Chapter 8:

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Everyone stood around the phone. Nobody knew quite what to say. In some ways the doctor had good news and in some ways I was bad and nobody knew how to react.

The doctor had told them that Ed did not have rabies. You never really recover from rabies if you get it so that was the good news. The bad news is that Ed had appendicitis. The appendix had been very inflamed and had been removed and it had been a near death experience.

The appendix had started to release toxins into Ed so he would be in hospital for a week and unable to work for 2 months but he would be ok.

'Well, we will all have to pick up for Ed now.' Danny said. Trying his best to say something but Alice just smirked at him and he knew he had not done it very well.

'What like we did for you Trevanion.' Dupe said. He did much better than Danny did because even though it was true, it made every one laugh and begin to move off in their own directions.

... 1 week later

When Ed came home they did not have a party. There was too much to do. It was only the usual, sick animals here, fences that needed mending there. They all got on with their daily lives and things seemed to progress well. Ed however hated the bed rest and was constantly asking to get out of bed and do something. It was frustrating for people and he was always on the radio. He like to be kept 100% up to date and was after a few days beginning to get on peoples nerves. It was going to be a long two months.

The two months passed quicker as they got towards the end and Ed became less painful to the others. When he finally got back to doing what he did, it was like he had never left in the first place.

Rosie and Max had returned in that time that he had been sick and there were 4 vets working on the Leopards Den, Mara land. A few more than required but that was ok because everyone earns their keep.

Everything was going well at Leopards Den, the people and the animals could not be happier. Leopards Den and Mara were doing well with the endangered species project and they were at an all-time high. Danny and Alice both knew that everything was going to be ok because Danny and Alice were there and they both loved each other. So what could possibly go wrong?

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