One Piece: The All New Straw Hats

This is gumgumjetpistol1 here with the first chapter! Sadly, Pokemon BW2 was discontinued due to nobody actually reading it, and who would want to continue writing a Fanfic nobody really read anyway. Well, to all the people who sent OC's, thank you, and to the people who sent OC's, even when I had enough, they will still be used in the story at some stage. Anyway, the story will begin as the East Blue Saga, in which Volks will recruit 1/3 of his crew here. The first saga will be probably 10-13 chapters. The first arc will be about Volk (i got annoyed with Volks so I took off the s) setting sail, and recruiting his first mate. 1 chapter will be like 1 episode.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.

So, without further ado, let the pirate madness begin!

Chapter 1: Volk Embarks! The Journey Begins!

A crowd sat at the harbour of Talen D.C., watching as a man jumped onto his boat, intent on setting sail. He seemed to resemble 'Garp The Fist' and 'Straw Hat Luffy'. He had brown hair, along with light brown eyes (Nami's colour) and slightly tanned skin. He had a scar shaped like the Final Smash Ball in SSBB, with an extra, slightly shorter, vertical scar crossing it at the right, across his left eye. He wore a straw hat and a red sleeveless vest. Finally, he wore blue pants, with blue cotton at the rim of the trouser leg, and sandals with them.

'Are you sure you want to leave so soon?' the woman, who was at the front of the crowd asked.

'Yeah, don't you want to stay a few days?' People from the crowd asked.

'I need to set off right away, Mom. I can't delay my journey any further', said the young adult.

'OK, well Volk, take care of yourself! Don't be reckless!' the man's mother said.

'Bye, Volk!' the crowd shouted as he started to row the oars.

A man standing on top of a tower from a distance looked as Volk embarked.

He grew up so fast...he thought.

'Good luck, Marshall. Good luck.'

The happy, joyful atmosphere was cut short by the coming of the Lord of the Coast. It seemed content on revenge after its ordeal with Volk and Sensei Tiang, as well as it not wanting Volk to leave Omelen Islands.

'It's the Lord of the Coast! What would he be doing here,' people said from the crowd.

'I hope Volk will be fine', other people said.

'Be careful Volk, be careful', she said.

' decided to bring your sorry ass back here, after blocking me and Sensei Tiang's way back here', Volk asked, as he stopped rowing.

The Sea King replied, roaring back at Volk, its intimidating eyes not daunting Volk one bit. It started to charge at Volk, wanting to shred it to pieces with its sharp, razor fangs.

'Hmm. Heat Heat...' Volk said, as he cocked back his right arm, which immediately started to heat up. He then jumped forward, using Geppo to keep himself in the air.

As the great monster came close, Volk sucker punched the Sea King with his heated fist, and continued,'...Pistolllll!'

The crowd stood with awe as the 'big, powerful Lord of the Coast' was defeated with one hit, as it fell into the sea with the left side of its face incinerated.

'Hope you learnt your lesson, you stupid bastard', Volk told the Sea King, as he continued sailing.

'I'm bored! Where's the next island?' Volk asked himself. He only had just left the Omelen Islands 4 hours ago, and not one trace of an island appeared. He was also struck with hunger, as he hadn't eaten anything in 4 hours. Suddenly, in front of his eyes a storm cloud started to appear from the distance, which would reveal a lightning storm. Volk was sailing in the Inclemal Triangle, a triangle in which only 1 in 100 people who entered it passed it, with damage usually to the ship. Only 1 in 10 000 who passed it has not gained any damage to their ship. The Inclemal Triangle was like a roller-coaster, with devastating thunder and lightning striking everywhere, tidal waves that gave you a hell of a ride and deadly whirlpools that sucked you up and left ships.., boats..., probably anything for dead.

'Oh, look! There's a grey cloud there! Maybe that can destroy my boredom!' Volk noticed, as the cloud started to cover him.

