You're My Angel

Ripped out right from me

Was this meant to be?

Those days thinking you were the enemy

Fighting this fate

Am I dead? Or am I very much alive

It's hard to tell half the time

Learning from you

Why were people afraid?

You had a heart like no other

Lovingly things started to change with you

We formed a friendship

I didn't care if anyone else was uncertain

I knew your were special

You lit up this dark world

That was so bleak

And now I speak from this empty heart

That is gone from within me

I love you

I know you were the one

As you disappear

I don't know if I'll ever appear

In front of you

And see your bright yellow eyes

That reflects the sun

The bright future

While you may not be in my sight right now

I hope one day…

One day that I can reach out, pat you on the shoulder

And you will turn and look at me

Like the angel you are.