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"We need to talk sweetheart," Haymitch says as he stumbles upon my household without even bothering to knock before her enters, I was just at the kitchen cleaning my game after a sucessful hunting trip, I got 2 squirrels, 7 rabbits, a deer and some herbs I plan to send to my mother in District 4.

"Can this wait Haymitch? I don't want you to ruin my mood. And plus, I don't want to hear about the alcohol sale at Ripper's"

"It isn't about that, it's about Peeta." Haymitch sighs. This worries me, me and Peeta have been through a lot together, and right now, we're quite good friends, we go to each other's houses regularly and have dinner, I guess you can say that he's healed from the hijacking, but sometimes he has to hold something when the venom tries to take over, but luckily, it only lasts for a few minutes.

"Did something happen? Is he hurt? Does he need my help?" I ask, I need Peeta to be okay.

"No he isn't hurt, although what I'm about to tell you may hurt you."Haymitch says as the points at my face at the last word, how can I be hurt? This must be something important, yet complicated.

"I don't see how it can hurt me," I say, giving Haymitch a confused look, I finall notice his appearance, he looks sad, really sad, his face is showing pity, on me, no one shows pity on me, I don't need it. And when did Haymitch start showing pity?

"Trust me, sweetheart, it will," Haymitch puts his hand on my shoulder, then gets an envelope out of his pocket and hands it to me.

The envelope has a detailed vine design carved on the edges, the back it reads my name in a very neat but elegant writing, I'd know this handwriting anywhere, it's Peeta's, I open the envelope and carefully slide the paper out of the envelope, the paper has the same vine design, what I see printed on the paper makes my heart sink.

You're invited!

You have been invited to the wedding of Peeta Mellark and Isolde Comthra, which will be held at the new wedding church on May 8th at 5 in the afternoon, there will be an engagement party held tomorrow at 8 in the evening, I hope to see you there, your presence will be highly appreiated.

The next part is in Peeta's handwriting.

Katniss, please come, I really want you to be there, we've been through so much together. I managed to sneak an envelope and a paper from the print shop, so I guess you weren't really invited, but please come, for me.

Always, Peeta.

I have a sad feeling in my heart, who is Isolde Comthra? Peeta only returned 8 months ago and he's getting married to a person who he never even bothered to introduce me to, does he dislike me? I guess so, I could well be the reason why his family was killed, of course he would hate me, he just pities me because I lost my sister.

I try to take my mind off of it for the next few hours, try to play the piano, clean the house, try to write letters to Annie and her son, my mother and Johanna.

But that feeling in my heart is still there, the feeling of sadness, when Peeta gets married, will we still be friends? Will he be able to come over here? Is Isolde going to ban me from seeing him because I was his first love? I guess so, I need to see Peeta one last time before he gives himself to Isolde, I need to say goodbye. Why do I need to say goodbye? Because he is my friend, a good friend, and we have been through things that people shouldn't even go through. Maybe I should say goodbye during the engagement party, but then, I don't want to say goodbye, at least not in public.

Then I think, if I ever love him, it would never be enough, Isolde could probably love him more than I can, and Peeta needs love, a lot of love.

Peeta has been through so much more than me,he was abused as a child by his witch of a mother, he went into 2 Games, he lost his leg in the first one, he lost his sanity in the other, he was captured by the Capitol, tortured and hijacked, he was in the explosion that killed my sister, Isolde probably loves him, a lot, and he loves her too, while I don't even deserve friends, and yet, Peeta and Haymitch care about me, and I don't even thank them, and now, I will never get the chance to thank Peeta and tell him how much I appreciate him, and I'll never let that go.

Then I realize.

I have feelings for Peeta Mellark.

And I have to stop this wedding.

Because I need my boy with the bread, my dandelion in the spring, and without him, I'm just a shell of a person.

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