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Chapter 12: The Wolf Fang Pirates!

One day of sailing later...

The unnamed crews' second mate Ijin was the first to wake up after he, Kano, Dell, and Thalia spent the whole night partying. Ijin didn't want them to wake up-drastically-so he decided to stir the helm of Golden ( Golden Whale). Ijin liked to think he was the most productive of the crew, not like Kano and Dell.

The second member of the crew got up. It was Dell.

" F***!" Dell shouted, he was experiencing a mass hangover. " How much did I drink? Stupid new crew celebration."

Kano was sleeping next to the mast. He crashed there after passing out. Kano rolled around, still showing that frickin' creepy happy face, =$, touching the mast. Kano's hands accumulated with flames. The flames ignited through the mast, burning it in half, until it collapsed in half and fell into the sea...


" KANO!"

60 minutes of fixing later...

Kano was lying bruised and beaten up on the floor, not unconscious but asleep, next to Dell, who was fixing the mast while cursing under his breath.

Uh, De-

"NOW'S NOT THE TIME FOR F**KIN' DIALOGUE!" Dell comically exclaimed, as he fixed the mast, Kano knocked out cold on the floor.

1. 2. 3! Nothing happened!

That's weird, Dell should have been lying on the floor unconscious now.

Dell lightly growled as he gripped one of his axes, glaring.

:( S-Sorry! While Dell is still fixing the mast, let's look at another band of pirates.

On another vessel, the Golden Hope, there was a pirate captain. One who was infamous even though he is a Zoan Devil Fruit user. His name-his real name too complex only the ocean and skies could remember-Wolf Fang Razi, Captain of an unnamed pirate crew.

Razi's black hair was hairier than a wolfs' pelt. His black eyes were like willows, they oscillated and almost appeared to be moving. His skin was white, like a Laphan's from the dreary white lands of Dell Island. He was tall and also lean. His clothes, the clothes he had since childhood, were black baggy pants and a yellow shirt with a black jacket. Razi liked to sit in the Crow's Nest and watch the sun rise. " AS I WATCH THE SUN RISE"-his mother would sing to him:

As I watch the sun rise...

I begin to wonder,

what will be the reason it's so dark outside?

Razi sailed with three other crewmates. There was Daniel the swordsman, Momo the tailor, and Jen the navigator. Daniel was also tall, 5'7, had a spiky white hair, maroon eyes, and clean white teeth; so sharp like Momo's teeth. He was wearing green jeans with a black zip up shirt. The only thing that separated Daniel from most kids was his heritage. He was the son of Captain Smoker, world renowned Marine, now deceased and buried deep in the ground.

" I need a smoke!"

Momo the tailor was a fishman, a sawshark fishman, a fishman conceived from Argon and his warm and nurturing mermaid mother. Green shiny green scales, a long snout, blue dorsal fin sticking its head behind his back, sharp teeth, and maroon blue eyes. The fishman wore red shorts and a blue shirt. Momo fought with a metal pipe and was an expert martial artist. He carried that metal pipe wherever he went.

" Sew, sew, sew." Momo was sitting by the railing sewing while singing a funny little tune. " All will be mended, all will be sewed. Sew, sew, sew. Beautiful clothes will be born. Make it decorative, make it gay, make it Daniel hates. It is spiffy, it is spun, it is what Daniel hates."

What da fuq kinda song is that?! Let's go back to Kan-

NO. The third member, Jen, was a pirate of smugglers with his sister. He was the youngest of his crew, and that was his most prominent feature. His other feature was his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes. His body was toned and muscular. The pirate dressed casually, a white coat and blue pants, and a sword-shaped necklace dangling around his neck. Most thought of Jen as a zombie, because he ate a Devil Fruit that made it very hard for him to die.

I'm not liking this crew one bit.

TOUGH. Jen said, " We should be in Logue Town soon. But we'll be facing some head winds from here."

The crew had one stowaway. She was a Skypiean-more gothic than the rest of the crew. She was a slender female who bandage-wrapped her form with a tattered dark kimono. She was the leader of a band of bandits, and the bandage wrap was to hide her b*** because mean are SELFISH A*** to women who look more manly are aren't big-chested. She covered her form in a dark kimono-Momo sewed for her-disheveled grey hair, a studded choker, and narrow eyes; giving her a wicked, daunted appearance. In both her hands she carried a large scythe with a ball and chain at the end.

