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Chapter 1

"Hey Carls!" Sam said entering Carly's house with Freddie, putting her bag on the couch. "I'll be on the refrigerator."

"Ola." Freddie said as a greeting. Freddie put her bag on the couch, same thing like Sam did.

"Hey Sam, hey Freddie." Carly replied, still busy using her computer.

"What are you doing?" Freddie asked as she went close to Carly.

"Checking " Carly replied rapidly. Sam was quiet in the dining area eating Carly's frozen pizza.

Gibby suddenly showed up and went Freddie. "Hey Freddie!" He yelled tossing his bag on the floor. "Wanna come over tonight?"

"Why?" Freddie asked, leaning on the table.

"Brad and I are having a small sleepover at Brad's house." Gibby replied.

"Sure, meet you guys at 8." Freddie replied.

"K, bye" Gibby said leaving the house. Carly was eavesdropping. Few minutes after Gibby left, Freddie left too.

"Hey Sam." Carly said as she looked at Sam eating her pizza. "Do you wanna have a sleepover party tonight?"

"Will there be snacks?" Sam replied chewing the pizza.

"Yes." Carly replied, a little bit annoyed because Sam is eating her pizza again.

"Good, lets I'll call Melanie."


"Oh wait, I got a list for yah."

"A list of what?"

"A list of food I want." Sam said giving Carly the list.

Carly read the list:

a bucket of fried chicken

2 large ham pizzas

spaghetti tacos

root beer

fat cakes

ham sandwiches

bacon sandwiches

"I have to cook all this?"

"You can ask Spencer to help you." Sam said. "Bye Carls."

Carly ordered 2 large ham pizzas on the pizza palace, she also ordered a bucket of fried chicken using Spencer's credit card. She went to the grocery store to buy some fat cakes, root beer, ham, bacon, pasta, spaghetti sauce, tacos, loaf bread, spring onions and lots of other stuff. She went home at bushwell plaza quarter to 6.

She saw Spencer sitting on the couch watching Celebrities underwater. "Hey kiddo, have you seen my credit card? I remember I left it in my laundry basket."

Carly reached for the credit card in her pocket and hand it over to Spencer. "Now I know why that smells like rotten boxers." Spencer just smiled a cheesy grin. "Will you help me cook?"

"Cook what?"

"Spaghetti tacos, ham sandwiches and bacon sandwiches."

"What's the occasion?"

"Sam, Melanie and I are having a sleepover tonight."

"Okay, lets start cookin'"


"Thanks Spens for helping me cook."

"No Problemo…."

Carly's doorbell rang and it was the pizza delivery and the chicken delivery.

A few minutes Carly's doorbell rang again. It was Sam and Melanie."

"LET THE SLEEPOVER BEGIN" Carly announced.


Brad's doorbell rang, it was Gibby and Freddie.

"Hey Gibby, Hey Freddie." said Brad.

"Wassup Brad?" said Gibby.

"Nice house Brad." said Freddie, giving a high five.

"Thanks." Brad replied. "LET THE SLEEPOVER BEGIN"

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