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(and just in case there is any confusion, Andy is Andre, it's just what everyone calls him except the adults)


"Riley, can I speak with you?" mum asked after an hour of them answering our questions about Kirova's death.
"Yeah, of course mum" I replied as I followed her out to the deck. "What's up?" I asked as she stood looking out to the forest.
"I just wanted to ask you if Andre was doing alright? you know, how is he handling the changes and all?" she asked as she turned to look me in the eyes,
"Changes?" oh she must be talking about the changes made with classes, which were suspended for another week until the whole Kirova deal was under a bit more control, but still, it wasn't that much of a change for mum to worry about. "Oh... uh, yeah I suppose he is dealing? I mean most of the people are kind of glad anyway..." I trailed off as she gave me a weird look.
"He's told everyone?"
"Wait, what are you talking about mum?" I asked, not understanding
"Have you talked to Andre since you guys got back?"
"Yeah, of course, we were hanging out last night? why? what is it mum?" obviously I had no clue what mum was talking about now.
"well... uh.. I think you should go find Andre and ask him about it, I just thought he would of told you"
"okay..." I was confused, this day get getting weirder and weirder, maybe soon I would wake up to my alarm and realise this was all a dream?
"I think he is at aunt Lissa's house next door?" mum offered as I walked away to find Andy.

I knocked several times before uncle Christian opened the door for me, "Riley? come on in" he greeted as he stepped aside for me to enter.
"Thanks Uncle Chris" I thanked as I stepped inside.
"Riley! how are you?" Lissa called as she looked up from a magazine,
"Hey Aunt Lissa, I'm good. I was just looking for Andy actually, is he here?"
"Oh, you just missed him, I think he was heading back to his dorm?" she answered as she looked back to her magazine.
"Thanks guys, it was good to see you again" I said as I made my way out the door and towards Andy's dorm.

On my way there, I spotted George talking to someone, his back was to me so I couldn't see who, I was about to keep going when I realised the girl was Anna Zeklos. What the? I looked closer and Anna looked like she wasn't really paying attention to whatever George was saying, as she looked around the room at anything but him. George how ever, even though his back was towards me, looked angry as he threw his hands around wildly, he was talking in a harsh tone, that much I could tell, but I couldn't make out any words.
Then he suddenly spun around and stalked off. I quickly carried on towards Andy's room before George noticed me.

"Oh hey Riley, what's up?" Andy greeted when he saw me at his door.
"Hey Andy, uh, nothing really. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk?" I asked, still not really sure as into why I was here. What had mum said again? Andy was going through changes? he still looked the same to me?
"Yeah sure, just let me grab my coat" Andy said, pulling me away from my thoughts.
When he came back out, coat in hand, we headed out doors and just walked.

"So... what's really up?" Andy asked, we had been walking in silence for about ten minutes when he asked.
"Nothing... well okay something... it's just... what's changed Andy?" I asked, not sure how to ask, or even what to ask. He stopped walking and looked at me,
"Changed? changed as in how?" he asked, sounding almost nervous?
"Well I dunno... I just... you seem a bit different?" I stuttered, he stared at me for what felt like an eternity, "A penny for your thoughts?" I asked after about 10 minutes of silence. He sighed,
"Look Rye, there are some things going on... over the holidays... well... uh, god I have no clue where to even start"
"how about start at the beginning?" I suggested, he sighed again
"Well the start? okay, you know how I specialised in fire like my dad?" he asked
"Okay, how far back is the start?" I asked, realising this may just be a really, really long story, he laughed,
"well you asked for it, so anyway, this holidays, I was doing some baking... don't give me that look, I was extremely hungry and there was nothing to eat and mum wasn't home... so anyway, I was doing some baking when all of a sudden the microwave explodes into flames - hey don't laugh! I'm usually quite good at kitchen stuff- so anyway I just sort of, I dunno, I made water come out of no where and put it out" I was still laughing until I realised what he was telling me.
Wait! what did you just say!?" there was no way I could of heard him right, surely I had simply misheard. He looked me straight in the eyes,
"Riley I don't know how to explain, it's all so crazy.. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it too, but when mum got home I told her all about it so we decided to experiment a bit and well to cut a long story short, I can use all elements Riley and spirit too, Adrian came over for the rest f the holidays and I can like visit people in their dreams... it's so crazy!"

I was speechless, I had been here for almost two days and already the unexpected was happening.
Here is what I know;
Kirova is dead, my parents are here and my best friend since were in nappies has specialised in all elements and spirit as well.
What would this school year have in hold if these surprises were delivered in just two days?