So much has changed

And so much has happened these years

But still find that you

Are waiting here

We have a bond

That nothing can change

And still I find

A peace of mind

Whenever I hear your name

~Toad the Wet Sprocket: Brother


Some forty years later, Holmes found himself sitting in his little cottage in Sussex. The fire warmed his aching, old joints as he listened to Watson's soft snoring. Many wonderful and terrible events had been shared by these two dear friends in those decades. As age took him farther and farther away from those events, Holmes could not help his mind wandering back with some nostalgia and not a little wonder.

Even now, he could not fully comprehend what he had done all those years ago to deserve such love and loyalty from another person. In the events following his return to London after Reichenbach Falls he had questioned it many times. He had ceased questioning many years ago now, as the only answer he could come up with was Watson. The man's heart knew no boundaries. His forgiving nature and kind spirit could not be broken.

Taking up a nearby blanket, he covered his friend once more as he had fallen asleep where he sat. Now, such an action was second nature to him. For the sake of the doctor who dared to call him friend, he had tried to be a man worthy of that honor.

Once more, he settled into his chair to guard his friend's rest.

Sleep well, my dear friend, Watson.