1.1. Alice and the Rabbit

Something wasn't right as he opened his eyes and gazed around him, he wasn't in the Black Order anymore but some strange forest where it would seem that the trees had eyes of their own.

'Mr. Rabbit, wait up…' a girl was running towards him her long turquoise hair swept across her lower back. She wore a blue dress frilled with white lace and a matching headband in her hair. She looked cute but it was her words that made Lavi blink as he looked around.

'Me?' He pointed at himself as the girl caught up to him and frowned with her hands on her hips.

'Who else has ears like yours?' she tugged at his 'ear'.

'Ow!' Lavi winced as he gripped the velvety softness of the ear. He went blank… what? He ran past the girl to the nearest puddle that littered across the forest path and gazed into his reflection.

His hair was the same, though he seemed to be wearing a straightjacket open with a striped vest. But right on top of his head were a pair of white fluffy ears… rabbit ears.

'How the heck am I a rabbit?' The girl was blinking strangely at him before she jumped.

'Lavi! I'm so glad I'm not losing it,' the girl exclaimed in relief grabbing his gloved hands as if she was sure that he might bolt off.

'L-Lillian?' She smiled and nodded.

'Yep, seems like that accident did more harm than good huh? I woke up thinking my name was 'Alice',' Lillian confirmed as Lavi frowned at her.

[Flash back]

Komui was sitting in his office with several exorcists and a young finder waiting for him to speak. He seemed to be wearing a rather smug smile as he drummed his fingers over a book sitting on his strangely clean desk.

'What you see before you is a book found in the attic of a library that is being knocked down,' Komui said as if it was extremely important. The exorcists frowned at him.

'Is there something we should know Komui?' Lillian asked from her standing position on one side of the couch.

'Ya ain't gonna read that to us if that's what ya hinting,' came the mild retort from young exorcist Phoenix Hills, she was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.

'I agree Komui, it's just some stupid book, now can I go?' Kanda growled clearly annoyed that he had been called to the office and to discover it wasn't for a mission. Allen snickered at him.

'Are you implying that you can't read, Bakanda?'

'Oh shut up Moyashi,' Allen's eye twitched as she heard the nickname.

'The name's Allen, idiot!' Lavi groaned. He was leaning between the two as they began to bicker on the couch before Lenalee quickly intervened.

'Will you two quit it! Brother, please explain why we were called,' Lenalee spoke after she whacked the arguing pair with the clipboard folded on her lap. Komui cleared his throat.

'It has been confirmed that this is indeed innocence, however we are unable to obtain it,'

'So you want us to go inside the book and retrieve it?' Lillian asked

'Exactly,' the exorcists and Lillian groaned, the task seemed to be getting difficult to deal with.

'Honestly Komui, I have better things to do,' Kanda snarled but Phoenix giggled with amusement alight in her ruby eyes.

'How about opening it?' She stood up to go over to the book. Phoenix's reputation for burning anything flammable was quite well known in the Order. So her going over to the book began to make everyone nervous about what she was planning on doing.

'Maybe not Phoenix,' Komui snatched the book from the desk but his actions just infuriated the fiery girl.

'I ain't gonna burn it!' Phoenix pouted as she made a grab for the book and made to rip it from Komui. But unexpectedly, Komui kept his grip on it as the others came over to pry Phoenix's grip off the book.

'It won't… open… to anyone,' Komui struggled to explain to Phoenix through clenched teeth.

The tug of war got violent as Phoenix persisted till a sinister smirk graced her lips and she suddenly let the book go. Komui and the others were not ready for this as the book sailed above their heads, its pages glimmering.


A blinding flash came out of the book and caused them to shield their eyes before blackness befallen them.


Lavi shivered.

'So we're characters from one of the stories?' Lillian lamented as she twirled in her short blue dress. Lavi nodded when he too came to that realization.

'Yeah and if I'm the rabbit and you're the 'Alice', then the story we are in is Alice in Wonderland,' Lillian sighed at that and nodded her head slowly as if to agree with him.

'I guess, then it would mean the others are also stuck in one of the stories too,' she added solemnly and she had the right to, who knew what was going to happen to them if they couldn't recover the innocence?

Then Lillian seemed to perk up suddenly.

'You have you're innocence right?'

Lavi patted down the sides of his black pants before feeling the familiar head of his hammer. He then grinned and held it up for her to see.

'Yep, why?' She was pointing to something behind him with wide lilac eyes. Panic clearly stricken across her pale face as Lavi gingerly turned around and saw a mass of figures dressed in black and red charging towards them.

Lavi blinked in confusion but it didn't last long when he saw the sharp pointy spears and swords swinging ahead of them.

