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Chapter 6: Arrival at Victorian Town!

Two men stood among a group of incapacitated women, with one struggling to get on her feet.

'Is that all of them? What a pathetic crew!' one of the men mocked. His shoulders and head were covered in metal plating and his face was completely purple with green strips on his cheeks. He wore a large black jacket with light gray shoulders, each with the number "52" on them, and a teal hard hat. He also had extremely long, spiky blonde hair. He also had his left arm outfitted with a large six barrel chain gun.

'What should we do with the women?' the other man asked. He wore red, loose pants with numerous pockets on them, tucked inside black shoes with white shin coverings, a tan, fish scale-patterned scarf, and blue gloves with red fingers. He also kept a straight handle scythe with a jagged-edged blade and a skull designed into the base of the blade.

'We'll set up bombs around the base. That should kill them,' the blonde-haired man replied, 'And as for 'Hit Man' Zara...'

The one with the scythe wore a sadistic (somewhat perverted and rape face-like) smile on his face, at the sound of the man saying 'kill'.

'Don't you dare try anything...Taindu Arkbar!' Zara said back. She stood around 5'9 with a large chest with large breasts, along with curly, shoulder length, dark brown hair with pink and orange streaks and dark grey eyes. She wore a strapless, corset styled, violet colored top, black skinny jeans, and knee high, high heeled, black boots.

'Oh..don't worry. Once we're finished with you we won't need try anything!' the man with the smile replied.

'You...' the beat up woman said.

'Yes, what?'

'Even you have the rape face..' she complimented.

'SHUT UP! IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A-' the man shouted, losing the smile, before being interrupted by the man with the blonde hair.

'Oh yes, it does, Harakārā. Even I feel a bit uncomfortable looking at you smiling like that.'

'Ditto', 'Hit Man' also agreed.


'Arkbar, I'm not letting you destroy my headquarters without a fight!' 'Hit Man' said.

'Try defending it. You're just gonna get more injuries, and maybe a one-way ticket to hell', Arkbar replied.

Zara however, undeterred, got out a gas mark and a bomb, and said, 'Maybe that ticket's for both of you. Try dodging this!'

'Gals, are you ready?' she asked, while the others who were previously knocked out, got out gas masks and put them on.

'Ready, chief!'

'Then take this, Arkbar! Poison Grenade!' she threw the bomb at them, which released a wave of poison gas.

It started to clear after a few minutes, in which after, both Harakārā and Arkbar were nowhere to be seen.

'Dammit! They escaped!' she said.

'We're almost there, Thalia!' an excited Volk replied. The crew, along with Thalia, Ijin ('I joined the crew last chapter!?') and Krute had drove to Victorian Town to look for Edward Stone-the only shipwright on the island. They traveled a day to get there, as it took a day to get to the next side of the island through a vehicle.

'How long is it gonna take to get there?' Krute asked, 'I wanna record a sex tape, with you and me Dell. Volk, you can be the camera man.'

'DA FUQ YOU JUST SAID?!' everyone but Krute asked in confusion, staring at him in silence as the car drove on. The silence occurred for 10 seconds until..

'Look guys, it's Angel! The guy from those comics I showed you!' 'Straw Hat' cried. A man with wings flew above them, somewhat sharing a resemblance to Warren Worthington II.

Don't tell Volk and co., but it's actually Harakārā flying with wings on his back with Arkbar.

'What?' said Volk.


'Come on, come on, Krute! Get out the camera!' Thalia said in haste.

'What's all the commotion about...WTF?!' Dell turned to see 'Angel' in the sky and exclaimed, with his eyes turning into stars, 'Su...gooooooooi!'

Yes, Dell was a massive fanboy of the Marvel comics.

'Oh, God..' Ijin sweat-dropped.

He used to wait in line to get his comic signed by the author, and squealed like a girl when he got it signed, gayly skipping ho-

'Shut up,' he said coldly.

Sorry. And now to Flight withHarakārā and Arkbar.

'It's good we escaped in time, otherwise we could have been goners. Thanks, Harakārā,' Taindu said in appreciation.

'No problem, boss,' he replied.

If you're asking about how both these guys escaped the poison gas, Harakārā ate the Wing Wing Fruit, which bestows the ability to grow wings that grant the user flight. He grabbed hold of Arkbar and flew through the roof to escape the gas.

'Let's just get back to the base now. Bert and Jok are both waiting for us,' he said, as they flew off into the distance.