Nothing bad Razi wanted to say to Momo, but his singing...stinked. It was probably why he couldn't be the musician of their crew.

"By the speed that I'm sewing this won't be finished until after January. And we haven't even had Christmas yet."

" Christmas, yay!" Razi laughed and clapped his hands together. " I'm so excited for Christmas!"



"What I want is to be King of the Pirates, Pound Smoked Salmon, oh, oh, and a strawhat like the one Monkey D. Luffy has. I want a strawhat!"


" Razi, sometimes you can be quite the twit," Jen said behind Razi's back.


"Did something just talk?" Jen thought out loudly, which was ignored by the rest.

" Ugh, my head," Jane exclaimed. Jane finally opened her eyes, still dizzy. " W-Where am I?" The first person Jane saw when her dizziness lifted was the smiling face of Razi. " You!" Jane got back up, scythe squeezed in her hands, and she held it over her head as she glared at Razi.. It was then that Jen, Daniel, and Momo looked at Jane. " Stay away from me! Stay away or I'll kill you!"

" Hi," Razi waved to Jane. Jane was confused and blinked her eyes when Razi waved at her. "You sure like to sleep. But welcome to my ship, the Golden Hope. And welcome to my crew."

" Crew?" Jane asked, she squeezed her scythe harder when asking. " What are you talking about, wolf boy? Why would I be a member of your crew?"

" Because you lost the wager. I got the crab shell of my back, didn't I? That means you're now a member of my crew. And that means your now a part of our family. Hooray!"

This sounds like torture.

" Stop talking like that. I'm not a member of your crew. Take one step closer and I'll cut your head off."


" Listen, b**ch-'' Daniel stopped for a moment then started speaking again, ''I don't know what type of messed up childhood you went through that screwed you up this much, but nobody talks that way to me." Daniel unsheathed his purple and red katana's, and crossed them as he glared into Jane's eyes. " Or maybe your demeanor is from that wacky hairstyle. Die you dye your hair that way or was it born like that? Either way, it looks stupid."

" My hair is my turf. It is a sign of wisdom that's been thrusted down upon me from my age. Speak all you want, b*** child, for I am your superior in every way. If you wish for us to do battle then I will comply, snowflake."

" Oh, you did not just say that, sugar hair. I will cut you down to size-"

" Daniel!" Momo shouted as he stopped Daniel from charging at Jane. " That's enough! I will not permit you to harass that poor woman any more."

" What? What are you talking about, Momo? It's this b***'s fault. She's a vixen."

She's a human, idiot.

"Shut up Razi! I obviously meant it in a different context!" Daniel exclaimed at Razi, who was picking his nose.

"But I wasn't even speaking to you..' Razi-

"If we don't throw her overboard now she's going to destroy this whole ship."

Jen pointed his finger at him, "It will be you who destroys this crew if you keep picking fights with everybody. I urge you never to speak to miss...I'm sorry. What's your name, miss?"

" Jane. And in case any of you don't know..." Two large white wings sticked out from the back of Jane's kimono. " I'm a Skypiean. I hail from Skypiea and I live a life of war."

" Heello there, Jane." Momo held a hand out for Jane and shaked her hand. As he shaked her hand Momo gave her a great big smile. " My name is Momo. And I would like to welcome you to our crew."

" And so would I!" Jen shouted flamboyantly. He shot straight upwards, two small pink hearts flashed in his eyes as he ran straight up to Momo, pushed him out of the way, and grabbed Jane with his hands. " Hello, fair Jane. My name is Jen. Forgive me for staring but you're very beautiful."

" Ah, thanks," Jane said. A tick of sweat rolled down the back of her head. " Who exactly are you?"

" Why, I'm the navigator. Do you like poetry." Jen kissed her hand, making her recoil in confusion.

" Not really."

" Good, because I for one just love poetry. I yield. I yield to you if we be friends, remembereth me-"

That's not even a word, you fail!

"As I am, hence we may depart to the never lands. Take my kiss, take it as a sign of my complexion, and give with me a friend of your reflection."

