- Prologue –

The cloudless night sky reflected off the still water as four cats sat encircling it, their pelts shimmering with light. Their eyes stared, unblinking, towards the path leading from the pool. The spotted she-cat lashed her tail angrily before turning her stony gaze on the three toms.

"Well?" she spat, her fur fluffing up in reaction to the cold wind that seemed to circle her, "Where are they?! You said, Firestar, that they would be here as soon as they go the message! And we sent it to them two days ago, and there has been no word!"

"Calm down Leopardstar," one of the other toms said, cutting into her stream of words. He wrapped his long black and white tail around his paws as he continued, "They will be here as soon as they can – unless you expect them to fly!" Firestar glanced at him gratefully, as his own ginger pelt fluffed up from the icy wind. The other tom, silent until now, tilted his sooty head in the direction of the path.

"I believe I hear someone." He said, standing up and stretching his stiffened joints.

"You have good ears Nightstar," a deep, husky voice growled, as four more cats appeared in the light of the moon, "But would you care to tell us why we had to trek through this freezing snow all the way to Moonpool to tell us something?" The Starclan cats ignored this outburst, and each took aside the leader of their own clan. And each whispered an identical message. "There is one, to stand by all four, to fight for it's Clan to the End". A yowl of protest from the Clan cats arose as the previous, vanished from sight.