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(Flashback: Six years ago)

The feeling of hitting hard ground stunned me as I picked myself off the asphalt and looked around in a daze, attempting to figure out where I was since traveling by Looking Glass is so random. Spying a street sign on the corner, it read Seventh Avenue and Main Street, giving me a sense of familiarity and froze, horror creeping up my spine at the sound of the Hatter's disoriented moaning. Turning in the direction I heard the moan to make sure I heard correctly and hoping I was wrong, there he was, sprawled out on the ground in a disorderly heap. I yelped in fear and ran, hoping I would get far enough ahead of him to get help.

That hope was short lived, however, as strong hands came down on me and forced me to turn around to look into the Hatter's unnaturally yellow eyes. Thrashing around in his grasp did no good in trying to escape him and I was reduced to the only thing I could do: I screamed. The sound was like it always was when the Mad Hatter riled me to bring forth the hidden power I had in my vocals: loud and ear splitting. My scream was loud enough I got the attention of everyone as they ran toward the sound to find out what was going on before the Hatter held a gloved hand over my mouth and guided me to an alleyway out of sight of the bystanders alerted to the scream for help.

"That's a cute trick you got there, Cricket, but I'm not done with you yet," he whispered menacingly, and I retaliated by biting his hand, pushing him away as hard as I could, and running for the entrance of the alley and into another man's arms. The man looked down at me in bewilderment as I clung to him as if my life depended on him. "Save me!" I cried, tears of utter fear and terror streaming freely down my face as I glanced over my shoulder at the Hatter as he slowly made his way to me.


The sudden shout startled us as cops ran for us and tackled Hatter to the ground. Momentarily stunned at the police officers' appearance, I looked down the way they had come to see there was in fact a police station nearby. Thank you, God, I thought thankfully, closing my eyes and leaned against the man in relief knowing that my suffering at the Hatter's hands was finally over.

A tap on my shoulder made me flinch and I looked up to a female officer as she offered me a reassuring smile. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" the woman asked me, a tone I'm familiarize with the one my mother used to soothe me when I was a child. I shook my head and wiped at my eyes, reluctantly letting go of the man I had clung to as she took my hand and led me to the station a few blocks away with the other policemen that arrested Hatter in tow.

The whole night consisted of questions being asked and pictures being taken to record the damage done from my 'tattoos' to the bruises and gashes on my body from the last scuffle I got mixed in with Hatter before falling through the Looking Glass with Hatter hot on my heels. I answered all their questions but left out Wonderland and twisted certain facts around to sound more believable.

"Yeah, man, it's definitely her," one of the cops whispered, nodding his head at me.

"How can you be sure?" the second man whispered.

"She disappeared with that whack job and she showed up tonight with him. It's the same girl," the first answered back.

I tried to ignore the stares of the people in the station, but I found I couldn't, feeling as though they were all going to treat me as the Hatter did. Looking up as a young man took a seat beside me, I asked, "Where am I?" "Hollywood, California," he replied, quirking an eyebrow at me in a silent question as to how I didn't know that. "I've been running blind lately, y'know? That's kinda how it is when you're running from a psychopath that wants to be your friend one moment and beat you till you're unconscious or close to it the next," I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

The next morning, I was put on a plane back to my home state of Georgia and from the moment I was reunited with my parents I steadfastly refused to leave them for two months, going so far as to sleep in their room with them in their room and locking the door before going to sleep for fear of Hatter breaking in and kidnapping me again.


I sighed, staring at myself in the mirror as I took in the 'tattoo' of a top hat o my right cheek and reached up to rub it absentmindedly, wincing at the memory of how I had gotten it. Glancing over my appearance in worry, I fussed with a lock of hair that refused to stay out of my face and tucked it behind my ear and sighed again.

Since I had returned home (or Aboveland, as the Hatter and everyone else in Wonderland called it), I had to be trained to be able to leave my parents' sides without spazzing out again since my escapades in Wonderland and encouraged to do things without them watching me. One thing that Mom particularly encouraged me to do was dance and that is exactly what I did. I personally don't think I've done that good with it, contrary to what the instructor, Ms. Anne, tells me.

Tonight, the instructor told us we were to do separate dance routines with our own choice of song and I had picked a song I found particularly catchy during my time in Wonderland and suited where I was most of my time when it wasn't spent ripping the Hatter a new one or getting demeaned or beaten by him.

The announcement of the showcase with separate routines was a week ago and we were required to have costumes for it and I immediately set out to find what I needed to pull off the Hatter's angsty/emo/Goth look he had going on. The hardest part of my outfit to procure was the hat and jacket of the same style, but when I found a place that sold them, it made the search worth it.

"Alice! That dude broke out!"

I jumped in surprise of the proclamation and turned to face the redhead standing behind me. "What are you talking about, Fia?" I asked her, looking up at the girl. "He broke out of prison! That weirdo that kidnapped you!" the other girl clarified, making my heart stop in fear, knowing that he would be coming for me and then drag me kicking and screaming back to Wonderland with him. "How?" was the only word I could think to say.

"I don't know. And neither do the people in the prison he broke out of," Fia replied shrugging, knowing she had put me on edge the moment she said 'Hatter broke out of prison'.

