Author note: Hey everyone, this is my first story based on my favourite total drama couple Mike and Zoey, this takes place after total drama revenge of the island episode 4, no bad comments please, Enjoy

Warning: if you have not seen episode 4 of total drama revenge of the island and don't want spoilers then don't read.

Zoey sat on her bed in her team's cabin crying "I can't believe that Mike betrayed me, I thought we were meant to be, but it's obvious he likes Ann Maria" she thought to herself then she stopped crying and looked up "I won't trust him again" she said as she buried her face into the pillow and started crying again.

Mike sat outside felling bad for himself "how could this happen, I was getting so close to Zoey, but Vito had to come and ruin it she probably thinks I like Ann Maria. I hate living with this stupid disorder!" he said looking down "how am I going to tell her? Every other person I've told called me freak!" Mike looked up "I have to tell Zoey the truth" he said and then Mike walked over to the cabins.

Mike made it over to the girl's side of the mutation maggots "Zoey are you there?" Mike asked Zoey look up from her pillow "go away Mike!" she yelled with anger, Mike was little shocked by this, he knew Zoey was going to be upset because she saw him kissing Ann Maria, what he didn't know that she's so upset that she didn't want talk to him "Zoey I need to tell you something, can you please let me explain?" "What else do you want to tell me? That you what me out of your life?" she said in a sad tone "No! Can I please tell it to your face" Mike asked she sighed "fine, you can come in" she replied, Mike walked in "Zoey I need to tell you the truth" "and what that might be more lies?" She look at him with tears in her eyes "no, the truth is... I have multiple personality disorder" Mike look down "so what does that mean?" "My impressions are really personalities, I'm really sorry for Kissing Ann Maria but that wasn't me that was Vito, you probably know about this since I've told you the truth, I understand that you don't want me in your life anymore, but let me tell you this. I really like you Zoey, you're nice, smart and you're very pretty. Ann Maria means nothing to me, it's you I want Zoey and no one else" Mike said, Zoey was really touched by all that Mike said, she didn't care about the fact that Mike had multiple personality disorder, Zoey like him for who he is and she didn't want anyone else in her life "I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused Zoey, I'll go" Mike said as he walk away, as he was just about to reach for the door "Mike wait!" Zoey yelled Mike turned "please don't leave" she said "why?" he asked "Mike I'm really sorry I didn't understand that you had multiple personalities, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Zoey asked "I was afraid that you think I was freak, but why don't you tell me to get out of your life?" Mike asked "because after what you said, I don't hate you" Mike look at Zoey with confusion "to tell you the truth I really like you and I'm not going to reject you. I would love for you to be in my life" they both smiled at each other and Zoey jumped into Mike's arms, they held on each other tightly, they looked deeply into each other's eyes for a little while and then they started to lean into each other slowly, then they shared a passionate kiss, a few seconds later they pulled away "you are the most amazing girl I have ever meant" Mike said "Mike, that's really sweet" they continued to enjoy each other's company

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