AN: So, while browsing the pewdiecry tag on tumblr, I saw a post by chilled-pewdiecry that she wanted someone to write a pewdiecry fanfic based on the song Feel Again by One Republic. And, since the song turned out to be amazing, I decided to write it for her (:

I hope you enjoy this hun, this is my first pewdiecry fanfic (:

Note: for this story, I'm gonna pretend Pewdie and Cutiepie never dated, because I love her so much that I don't want to write her out as a bitch or anything or have Pewdie cheat on her D: also, if any of you guys follow Cry on tumblr, but he made a post about his personal family life. I know that Cry lives with his family still, but this story will be set after whatever turmoil is in his life right now and he's living on his own. Since I don't know what exactly is going on with Cry's family life right now, I can only speculate and make vague descriptions of what happened. So yeah, Cry lives on his own and Pewdie never dated Cutiepie.

Another note: I have never been to Florida. I can only assume what the weather is like there, and any places/towns mentioned in this story are either made up or looked up on a map.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pewdie, Cry, or any song by One Republic. This song is really amazing though, so go listen to it before reading this story. Feel Again by One Republic, go listen!


The summer air was hot and the sweat on his back made his t-shirt stick to him like glue. The stars had just begun to shine in the dusk sky as Ryan sighed and took another swing from his beer bottle. He deserved to relax after a long day of moving heavy boxes and furniture.

The air was still as Ryan gazed at his backyard, which in reality wasn't much of a backyard. Hell, it didn't even have a fence. The marshy dark forest was mere feet away from him, as if some horrible monster he knew didn't exist would come trampling out, much like in the games he would play.

Living on the very outskirts of Miami wasn't really the worst thing in the world, but that didn't mean Cry had to like it. The falling-out with his mom and her now ex-husband forced Ryan to realize that he just couldn't keep being there for her, couldn't keep watching her fall deeper and deeper into a pit that he knew she could never get out of. It was time to start living, even if that meant Cry had to live in what was basically a shack near the marshes outside the city.

Cry sighed as he took yet another sip from his beer. It wasn't as if he was complaining though. All his life, his mother had been his focal point, even if he didn't realize it. But, somewhere along the way, Ryan had stopped living for himself and was instead living for her. He didn't even realize it until it seemed much too late to change things.

All Cry wanted to do was live.

The cell phone resting on Cry's thigh vibrated softly. With a groan, Cry picked it up and flipped it open with a little more force than necessary.

"Mom, it's getting late, please stop calling," Ryan said in a hurried, tired voice.

Very male laughter came from the other line. "Since when do you call me mom?"

Relief, embarrassment and slight annoyance rushed through Cry, and all he could do was let out a breathy laugh. "Pewds, why are you calling so late?"

"Late?" Felix asked with a small laugh. "It's almost ten o'clock, Cry."

Cry sighed for what felt like the thousandth time that night. "Dude, that means it's 4-am over here." Cry rubbed the back of his neck as Felix let out another laugh and a string of 'I'm sorry's'. Even though Ryan and Felix talked a lot over Skype and email and the like, they always seemed to forget about the huge time difference; especially at night.

Finally, Pewdie's laughing subsided. "Anyway, Cry, y'know how I wanted to come for Christmas?"

Ryan rubbed his eyes. He had almost forgotten about that. "Yeah, man. Why do you ask?"

"Well," Felix almost seemed to sing. "I was thinking, instead of waiting that long, how 'bout I come now? Like, tomorrow? Well, I guess it would be later today, but it'll be so cool going back in time!"

The ground underneath Cry's feet seemed to shift a little. "Bro, what are you talking about?"

"I'm in the airport, right now. I'm comin' to see you, dude!"

Even the hint of laughter in Pewdie's voice did nothing to stop Ryan's head from spinning. "Felix, what the hell? Why didn't you let me know like, a week ago you were coming?"

Pewdie was quiet for a long time, but Cry knew he was still there by the faint noise of a little girl crying in the background. Ryan was nervous (people in general tend to make him slightly weary), and he couldn't seem to stop his sweaty hands from shaking slightly. Cry ran a hand through his short brown hair, quietly waiting for his friend to reply.

Finally, he spoke: "You've been sad lately, Cry. And I'm not really doin' anything too important, so why not come visit my friend? If it's too much trouble, I can just go back home right now-"

Ryan felt his pulse rise slightly as he glanced out at the dark forest. "No! No, it's totally cool man. What time will your flight be in?"

He could almost feel Felix smiling on the other line. "I'll be landing around 11-am in Miami."


The drive to the Miami Airport was stressful. It wasn't just the fact that people usually drive like shit in big cities, but it was also the fact that Cry's car was so beaten up and ancient (a Geo Metro certainly won't get you very far) that he was actually terrified that the car would fall apart on the way there. Screaming at other bad drivers didn't do much to lower his blood pressure either.

