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He stared at the almost too bright computer screen, his blue eyes feeling dry and tired. Skype said his friend was offline, but Cry had not been answering his calls or messeges for almost three days. Pewdie was beginning to worry about him.

After leaving the states Felix had really begun to miss Ryan, more than he thought he ever could. Sure, they talked and Skype'd and texted almost every day, but it just wasn't the same as actually seeing him in person and being able to easily wrap an arm around his shoulders while they walked to the beach.

Felix sighed as he clicked 'upload' on his last video of the day. It was starting to get late and he hadn't eaten dinner yet. Pewdie leaned back in his chair, trying to pop his back. Should I just order pizza or Chinese? Making food takes so much effort, I might as well.

Just as he was about to reach for his phone next to his keyboard, the Skype incoming-call music started to play from his computer. For half a second, the Swede thought about ignoring the call and stuffing his face with food, but the name on his screen changed his mind. Clicking answer, Felix had a huge smile on his face, his worry melting away.

"Hey Cry! What's up?"

As usual, Cry didn't have his webcam activated. Even though Felix knew Ryan was okay with him knowing what Cry looked like, the American-gamer still wanted to keep his webcam unplugged. The only exception had been their very first Skype call. Pewdie never gave his friend a hard time about it.

"N-not much. How're you, Pewds?" Cry asked, slightly out of breath, almost as if he had been running before he called.

Felix laughed. "Cry, man, did you just run a mile?"

Ryan laughed, breathless. "Nah, man, I'm just out in town today. Thinking about maybe getting a new webcam."

Smiling again and slumping in his chair, Felix stared at Cry's Skype icon. "It would be nice to see you, bro."

Cry laughed softly before drifting into silence. In the background, Pewdie could hear the busy streets of Miami - cars were honking and people were shouting, but the Swede couldn't quite make out what they were saying. After a few moments, the sounds slowly drifted away, and all Felix could hear was Ryan breathing, still as if he had just stopped running.

Then it dawned on him. Felix sat up in his chair, moving closer to the screen. "Cry, why are you walking? Don't you have a car? Don't tell me it finally broke down."

His friend laughed again and Pewdie could only imagine him shaking his head. "Nope, just felt like walking. It's a nice day out."

Felix snorted, moving his keyboard aside and resting his head on his cool desk. "I wish it was nice here. It's been snowing for the past three days! I miss Florida."

I miss you, he almost said. Even though the gamers said 'I love you' and 'I miss you' in their calls, but they usually waited until just before they hung up. Pewdie didn't want to smother Cry with his affection; he also didn't want to remind him of the distance between them.

Ryan laughed softly again. "It's not as nice without you though."

He couldn't stop the giant smile from breaking out on his face. It didn't really matter though, since Cry couldn't see him.

"Aw, c'mon man, you're just saying that."

He heard the American laugh again, but Cry didn't say anything after that. All Pewdie could hear was Cry's deep breaths and the occasional car drive by. To be honest, Pewdie was starting to get confused as to why they were still on the phone. Usually, when one of them called, they would talk for hours on end with no awkward pauses. So far, this call was mostly silence. Might as well hang up and get food.

"Hey, bro, it's getting late here and I haven't had -"

"... Flytta!"

Someone had shouted in the background and Felix could hear his friend mutter an apology in return. Pewdie raised his head from his desk and moved his ear closer to the computer speaker.

"Cry? Where are you? Why is someone speaking Swedish?"

"What? Oh, uh, I have no idea."

Silence. The background noise of busy streets was no long there, as if Cry had walked into a building. Pewdie was curious as to where his friend was but his stomach was beginning to growl, as if begging for some Kung Pao Chicken.

"Anyway, Cry, I'm super hungry. Can I call you after I get some food?"

"Wait!" Ryan nearly shouted. He began breathing even harder, as if he were actually running this time.

"Bro, it's okay, we can Skype after you get your new webcam. Maybe I could even see your face," Felix said with a laugh. He felt pretty bad for wanting to hang up on Cry, but he really was getting pretty hungry, and that Chinese take-out was calling for him.

"P-Pewds, just hold on." He was really panting now.

"Cry, go sit down and get a bottle of water. You sound like you're dying," Felix said while laughing even more. He would never understand the antics of his friend.

"O-okay, but just don't hang -"

Giggling, Pewdie stood up from his chair. Sure, he'd pay for hanging up on Cry later, but his hungry tummy didn't really care at the moment.

Stretching and reaching for his phone, his doorbell rang. Cursing under his breath, Felix slammed his phone back on his desk and nearly ran to the front door. Dammit, all he wanted was some Chinese food! Was that too much to ask?

"Sorry, but I don't want whatever you're selling -"

Opening the door, Felix expected a salesman. Instead, he got Ryan. Wearing a sweater and two jackets, wool gloves, and boots, snow dusted his shoulders and short brown hair. His glasses were slightly foggy and askew, his cheeks red from the Scandinavian winter. Ryan was breathing very hard, as if he had run up the seven flights of stairs to Felix's apartment.

"I told you not to hang up," Ryan finally said, a smile breaking out on his lips.

The front of Felix's shirt got soaked as he hugged Ryan tightly; his lips nearly freezing as he pressed them to Ryan's chilled ones.


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