"Have they found him yet?" I asked, hoping they have.

"No, but I bet they'll get him soon. This guy must've been arrested before 'cause he's gone completely off the grid," she said slowly, knowing what she's saying isn't what I wanted to hear at all.

"Ladies, five minutes till curtain," Ms. Anne called out, temporarily distracting me from my companion. "There's no business like show business," Fia mused, nudging me with her elbow before walking off to continue getting ready for her performance. "How true that is," I said to myself, giggling at the memory of Jack introducing me to that phrase even though that good memory is surrounded by bad ones.

"Ready, Alice?"

Knowing that voice anywhere, I resisted rolling my eyes and groaning out loud at the voice's owner, Kristy Carson. "What do you want, Kristy? Can't you see I'm busy fretting over my kidnapper breaking out of prison?" I sighed in annoyance, turning around to face the girl and her entourage of three other girls. She took a moment to look over my outfit and sneered. "Looks like something I would wear for Halloween. Is black the new blue, Liddell?" she asked me, reaching over and knocking my hat off my head.

"Hey!" I cried, getting up and delivering a slap across her face in retaliation.

"Girls! That's enough," Ms. Anne said forcefully, getting between us. "Separate," she ordered, pointing in the opposite direction the others came. Watching as the girls left, the instructor shook her head and turned to me. "What was that about, Alice?" Ms. Anne asked me. "I just found out the guy that kidnapped me broke out," I moaned, bending down to pick up my wayward hat. "How did that happen?" she asked, interested by the new goings on in the world. "I don't know, but I do know Hatter's going to be making an appearance in the near future to make an attempt at kidnapping me again," I replied, anxious at the turn of events and the imminent return of the Mad Hatter into my life.

"Look, I know you're scared, but you have to be strong. You have to show him you're not afraid of him if he makes an appearance and stay with your friends. Kidnappers don't usually take a person when they're around other people," Ms. Anne said, draping an arm around my shoulder. "Hatter took me and we were surrounded by people. He didn't care who saw us, all he cared about was getting me out of the building with him."

"Let's worry about it later. Right now, try to just focus on your routine and what matters in your life," Ms. Anne sighed, getting up to leave. Even though Ms. Anne was trying to help soothe my mind, I still couldn't help but feel shaken at the turn of events in the past few years of my life since Hatter was thrown in the madhouse after being deemed mentally unstable by authorities (which is really no surprise to me) and the birth of my daughter. Still to this day, I don't know how he got me pregnant when he never touched me like that even though we shared a number of kisses and hugs when I thought he was another man named Ryan.

"Hi, Mommy!"

Speak of the devil.

"Hey, sweetheart," I called, smiling as a young brunette at the ripe old age of six years skipped into sight with a bouquet of flowers in hand. "What'cha got there?" I asked her, giving the girl a hug. "They're flowers for you!" she exclaimed, setting the flowers down to give me a proper hug. "That's so sweet of you! Did Grandpa send you back with them, Jessica?" I said, getting out of my seat when the instructor called my name.

"That's my cue, baby girl. Why don't you take the flowers and hold them for me while I'm out there?" I said, tousling the child's hair and strode off to the stage.

(Hatter's POV)

"Damn Abovelandians thinking they can actually hold me in that hellhole. I mean, really! If they were going to throw me in prison, why couldn't they put me close to my Cricket?" I muttered, walking down the street to Alice's old house. Stopping at the front door, I glanced around to make sure no one was around to see me before I went for the hide-a-key under the mat to let myself in. The room was just as it was six years ago, but with a few added features like a number of toys strewn about on the floor and raised an eyebrow in questioning.

Choosing to ignore it for now, I headed for the kitchen and looked over the fridge, my eyes widening considerably at pictures of a pregnant Alice and even more pictures of a baby girl with bright green eyes and brown hair. Looking over the refrigerator door, I took note of the drawings, most likely the work of the young girl, and nearly fainted at the one picture of Alice and the child alongside a flyer for a dance studio with today's date on it. Removing the magnet holding the ad in place, I glanced over the images of girls covering it, but only one girl in the advertisement caught my attention. Alice.

Alice took up dance? This should be good, I thought, smiling satisfactorily as I folded the paper and took the picture of Alice and the little girl and pocketed them both before leaving for the studio, eager to see my little Cricket again and to find out who the child is.

(Alice's POV)

Taking a seat on the edge of the table set up on the stage for my performance, I struck a sort of seductive pose and counted the beats in my head as the rhythm picked up before starting the routine. The mid tempo beat of the song started up, I responded in kind by pushing off the table to move to center stage.

Though I seemed calm and relaxed as I danced, my mind was in turmoil with thoughts ranging from the Hatter and Wonderland to Jessica and her safety, knowing how the Hatter's temper is when set off. If the abuse I suffered at his hands is punishment for a simple sentence, I cringe to think about what it would be like if something was said to the Hatter in pure innocence, unaware of the sheer rage and madness pent up inside him.

