking because I wanted him to come back home to me because I miss him so much. Tezzeret is the head of the planeswalkers' rebellion against Nicol Bolas meaning Jace was probably doing some reconnaissance missions with Vraska his missions' partner. I've only met Vraska once (Vraska is a forest planeswalker her spark ignited when her home forest was destroyed) and she seems standoffish.

Vraska and Jace work well together and it's really kind of weird because Vraska is a lot like me in a way. She's very outgoing and funny which is the complete opposite of Jace. Jace and Vraska make a great team but I honestly think Jace and I would make an even better team since I am his girlfriend but Jace refuses to let me into this secret life of his. I kind of understand why though because he doesn't want me to get hurt but still I want to b with him and I miss him a lot.

Far away Jace's pov.

Okay so I've been trying to focus on mine and Vraska's mission but Liliana's thoughts keep invading my mind sometimes being able to read people's minds can really get annoying. I know she's worried about me but if I were to contact her in any way it could put her in grave danger, Vraska and I have been sent to kill my father and I'm worried that somehow my message will be intercepted and Liliana would be hurt by my father.

My spark ignited when I witnessed my mother being murdered by my father when I was 12. My father used his planeswalker powers to murder my mother. (Jace's mother was named Chandra she was a fire planeswalker, Jace's father is named Korrin and is a swamp planeswalker which is kind of where Jace got his adorable emoness). That was six years ago and that made me who I am today. I found my father's place of residence and during the cover of night Vraska and I attacked. My father came running through the cave and grabbed me by the throat I thrust myself into my father's mind and immediately hit a block as I tried figuring a way around it my father squeezed my throat to the point that I couldn't breathe at all. I was choking and it hurt. I honestly thought he was going to crush my throat when suddenly I felt him being thrown off of me I looked up and saw Liliana with hatred flashing through her dark brown eyes. I don't know how she had found me but I was happy to see her that was when I realized something was different about her she was now a planeswalker.

I thrust myself once again into my father's head and forced him to stay still while I thrust my sword through his heart killing him instantly. Liliana ran to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and said "I know what you're thinking Jace and I had a feeling you needed my help so I went and talked to Tezzeret about where you had gone." That night we went home and Liliana fell asleep in my arms.