As soon as he entered the triangle, the onslaught of lightning started to hit the sea, with the rumbling thunder changing the sea's tranquillity. The lightning however failed to hit its mark- Volk, of course. Then the tidal waves came, hoping to succeed in places where the lightning didn't. As Volk and his boat started to ride the wave, the tidal wave put its efforts into trying to shake Volk off, who was rather having the time of his life.

'Weeeeeeee!' Volk shouted, as he enjoyed the ride.

The wave then shook the obviously excited young adult off its back and into the next part of the roller-coaster- the deadly whirlpools. These would definitely go for the kill. At the moment, Volk's luck has triumphed over the odds of escaping this... cursed triangle, in which his boat hadn't been damaged, fortunately for Volk.

'Here comes the whirlpool!' Volk said as he started to be sucked into the vacuum.

'Weeeeeeeeeeeee!' Volk said, the whirlpool spinning him around, 'I better be careful though. If that sucks me up, I'll be mincemeat! Heat Heat...'

Volk cocked his arm back and started to produce a large arm of heat that extended from his arm. He then threw the large arm of heat into the heart of whirlpool, and continued, 'Revolver!'

This attack sent him propelling through the air, and into the distance.

'I can't stop now, until I'm out of that pool of whirlpools. Geppo: Air Stomp', Volk said. Volk grabbed the boat and put his legs out of it, as he started to stomp the air itself, keeping the boat and himself airborne, while the boat was accelerating. The boat finally flew out of the triangle, as signs of whirlpools, storm clouds and thunder started to clear. The boat started to descend onto the sea, and Volk finally returned to ground level.

'I loved the ride...well at least I'm nearing towards that island over there', Volk said, 'Wait! An island! Yes! Finally, I can eat meat!'

He started to row again, and finally reached the island. Volk had reached his first island.

The island Volk had reached was Shells Town, which seemed to be bigger because of the incident that happened 10 years ago with the merging of planet Earth and the parallel planet Futus. It was renowned for being a large Marine base, as well as the Marine's 153rd Branch.

When Volk came out of his boat, he was greeted by a man in a white vest and blue trousers similar to Volk's trousers, saying, and 'Well hello young man. Welcome to Shells Town, also home of the Marine's 153rd Branch.'

Volk replied, 'Thanks. Do you know where the nearest restaurant is?'

'Yeah, go forward and take your next left', the man replied, as he pointed and turned to the direction, then continued, 'Don't you want to know where the...' Volk immediately vanished as soon as the man turned around.

'Ohhhhh, never mind...' he said.

Volk arrived at the restaurant, intent on finally having his meat, when all of a sudden, as he opened the door, two thugs came running out, scurrying from one man who immediately came after them. He had light brown skin with bright blue eyes. He donned skinny jeans with a red and black checkered shirt, and carried two sledgehammers on his back. Volk watched the commotion.

'Hey, come back here! Give me back my rice balls!' the man said.

One of the two thugs, retorted smugly, 'If you want them, come get them!'

As two the ran left, the man appeared holding his sledgehammer in front of the two, glaring at them, saying, 'Either you give me my rice balls back, or your sorry excuses for a face will be sliced off your body.'

The men shivered and flinched in fear, and gave the rice balls back to him, in which they immediately ran away after.

'Sounds like I've found my first mate,' Volk said, amazed at the man's dominance over those lowly thugs.

The man started walking back to restaurant. When the man neared towards the restaurant, Volk came out and asked the man, 'What's your name?'

The man replied, 'Dell.'

Volk replied, 'Do you wanna join my crew, Dell?'

'Why would I want to join your crew, when I don't even know you?' Dell retorted.

'Because I request it. And after what happened there, I was convinced for you to join me.'

'Well, the answer's no, ummmm..' Dell said.

'Volk. Monkey D. Volk', Volk said.

'Thanks', Dell replied, as he started walking into the restaurant.

'Wait! If I could have a battle with you, and if I won, would you join my crew?' Volk asked.

