Chapter 4

I watched quietly as Max walked up to Winifred and said. "You have a lot of nerve coming up here and try to take the life my sister again."

Winifred was just about to say something to Max when all of a sudden another ghost came into the house.

As soon as Binx saw it he knew who it was. "Emily."

Emily looked quickly at Binx and then at Winifred. "I'm not going to sit by and let you and your sisters take the life someone else."

I looked at the ghost and then at Binx and I knew that this was the same Emily that we saw in the cemetery that night before Binx went off with her.

Emily looked at us and said. "I know that you helped free my brother's spirit. And for that I'll never be able to thank you guys enough. But there is one way that I can start." She looked at Winifred who tried to get her with her magic, but Emily flew away from the magic before it got her.

While Emily was keeping the witches busy, Max went over to where I was sitting and untied me.

We ran out of the house with everybody following us and we ran to the cemetery.