"That's not poetry!" Momo exclaimed. " That just rhymes. Now stop flirting on the poor lady and get back to your-"

Momo tried pulling Jen away from Jane, but when he pulled on Jen he pulled his right arm off. Momo gasped holding his arm. Jane gasped looking at Jen's arms. Daniel sighed. And Jen gasped when he saw his own arm ripped off.


" Ahhhhh! My arm! You pulled of my arm!"

" Ah!"-Jane

" Ah!"-Jen

" Ah!"-Momo

" Ah!"-Jane

" Ah!"-Jen

" Ah!"-Momo

" You people are giving me migraines"-Daniel.

" Land ho!" Razi laughed.

" What?" Everyone but Razi shouted in unison at Razi.

" There's an island dead ahead."

The island Razi was pointing too was Loguetown. Everyone just stood where they were and watched Razi laugh at the sight of the island.

Daybreak was now-and it came only once a day.]

Finally! Away from those troublesome pirates..

Dell finished fixing the mast. It would be impossible for any normal person to do it, but not for "Sonic Boom" Dell. The mast was refurbished, waxed, and right when Thalia woke up. Thalia yawned from sleeping in, and stretched her arms up. They were not far from Oceagate, but were not close enough to see it in clear view. This island happened to be close to Loguetown.

" Hey guys," Thalia said cheerfully. " What's sup?"

" Dumby here nearly cost us a new ship," Dell exclaimed. " He burned out the entire MAST in half!"

" That's nice. Is there anything to eat around here?"

Dell growled at her indifference, replying, " You're worse than Kano. Unfortunately, no. Kano ate everything we supplied last night. The glutton."

" Say my name and I magically appear!" Kano was finally up.


He jumped in the air and smiled, (•‿•). " Hey Dell, what are we having for breakfast?"

" Nothing! Just shove it up your butt-vault!"

" You guys can't keep track of your nutrition," Thalia said dumbfoundly. " You guys need a cook for your crew, y'know."

A navigator as well.

"Yeah." Thalia agreed.

" Wait! We don't have a name for our crew!" Kano interrupted, as Thalia did the ' Oh yeah...' face and Dell and Ijin sweat dropped.

" Oh, God..." Ijin said.

" God, Kano!" Dell shouted. " You sound like the spoilt, six year-old baby of a Celestial Dragon."

" B-But, why are we pirates if we don't even have a frickin' name for our crew?" Kano said.

" I hate when you're right. Hmm, how about the Axe Pirates?"

" You aren't the captain, Dell!"

Ijin raised his hand, " The Torksa Pirates?"

" Hmm..." Thalia pondered rubbing her chin. " That does-"

" No!" Dell exclaimed. " The Firebrand-"

" No, because of spoilers, Dell!"

But everyone already knows your nickname, Kano.

" The Heat Heat Pirates?"

" Nah... it needs a ring to it. Something that's funny but also scary at the same time."

" The 1,000 Degree Pirates?" Thalia suggested.

" I know! How about the Straw Hat Pirates?"

" We can't use another crew's name, Kano," Dell said coldly. " Don't be stupid."

" Hmm, I've got an idea," Ijin said. " The All New Straw Hat Pirates. I was thinking this could be a homage to your grandfather."

" I agree," Dell said. " Remember when we told each other about our pasts, Kano. I think people all over the world should know you're the grandson of the last King of the Pirates."

Ijin retorted, "But nobody heard about my past-"

" You. Rock. Ijin!" Kano smiled.

" What about me!" Dell shouted.

Never did rock, never will.

"Shut up." -Dell

" Let's go with it!"

" Yeah, it does sound like a good name," Dell said. " As soon as the Marines hear 'Straw Hat', they'll be put in a cold sweat."

" As long as I get to go on an adventure," Thalia said, " I don't mind which name you choose!"

" Glad you like it," Ijin said. " Just helping, guys. After all, I am a member of your crew, right?"

" Alright!" Kano laughed thrusting his hands in the air. " All New Straw Hats, let's move! I'm gonna become King of the Pirates."

*Ehem*...Is it okay to do my narration? So Kano, Dell, Ijin, and Thalia finally thought of a pirate crew name. The All New Straw Hat Pirates...of course they could have thought of a better name, this one just worked with them. For some goddamn, f***ing retarded reason.

What the crew of four pirates didn't know...they would meet Razi and his crew in Loguetown very soon.




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