And now back to earth with Straw Hat and co.

'Ummmm, Dell, what was that voice talking when we noticed Angel?' Thalia asked.

'Yeah, what was he, and why did he have the VA of Robert Bruce Elliott?' Ijin added.

'That's true, he did have the VA of Robert Bruce Elliott,' Volk also added.

'Da fuq's a VA and Robert Bruce Elliott?' Dell, Thalia and Krute simultaneously asked.

'Don't worry, you'll find out later, 'Marshall said as he looked on, and saw the town of Victorian arising, grinning and continuing, 'Guys, look! It's Victorian Town!'

The colors make it look dull, but it looks big!

'That's actually true, and...why am I agreeing with this guy?' Dell asked himself.

You'll find it's rather forced by the scriptwriter, because my opinion is better than your opinion.

'Oh yeah? What happens if I don't?'

The author would tie you to a 10000 kilo weight, throw you into the ocean, and leave you to die. That's what the scriptwriters told me.

Dell's face faulted dramatically after hearing that, saying, 'That's how harsh the author is?! Wait. Why do I even care?'

Cause you do.

'Shut up.'

The crew started to drive into town, the Sniper Pirates' base being 15 minutes away.

'I should probably check how Zara and co. are doing. Let's see if I can become Vice-Captain through another way!' Thalia said, getting her iPhone 5 out.

'You have an iPhone?' Dell asked in amazement.

Like everyone else, except from you.

'WON'T YOU SHUT UP FOR ONCE?!' 'Sonic Boom' yelled in embarrassment.

'They sent a voice message-they must've been missing me! Let's see it!' she played the voice message.

There were sounds of gunshots and sword slashes, and women screaming in the audio.

Wow, that sounds painful. I wonder if anyone got killed.

'SHADDUP, Narrator! We're trying to listen to the message and that's my crew you're talking about!' Thalia shouted.

Is this what you're naming me?

A voice suddenly came from the message, pleading, 'Thalia, if you're there, please help us! Come back quickly!'

The message then stopped. Thalia put her hands on her mouth, and was about to talk when Volk, in a serious tone, assured her, 'Thalia, if you want to go help your crew, we'll branch there first and go to Edward Stone later.'

'Yeah, don't worry, Thalia, we'll be there for you,' Dell added.

'Ditto,' Ijin said in response to Dell.

'I'm here to help!' Krute said, 'and to record a sex tape with my man!'

His 'man' shivered.

I'm here for the main time anyway.

'Thank you guys!' she hugged the four as they drove to the Sniper Pirates' base.

The Straw Hats, Thalia and Krute finally arrived at the base, and got out of the car.

'Why is there a hole in the roof?' Thalia asked.

'Let's find out,' 'Straw Hat' replied.

Thalia opened the door with her own key and the 5 went in.

She locked the door as the other 4 came in and went into the main room.

'Guys, I'm home! Did you guys-' Thalia stopped as she went into the room. She was paralyzed in complete shock as she put her hand on her mouth yet again.

Cue sound effect 'bomm!'

Every one of her crew mates were severely injured and knocked out on the floor, with Zara on the wall, breathing very hardly.

'Za..Zara? Zara? ZAAAAAARAAAAAA!' Thalia yelled, crying.

'Why are you guys so beat up?' she asked them.

'We tried fighting them, but it was to no avail. We still lost.'

'They were too tough. Even Zara couldn't hold them off.'

'Both Arkbar and Harakārā were too strong for me. I'm sorry I couldn't hold them off, gals,' Zara apologised.

'It's OK,' they all said.

'What about you, Korah?' Thalia asked.

'Thalia, where's Karah?' I've haven't seen her since last night,' she asked.

A young woman stood on the balcony of a building as a figure came flying down towards the building. She was about 5'9", with a slim womanly figure and large chest. She had hazel eyes and waist length, straight, dark purple hair. She wore nothing but chest bindings for a shirt, bright red skinny jeans, and wooden sandals. She also had a large scar running horizontally across her stomach from a sword.

The figure was both Taindu Arkbar and Harakārā, as they both landed onto the balcony.

'Alright, you asked to talk to me. What is it?' Arkbar asked.

'I join you, Taindu Arkbar!'


And that is another chapter done and dusted. The 'Narrator', who appears during middle of the chapter, will have a roll as a main character, and will have a bigger role later in the arc. For the next chapter: The Straw Hats go to find Edward Stone. Arkbar arrives with a former ally of the Sniper Pirates.

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