'Hmmmmm, sure you could', Dell replied sarcastically, 'And if you win, I'll join your crew. I doubt I'll lose though.'

'OK, it's sorted! After I've had my meat, I'll battle you at 1pm', Volk confirmed.

'And not a minute sooner,' Dell added on.

The two met up at the forest on the other side of the island, just behind the Marine base. The two locked eyes at each other, before engaging in close combat.

'Heat Heat...Pistol!' Volk said, as he threw his heated up arm at Dell, who blocked the attack with one of his sledgehammers.

'Not too shabby', Dell complimented, 'but not good enough! Jet Tor...nado!'

Dell started to spin around rapidly fast creating a vortex of wind, which almost made contact with Volk, in which he quickly recoiled back from the move.

'That was too close! I'm guessing you ate a Devil Fruit', Volk noticed, 'I ate the Heat Heat Fruit, which lets me produce big amounts of heat.'

'I ate the Jet Jet Fruit. I can travel at the speed of light, and go at speeds rivaling Mach 1', Dell replied, 'I thought you would be feeble competition, but you seem to be quite strong.'

'I'll take that as a compliment. Soru!' Volk replied, as he 'disappeared' from where he was standing.

I guess I'll be meeting one of those Six Powers users, Dell thought to himself.

Dell stayed calm, and closed his eyes, to sense the invisible Rokushiki user as his 1,000 degrees opponent appeared right behind.

'Shigan...', Volk said. Dell immediately disappeared, as Volk stabbed thin air with his finger.

'Bullet Pistol!'

Dell then reappeared 10ft in front of Volk and said, 'Jet Smash!'

He throwed his hammers at Volk, then jetted towards the hammers and punched them, causing them to go spin even faster.

'Geppo: Stomp', Volk says, before jumping into the air and stomping it to support him while airborne, to dodge the two hammers.

'Rankyaku: Phoenix Kick!', Volk retorted. Volk then double kicked the air, making what he calls a 'Phoenix Blade', which flied towards Dell and hit him in the stomach, while he was distracted by the sledgehammers returning to him.

'Finally! A hit!' Volk said in relief as Dell started to get to his knees, 'I can't let this go to waste. Heat Heat...'

Volk heated up his two fists and brought his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that created the illusion of him having multiple arms, while charging at Dell.

'Gatling! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!'

'I can't take advantage of this moment and let him hit me again. Jet Lightning Slash!' Dell pulled himself together and got up again, then brought his sledgehammers forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong slashes. The two attacks connected and as both of them hit each other various times. Both their techniques stopped when they hit each other hard- the two slide back from the impact of their attacks, both breathing hardly.

'You're very strong, as I expected', Volk said.

'Ditto, Volk. I never expected you to be this strong. Let's finish this off', Dell replied.

'Yeah. Six Styles Special Technique: Rokuohgun: Six King...,' Volk said. Volk moved his hands in a counter-clockwise motion then raised his right arm above his head and crossed the left one with the right.

'Hm. Time for my move- Sonic..' Dell retorted. Dell back-flipped into the air, gaining momentum, then brought out his sledgehammers crossing them and jetted through Volk.


At the same time, Volk charged at Dell using Soru to support his speed, then finally placed both his fists right in front of Dell when the two attacks finally met and launched a devastating shock wave.


There was 5 seconds of silence until, one of them finally gave in and fell unto the ground. It was...Dell.

The two attacks battered both of them, but Volk managed to withhold all of that.

'Thank you for the battle,' Dell said.

'Yeah. It was a good one,' Volk said, as he started to leave the forest.

'Volk, wait. I would like to join your crew. Permission granted?' Dell asked.

'Yes, Dell. Yes...'


And that's the end to the first chapter. So for the next Chapter- Volk and Dell stock up on food, come across a marine Captain and a Rear Admiral, Volk and Dell leave Shells Town.

All New Straw Pirates Crew:

Captain- Monkey D. Marshall (Volk)

First Mate- Dell