The skies were clear around the city of Gracemeria not a cloud in the sky. Nothing was out of the ordinary, one solider of the Emmerian Army look outside of his barracks.

"Its nice day out there ….. Let's hope nothing ruins it" the solider said

"Cruz!" another solider called him,

Cruz turned to see that it was is squad leader Sergeant Joshua Torres

"Cruz … our squad is needed in briefing, round up the rest of the squad."

"Yes sir Sergeant."

Torres walked back to the briefing room; Cruz took out his radio and called the rest of the squad

"Tango squad we are needed in briefing …. Let's go reapers ….. Cruz, out."

He sighed "Let's go see what the brass wants."

Cruz walked in Saluted and took his seat, waiting for the rest of the squad to show up.

A few minutes later the rest of the squad showed up first was Privet First Class Mitchel Collins he was the man on the light machine gun you need covering fire he was you're man and he would never let you go down and leave you there even at the cost of his own life. The second was Lance Corporal David Callahan the squad sniper, David's eyes were sharp even as he entered the room you could see his eyes scanning ever space of the room, he was a very reliable person both in and out of the field of duty. He was always patient and polite in an argument he would never raise his voice. The next was Lance Corporal Kimberly Westbury the squad's medic she was one of the sweetest girls you meet ….till you piss her off her medical talents were outstanding if you get hit and she's your doc you'll be on your feet in no time and she was also the radio man and a good one at that . As for Cruz and Torres they were the leaders of the squad they kept each other and the rest of the squad in check. The squad was a very close one a band of brothers and sister in arms they were a family. They all took their seats and the Commanding Officer of the squad Colonel Victor Williams gave the squad their orders …. They were to be sent to the borders of Gracemeria to patrol any unwanted enemies of the Republic of Emmeria into the capital city they were to be sent the next day.

Suddenly a huge explosion was heard.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" yelled out Cruz yelled out,

"It sounded like an explosion" Torres called out,

Suddenly the intercom turned on and a women's voice has heard

"All personnel Gracemeria is under attack by an unknown enemy."

Colonel Williams turned to the squad "Change of plans I'm putting your squad on citizen evacuation get to it Torres!"

"Sir Yes sir!"

The squad left to the armory to get their gear then moved out to the heliports to get a chopper.

"Tango Squad this is Blackhawk squadron 256 Blue Bird here ready to provide troop transport over."

"Sir we report to Blue Bird, they are our chopper unit to get us in and out" Kimberly called out.

"All right let's go save some lives!" Torres yelled. The rest of the squad yelled with courage and determination