'It's the Queen of Hearts' guards!' Lavi cried out, which surprised him self and Lillian that he even knew who they were. But they couldn't dwell on that as the guards were quickly upon them.

'Eek!' Lillian jumped back to avoid a swipe from one of the guards' swords and stood behind Lavi. The guards were quick to surround them and hold them at spear point.

'I wish Yuu was here,' Lavi whined as he held his innocence in a defensive manner. Lillian snickered behind him.

'Shout his name loud enough and he might,' she joked lightly but yelped in pain when one of the guards prodded her with his spear. Lavi acted quickly as he knocked that guard off his feet and Lillian quickly grabbed his spear.

It may be two against six but they still had the element of surprise as Lavi quickly grabbed hold of Lillian.

'Big hammer, little hammer, extend!' they shot up into the sky above the guards, catching them off guard (no pun intended) before Lavi twirled the hammer around and enlarged it. He ground two confused guards with it as Lillian swept past him and knocked the spear of one guard to the side and pinning him against a tree.

Lavi then noticed that she had forgotten about the three other guards present and stepped to her undefended side quickly to knock them back as she retrieved another spear.

'Who the heck are they?' one of the guards stammered as the reminder of them took flight. Lavi and Lillian watched them disappear before looking at each other nervously.

'If they're the Queen of hearts' guards then that would mean they'll tell her about us,' Lillian said nauseously as she gripped the spear tightly in a reassuring way. Lavi teetered along with her as he stared at the guards lying unconscious on the ground.

'Yeah, it only proves that we have to find the others… come on!' Lavi sprinted away quickly before realizing that he had gotten a fair distance from a stunned Lillian. It must be because of his character that he had gotten faster then Lillian.

'Sorry,' Lavi apologized to her as she finally caught up to him panting heavily and glaring at him.

'Warn me next time you decide to bolt,' Lillian huffed as they continued on but at a slower pace. The forest around them was dark and they really had no idea where they were going… well until they heard a cried of pain.

'Watch where you're walking Rabbit!' a voice called out to him as Lavi and Lillian jumped in surprise at the sudden voice. They hadn't seen anyone and were wondering if the guards had come back.

'U-um sorry,' Lavi said nervously trying to step away but only ended up getting shoved in the back for his effort. Lavi grumbled as he rubbed his sore head and glared at Lillian who shook her head defensively.

'That wasn't me,' she said quickly as Lavi gazed around him till his eyes fell on the large towering violet looking over him. Lavi almost shitted himself badly before he bolted behind Lillian in surprise.

'When do flower suddenly grow out of nowhere?!' Lavi cried out as Lillian shrugged but was just as shocked as he was. The violet swayed as if to glare at them with its leafy arms on its improvised hips.

'How dare you trod on my foot, it took me all day to get it lush green,' the flower whined as Lillian and Lavi jumped when other flowers began to unfurl from the undergrowth.

'You really got us in trouble Mr. Rabbit,' Lillian glared at him as Lavi frowned in turn.

'When was I known as Mr. Rabbit, Lillian?' Lillian paused before slapping her forehead in embarrassment.

'Sorry, Lavi,'

'Oi, you too better apologize for trampling uninvited into the garden of us flowers,' the violet spat at them.

'We're sorry, we'll leave now,' Lillian said quickly as she urged Lavi forward and out of the mass of large flowers towering above them.

'My, my, what brings Rabbit here of all places?' A lovely red rose hummed amusingly as Lavi paused.

'Excuse me?'

'Oh yeah, aren't you suppose to go to the Queen's banquet?' a group of daisies chorused to each other as Lavi and Lillian glanced at each other in confusion.

'She'll be mad, she'll be mad,' whispered a bunch of shy yellow daffodils.

'Oh no, I'm late, I'm late!' Lavi panicked as he bolted off leaving Lillian to desperately chase after him.

'Lavi! Lavi…? Mr. Rabbit!' Lavi paused as Lillian finally caught up and slapped him hard across the face.

'Calm down… you're Lavi remember...' Lillian drew in heavy breaths as she held onto Lavi's arm just in case he decided to run off again. His face was drawn pale and stretched with surprise and confusion.

'Lillian? What's going on?'

'I fear that the longer we stay here the more we believe that we are apart of the story,' Lavi's grew as big as saucers, what Lillian said wasn't good news.

'We have to find the others and fast!'


Hey guys I'm back but this time writing a fractured fairytale novel with Lavi, Kanda, Lenalee, Komui, Allen and my OCs Lillian and Phoenix.

So far all of them have parts except Kanda… please send me any suggestion, it would greatly be appreciated because I'm at a dilemma with him… and there's femAllen too.

Other than that, please enjoy and REVIEW!