I shoved those thoughts aside for later, knowing if I kept on them it would prevent me from finishing the dance routine. Putting a little more hip into it than necessary, the boys in the audience responded with whistles and cheers of their approval, prompting me to add more energy into it as I strutted, flaunted, and swayed my body in time to the beat of the song.

Welcome to the Tea Party
Want to be my VIP?
You didn't RSVP
That's ok, that's ok
Welcome to the Tea Party
Want to be my VIP?
When I'm all steamed up, hear me shout
Tip me over and pour me out

I know this night is like no other
You're not just another

I know it's only getting better
As long as we're together

I know this night is like no other
You're not just another

Welcome to the Tea Party
Want to be my VIP?
You didn't RSVP
That's ok, that's ok
Welcome to the Tea Party
Want to be my VIP?
When I'm all steamed up, hear me shout
Tip me over and pour me out

As the song came to an end, I strutted back to the table and assumed the pose I struck before it started, catching sight of Kristy and her friends gawking at me on the far side of the stage and discreetly held my middle finger up when I tipped my hat over my eyes as the final notes of the song played. Exiting the stage, I was met with wild cheering, mostly from the boys, and smiled satisfactorily at being met by my parents and Jessica.

"You did so good, Cricket!" Dad cheered, taking me into a hug. What Dad didn't know was the moment he said 'Cricket', my mind was sent to Wonderland and the Hatter's face flashed across my mind's eye. I frowned at this, but tried to push it aside and put on a smile for them.

"Hello, one and all!"

Turning to face the man that had spoken, I smiled and greeted him with a hug. "Hey, Jack. Long time, no see," I said.

"Yeah. So how's every little thing?" he replied. I frowned and glanced back to my parents a moment to see if they were listening in before whispering, "Have you heard from the Hatter lately?"

"No. Why? What happened?" he replied, his interest piqued at the question. "He broke out of prison's what he did and the authorities can't find him anywhere. I suspect he's going to be coming for me," I answered. "Well, I haven't seen hide nor hair of him in Wonderland, so he either might not have returned and looking for a way into Wonderland but hasn't found one yet or he's looking for you, but I'll keep an eye out for him," Jack said, reaching down to pick up Jessica.

(Hatter's POV)

I had walked in just in time to see Alice's performance and it would've been the understatement of the century if I said she was a good dancer. It also surprised me to see she had knocked off my appearance for the routine. Never in all my life had I thought she could dance like that, sending me into a trance as she performed.

When the song ended and she exited the stage, I joined in with the other boys in cheering her on, hoping to catch her alone soon. Slipping back outside, I waited for the blonde to make an appearance, watching the door intently and scanning over the faces of woman that emerged from the structure. For a few minutes I couldn't see through the crowds of people until the little girl from the picture appeared from out of the crowd with Alice and her parents in tow.

"It's about time they showed up!" I said, starting my way over to where they stood talking amongst themselves before a hand came down on my shoulder.

"Long time, no see, Hat Man," Jack's voice said, turning me around to face him.

"Jack, come on. I just wanna talk to her," I protested, removing myself from his grasp.

"I know you do, but leave her alone. She's been through enough," the rabbit-boy said. Nodding my head in the direction of the child in Alice's arms, I asked, "And who is that little ray of sunshine?"

"The child is none of your business, Brian. I don't know how or why, but that child is somehow your doing," he said venomously. I blanched. "That child is mine?" I asked incredulously, my eyes not leaving the little girl.

"I don't know, but she has your eyes," Jack sighed and walked away with me in tow.

(Jessica's POV)

Sprawling out in the middle of the floor in my room, I held my stuffed rabbit close and thought on the stories Mom had told me about a magical world inside a rabbit hole and on the other side of the looking glass. When my mind got to thinking on that, I looked up at the mirror hanging on my door and walked over to it. The mirror took up almost the entire door and approaching the reflective surface, I jumped at seeing a man no older than my mom with ebony hair and emerald green eyes watching me in the glass.

I stared for a moment, stunned before letting out a scream and ran out of the room. "Mommy! There's a man in my mirror!" I screamed, running into the living room and scrambling into her lap. The woman looked own at me with curious blue eyes and said, "Slow down, there, Teacup. What happened?" "There's a man in my mirror!" I said frantically, pointing toward the staircase that led to my room on the second floor. Glancing in the indicated direction, she said, "Hon, those were just stories, but if it will make you feel better, I can go in there and turn the mirror around." I nodded, scooching off her lap to follow her up to my bedroom.

Peering into the room from around the doorpost, I watched as the older blonde investigate the mirror, she gently lifted it and turned it over to where the reflective side faces the door and looked to me and smiled. "Well, sweetie, I didn't see anyone in the looking glass other than myself," Mom said, walking out of the room, ruffling my hair as she passed. I hardly paid attention though, my eyes still glued to the mirror.

"I swear I saw someone though..." I murmured, turning and walking away, more than eager to get my mind off what I saw and get my mind on other things like what's most important in life (the life of a six year old girl, anyway) like what I feel like eating and what I want to do to entertain myself.

(Alice's POV)

Closing and locking the door behind me, I watched the Looking Glass hanging up in my room with a mixture of interest and anxiety, murmuring, "It's official. The Mad Hatter's back in Wonderland."