At the end of summer, Fawn was enjoying herself, pranking her friends in Pixie Hollow alongside Tinker Bell. When it came to Fairy Mary's prank, the overseer of the tinker fairies was a little fed up.

"Tinker Bell and Fawn!" Fairy Mary yelled after falling into a puddle as a result of Fawn and Tink's prank. "Front and center!"

Fawn and Tink flew to Fairy Mary as ordered, and placed their hands behind their backs, pretending they were shamed.

"Now I've told you two more than once to quit goofing off. Autumn is approaching, and we all must be prepared. Now Tinker Bell, get to your work station, and Fawn, you do the same."

"Yes Fairy Mary" said Fawn and Tink as they flew the opposite direction giggling to themselves.

As the two fairies flew off, Fawn spotted a fairy being hulled away to the hospital after a hawk attack.

"Man I hate those things." Fawn groaned.

"What things?" Tink asked.

"Hawks. I mean, those creatures are pure evil. Ever notice how they're like, the only birds that constantly attack Pixie Hollow?"

"I'm sure they're a few good hawks out there." Tink began. "I mean, they can't all be beasts."

"To me, they're nothing but rats with wings." said Fawn

"Oh please" a voice said. Fawn and Tink turned around and saw Rumble who began to grow affections towards Fawn for her looks.

"Speak of the devil." Fawn mumbled to Tinker Bell

"Why worry about stupid hawks when you can focus on more important things, like me." said Rumble with a smile.

Fawn scoffed while she and Tink brushed Rumble off and continued flying, but Rumble quickly flew into their path.

"You know Fawn, I love a girl with spunk." Rumble began with a lustful tone. "But you know what the best thing about you is? You have soooo much more."

Rumble began to eye Fawn pervertedly, prompting the animal fairy to beat Rumble senseless, but Tink restrained her.

"Get lost." Tink said as she and Fawn fly off.

Glimmer, who was watching the whole thing, flew up to Rumble trying to hold back her laugh. "You're wasting your time you know." said Glimmer with a giggle.

"She'll come around." said Rumble with a fiendish smile.

"Suure she will." Glimmer mumbled sarcastically.

"What you don't understand Glim, is that every girl in Pixie Hollow would kill for a piece of this!" said Rumble showing off his muscles.

"Unfortunately" Rumble began with a fake sigh. "There's only one fairy for Rumble who, unlike you, has all the right assets."

Back at Tink and Fawn.

"Rumble seems to be pretty infatuated with you." Tink teased with a smile.

"Oh I know what's he's infatuated with." Fawn replied with a laugh.

"Would you ever give him a chance?" Tink asked.

"Are you kidding me!? I'm not gonna lie to you Tink, Rumble's cute, but I wouldn't dare put myself in an actual relationship with that ass."

"You're the voice of fairies everywhere." Tink replied with a giggle.

Eventually, Tink and Fawn separated and returned to their respective stations. Fawn began gathering twigs and leaves to begin helping a mother blue bird make a nest. Just when Fawn was getting started, a faint, but families, crow came from the woods. Fawn decided to go investigate, thinking it was an animal in trouble. What she found shocked her. It was wounded baby hawk. Fawn gasped and moved back slightly, as she has a fear of the creatures.

"Oh my god." Fawn whispered to herself, still moving back.

She began to leave the scene but the baby hawk noticed her and began to follow her.

"Back! Go away" Fawn whispered.

The hawk paused for a moment, but began to follow Fawn the moment she began walking again.

"Stop following me!" Fawn groaned as the baby hawk continued to follow her.

The hawk paused once again. Fawn slowly turned back around and began to head back to her work when she heard the hawk's footsteps following her once more.

"Ughhh!" Fawn groaned as she looked for a twig. "See the stick boy? Go get it boy!" Fawn shouted as she threw the stick for the hawk to fetch. As soon as the bird was out of sight, Fawn fled the scene. Before she was able to escape however, the baby hawk appeared with the stick in his hand.

"Oh no." Fawn moaned as she rubbed her temples. "Look, you can't hang out with me, so go to your mom or something."

As soon as Fawn mentioned the hawk's mother, the creature's face became dreary and heartbroken.

"What's wrong?" Fawn asked.

The hawk took Fawn back into the forest and to a large, deceased hawk. The sight frightened Fawn as she looked. The hawk had been struck by lightning from the previous night's storm. Fawn looked at the baby hawk and nearly teared upon seeing its face.

"Well..I can't take you home." Fawn tried to explain.

She wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do. Hawks are considered dangerous and even animal fairies are prohibited from taking care of them. Fawn pondered on what to do for a while. She knew the hawk wouldn't survive alone in the wild, but she couldn't take care of it herself with Pixie Hollow's laws. After a while, she made a decision.

"Fine!" said Fawn. "You can stay with me for a while."

The baby hawk began to chirp with joy and continuously hug Fawn.

"Okay, okay, settle down." said Fawn with a giggle. "Don't get too attached, you can only stay until I can figure out what to do with you alright?"

The hawk nodded its head in response and began to follow Fawn as she leaded him back to Pixie Hollow. Fawn peeked through the thick leaves of the forest out to Pixie Hollow, making sure no one was around to see the hawk. She quickly picked up the baby and flew to her home.

"Phew!" groaned Fawn as she slammed the door behind her and kicked her shoes off. The baby hawk looked around his new home curiously.

"Well.." Fawn began. "Welcome home I guess."

Fawn began to give the chick a little tour, and setting up its resting area.

"Now, I'm not suppose to have you here, so if you want to stay, you have to stay in this house! Understand?"

The hawk nodded in response, and Fawn let out a relieving smile before she realized she was late for work.

"Jeez, I gotta go!" said Fawn as she ran towards the door, grabbing her satchel while she did. Before she exited, she looked back at the hawk to speak once more.

"Remember! Stay in the house!"

The hawk nodded again and Fawn was off. Before she even flew a few feet away, she heard something brake in her home. She groaned and flew back.

"What happened?" groaned Fawn as she looked around.

The hawk accidentally broke Fawn's miniature sculpture.

"Oh boy." Fawn moaned while she rubbed her temples. "Look, don't touch ANYTHING while I'm gone, kay?"

The hawk's stomach began to rumble before it answered back, prompting Fawn to sigh. She went into her kitchen and pulled out some fruits, placed it in a bowl, and gave it to the hawk baby.

"Alright, I'm leaving now and remember what I said. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING."

The hawk was too busy eating to notice Fawn, and the animal fairy left anyway as she was late enough.

"What did I get myself into?" Fawn thought to herself as she flew off.