Finally, Ryan arrived to the airport, found a parking space in the giant concrete parking garage, and then debated on if he should actually get out of the car since there was a woman literally sobbing a couple of cars over. Gripping the steering wheel, Cry took a deep breath through his nose.

He's your friend, nothing to panic about.

Shoving the keys in his back pocket and grabbing a large piece of paper, Cry hurriedly got out of his car and quickly made his way over to the elevator, which now seemed much too far away. He did his best to keep his gaze averted from the crying woman, even though he badly wanted to go comfort her in any way he could.

Ryan reached the elevators, his heart pounding and his hands shaking slightly as they held on to the piece of paper with dear life. The tiny metal box they call an 'elevator' ended up being filled with slightly over-weight business men and women who spent too much of their husbands money on shoes and giant purses. The brown-haired gamer felt so out of place in his old jeans, slightly dirty shirt with the face of a cat on it, and his almost too small converse. Cry gripped the piece of paper slightly harder, his heart rate rising in his throat.

When the elevator let out a ding! at its arrival, Cry practically pushed everyone out of the way to be the first one off. Despite the glares and a soft 'what a rude boy', he just couldn't bring himself to really care all that much what those people thought.

The luggage-pick up area was even worse than the elevator. There were people everywhere, and all of them could care less if they bumped into you as they rushed by to grab their own luggage.

But it wasn't the fact that people were rudely running into Ryan that made him panic. No, it was the sheer amount of people at the airport that made his breathing shallow and his hands even sweatier than before. He was totally frozen ten feet away from the elevators, his piece of paper held close to his chest and his eyes wide.

Don't worry about it, Cry. He repeated over and over in his head, doing everything he could to calm his erratic heartbeat. Taking a slow, deep breath, Ryan began to move his feet slowly. His eyes darted about, looking desperately for a quiet corner to wait. There was a corner next to a long line of windows that seemed empty enough, yet still in sight of the luggage area.

Biting his lower lip, Ryan held the paper close to his chest, glancing down to make sure the writing was right-side up.


It was stupid, really, since any Bro could easily figure out Ryan was actually Cry, but it seemed way less obvious than writing Felix or Pewdiepie.

Breathing deeply again, Cry closed his eyes and did his best to ignore the large crowd ten feet in front of him. Just think about... about cats! Cats are awesome, I wish I could afford one. A white cat would be the shit, with green eyes and that jazz.

Cry opened his eyes and nearly burst into laughter. Standing with his suitcase, Felix was scanning the crowd in a very obvious manner. But it wasn't the way Pewd's was looking for him (literally leaning over people to get a better view), it was that his friend had on a giant pair of tourist-like, neon green sunglasses. They covered nearly half his face, and if Cry didn't know better, he would have thought Pewdie accidently put on part of a Halloween costume. If he was trying to be unrecognizable by fans, then Felix sure did a good job at it.

Eventually, the Swedish-gamers attention focused its way to Cry. Ryan felt his hands go sweaty again and his heart rate jump a little as Felix stared at him for a whole minute. Oh god, I swear, if you don't recognize the 'REMEMBER' sign, I will cry.

A giant smile spread its way across Felix's face before he practically bounded over to Ryan. Cry tried to keep his face calm, but a smile crept its way onto his lips before he could even think of stopping it. Damn Pewdie and his ability to make people smile out of their own will.

Felix reached him and stopped right in front of Cry, that smile still present on his face. It wasn't like Felix had never seen his face before – Skype and all that jazz – but this was the first time they had actually met in person and Ryan felt very nervous. What if Pewdie's expectations of what Cry was really like turned out to be wrong? What if Pewdie was just too damn cool for him and he felt like a fail the entire week (was it just a week? Cry never actually asked how long he was staying).

Ryan did his best to keep eye contact and maintain a natural smile as Felix lowered his ridiculous sunglasses a fraction, just barely showing his eyes. Which, in all honesty, were even more blue and beautiful than they were in any video on YouTube. Not that Ryan would ever say that out loud though.

Felix laughed loudly before clapping Cry on the shoulder. "September?"

Ryan laughed too, relief nearly knocking the wind right out of him. "Do you remember, September?"

They both laughed again, Felix squeezing Ryan's shoulder slightly before letting go. The boys turned and made their way back to the elevator, giggling and talking the whole way.


A/N: Oh god, I really didn't think this story would be this long, let alone that I would be writing a pewdiecry fanfic in the first place. I hope you all enjoyed this, and another chapter will be up soon! I have no idea how long this story will be, but I hope to keep it around three chapters.

I just wanna say that the thing with the woman crying in the parking lot actually happened to me and I was super scared D:

chilled-pewdiecry, I hope you enjoyed this! (: