''Alright girls, we'll stop here. By tomorrow, I need everyone to submit their French composition and review from this day topic. Forget it and trust me, you'll enter the sisters office in no time.'' said Mrs. Ada, the French instructor boldly.

She has an unquestionable reputation for sending her pupil out without mercy and they always end up crying or even the worst, the most honorable and well-known punishment throughout the school: purifying the old historical pond, decorated with green full-grown algae which sprout at a faster rate than the power of human cleaning them. Sometimes, the sisters include another disgraceful historical job, cleaning a tower with fourteen dusty pairs of stairs. Considering their old tale and ghost legend, it might be acceptable enough to call them 'honorable'.

Miyuki straighten herself and walk towards Shizuma desk. ''Got a minute?'' ask her directly.

Shizuma leer at her, being cautious. But she cooperate quietly and follow Miyuki's trail without asking anything. After all, nothing serious has been appearing lately.

They stopped in front of the student council room. Before the situation became more awkward between them, Miyuki started their conversation.

''Yesterday, I receive complains from our juniors, Takahashi-san and other girls who claim to be your unseriousness love victim.''

Shizuma green eyes somehow turns cloudy hearing those unimportant speech. ''ah, that... dont concern yourself, Miyuki.''

Plak! Miyuki slap Shizuma face all of a sudden without hesistation. ''...True, I dont see any connection it has to do with me. But anything concerning Kaori, will definitely involve me.'' said her with straight expression.

Shizuma startles a bit, but didn't let Miyuki realize how it bugs her a lot. ''I never mention anything about her.'' return Shizuma while fixing her hair, trying her best to stay composed.

''Look, I've never been interested to step on your love life. Shizuma, without a word coming out from you, I knew your harsh, careless action revolves around her. How many years do you think I've spend watching and standing by your side?'' ask Miyuki.


''Shizuma, I deserve an explanation, as your friend.''

''...I just sense the need to embrace those girls and it's not like that I force them to do things.'' said Shizuma carefully.

''Without any feelings?'' ask Miyuki again, trying to dig out more.

''All the girls I have been together up till now suits my taste perfectly. Of course I love them, Miyuki. Don't be so silly...'' reply Shizuma as she kiss her long, sweet-scented hair with her eyes still looking at Miyuki.

Miyuki sighed. ''No, Shizuma. The fact that you can say 'I love them' easily proof that you're not in love with anybody. You really do change, Shizuma...''

''What part of me changed, my cute silly friend? You can't even guess what I'm longing for... how courageous of you, judging my flawless heart and love.'' Shizuma caress Miyuki's blue hair while her friend stand, responding to Shizuma dangerous glare.

Miyuki take a step away from Shizuma. ''You... have sealed your love away since Kaori's death...''

''Miyuki, I do still have my feelings with me.'' said Shizuma. But she's more to convincing herself rather than convincing Miyuki, who were now looking very upset hearing Shizuma hard-headed words.

''Wrong!'' scream Miyuki, frustated, making Shizuma stand in a shock. Shizuma never thought that Miyuki would shout at her.

''Just... dont say anything more...'' Miyuki turn around. ''My friend... was a dazzling person whom I adore for all this years. But right now, you're just like an empty soul lurking around. You feel and view other people through your blind heart, let alone to love anyone when you can't even recognize yourself clearly.''

Miyuki walk away silently, leaving Shizuma alone with anger building up within her heart.


''Tamao-san, can you re-do your poetry? It's a lot better than before, but it didn't pass my expectation yet.'' said Kana, the Literature Club vice president.

''Is it... really that bad?'' ask Tamao shyly. She still isn't very sure whether entering the literature club is really the best choice for her. Futhermore, it has been quite a while since she compose her writings.

''Ah, don't get me in the wrong way. From the start, if I can't sense any ability in you, I wouldn't have approve you during the club meetings. We just need to guide and polish your skill, Tamao-san.''

''Right... excuse me then.'' Tamao bow once more and leave immediately. She need to refresh her mind and going for a stroll may be a great idea.

When she step outside, the wind blows gently and she can smell different scents of trees and flowers. Sweet majestic fragrance of pink roses, the beauty of cherry blossoms with their flowers hanging beyond her reach draw her even closer. Petals of flowers dropping on her shoulder please her a bit.

''It's beautiful, isn't it?'' said someone from behind.

Tamao smile as she recognize that voice. ''Yes... it's beautiful. Kagome-chan, what are you doing here alone?''

Kagome squeeze her teddy bear tighter. ''Tamao-senpai... is something wrong?''

''...You're really sharp, Kagome-chan.'' said Tamao confused, but she continued. ''My writings were rejected by Kana-senpai. I need a new inspiration quickly or else, I'll lose my reputation.''

''Isn't it here...?'' said Kagome.

Tamao look around. ''What's here?''

Kagome shook her head. ''Pashibaru said... isn't the inspiration here, Tamao-senpai...?''

Tamao stun in a shock. ''Here... You are right, Kagome-chan! Thank you very much!'' exclaim her happily.

''Can you write it now?''

''Yes, I want to express my feeling rightaway now. You want to look at it?'' offer Tamao. ''With Pashibaru too?''

Kagome nod slowly. ''I'll stay here...''

One hour passed...

''It's finally done!'' said Tamao, putting her hands up. Her eyes looks relief and her face radiates with excitement.

''Kagome-chan, look! It's do..'' Tamao stop her lines and grin. Kagome fall asleep while waiting for Tamao.

''Eheh, her sleeping face is too irresistable...'' said Tamao as she pet her and whisper near Kagome's ear. ''Thank you, Kagome-chan...''