If you are like me, then you will think that Danny and Alice are the best couple in Wild at Heart. I hate it how they argue and I did not like it how Danny did not return to Alice at the end of series 7 so here's how it should have gone.

Disclaimer: I don't own Wild at Heart but I love the show so much and I am jealous that Australia does not have awesome shows like it.


At the end of Series 7 we see Danny faced with a choice. The Elephant blocking his path has a wound and he tells the taxi driver to turn around.

In my world this is how it worked out:

'Keep going.' Danny Trevanion called to the Taxi driver. 'Go round them I don't want to miss my plane.' He sat back against the seat of the Car. Deciding to leave Leopard's Den had been one of the hardest things he had ever done, but in his heart of hearts he knew it was the right thing to do.

When he got to the air field the plane was there waiting. Everything was ready to go and all he had to do was get on. He turned around to look at Africa once more before leaving and then boarded the plane knowing his wife was waiting in England.

Many hours and stiff legs later Danny finally arrived at the airport. This was it. He was going back to being a small animal vet mostly dealing with dogs and cats. And was he excited. NO! He could not wait to be with his family again but he would miss being a wildlife vet. But he had made his decision. His family were more important than a career.

As he walked into the airport he caught sight of a little girl running towards him. It was Charlie. He bent down on one knee where he was and held her tight. While they had been at Leopards Den together they had formed a special bond. Once Charlie let go Danny moved towards his wife. He hugged her and held her close whilst whispering in her ear 'I love you Alice Trevanion.'

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