Three Fluff Oneshots

By Plusle4eva/Kyrastri/DivineScythe




Sometimes, I look at you and think, "How the flying fuck did we end up together?"

Oh wait, you just smashed two trees down, shaking out a nest of birds. Scratch that, I think I'm dreaming. I hope I am.

Yeah, that must be it. Any day now, I'll wake up and I'll still be at the Black mage's headquarters. Or even further, maybe I'll still be in Elluel, as a six year old elf.

On second thoughts, maybe I don't want that. Just maybe. I don't want to be alone. That's what I told myself.

Then maybe, just maybe, you read my mind, because you walked towards me, leaving the poor birds alone to escape. I wonder why I'm not with them and flying away.

"Thinking of gutting those birds?" A smirk broke out on your face. You had a weird sense of humour, but I guess I did as well, because I laughed bitterly. I think you noticed that I had some life-changing thoughts going on- whether it was on purpose or coincidental, I have no idea- because you sat down beside me wordlessly, which was surprising. Wasn't it you who said that you were never without a taunt?

"Don't tempt me." I said it with what I hoped to be a vicious tone, but I ended up smiling slightly anyway.

You seemed to frown, if that was even possible. "Stop smiling like that." You jabbed a finger in the direction you had come from. "I stopped harassing them didn't I?"

"Smiling like what?" I broke from my thoughts to glance at you before I looked back at the ground. I ignored your comment about the birds.

"Like you were before. That reminds me of arcglaive." I grimaced at the comparison to the traitor, but avoided the gaze of judgment that was sure to come.

But surprisingly, it didn't. "Stop calling them by their weapons." I muttered absentmindedly, my gaze drifting up to the clear sky above us. "And don't compare me to Edgar."

"Try me." Your smirk returned, but faltered at my lack of a response. "But seriously. Tell me what's bothering you and I'll bash it into submission."

"Sweet considering it's you, but that's barbaric." A butterfly entered my view; a little purple one that painfully reminded me of Aaron. I touched the yellow ribbon on my wrist consciously, still avoiding your stare.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, then a hesitant hug. "How's that, then?" It was gentle and warm, but I couldn't help but realise that even though he had changed, something didn't.

My little sad smile.