Love isn't something you plan. It just happens sometimes. It can happen in the weirdest ways, the happiest ways, and even the saddest ways. Love is love, though, and you can't run from ir. As much as you ignore it or deny it, you'll always know it's there. This is the story of two heroes that encounter something far worse than any villain they faced, something so horribly lovely that has them confused beyond end. This is the story of two love bird plus a little one.

Chapter 1

Raven sat in her favorite chair in her room, sipping her cup of herbal tea at one in the morning. She sighed as she felt the hot tea roll down her throat. She had a book in her lap called "Midnight Minds". She had recently bought it at her favorite book store, and she was going to start reading today. She flipped open the cover and flipped a couple of pages until she reached the first chapter, then she began reading.

Life within a person isn't always what it seems on the outside. You could face people like Samantha who is the meanest Bitch in the world, and find out later she does it because she's having problems, and deep down she is an angel. Or you could meet people like Sara,the nicest person in the world, and find out she does it because its convenient for her. Or like you can meet people like me, Katherine Romane, I look like the freak from the school, with my gothic look and bright misty grey eyes, I am what is known as the "Monster Witch" The most cold-hearted bitch you could meet. The one who could never love or express herself. But really what can I say. I am a cold-hearted bitch only because I don't want to hurt anyone, and I don't love for the same reason, but just because I don't do it willingly, doesn't mean I'll fall into its trap. I did fall in love, and care for someone with all my heart. That person is Adam Nickolas.

Raven stopped reading for a moment. She stared in awe at the book. It was like she was reading her life story in an alternative universe. She picked her cup of tea up from her Victorian nightstand that she bought from an antique's shop. She gulped it down and roughly but it back on the nightstand. The cup tipped and wobbled until it fell down. It crashed into the marble black floor and shattered with great force. Raven jumped from her chair in surprise and landed hard on the floor.

"Damn it!" She yelled when she accidentally stepped on broken glass with her bare feet. She hoped onto the chair and examined her bloody foot. She winced in pain as she tried removing the glass with her hands. She heard running footsteps coming from her hallway. The door swished open, reveling a man with jet black hair.

"Raven, I heard you scream. Is everything all right?" He asked as he walked towards her. She showed him her foot and pointed at the broken cup on the floor. He chuckled softly and kneeled on the ground, picking up the broken pieces of glass. Raven noticed something off about his emotions. She'll have to ask him about it later. Robin put the pieced in the trash bin and helped Raven up. She put an arm around him and he led her to the infirmary.

"I'll get the tweezers and take out the small pieces. Do you want me to bandage up the wound, or are is it going to heal fast?" Robin asked Raven while sitting her on one of the beds. She thought for a moment.

"Um bandage it up, I don't want to waste my energy healing a small wound. Well, actually it depends on how deep it is." She examined it closely, but she couldn't tell from all the blood. He nodded and got out the first aid kit from one of the cabinets Cyborg had built. He searched for the tweezers.

"Ok this might hurt a little." Robin said. Raven scoffed.

"Like it would hurt more than flying through a window." Raven responded. They laughed at the memory of when Raven flew through the window of Scrips Inc. building.


"Give it up Dr. Light!" Robin yelled at the madman. Dr. Light laughed maliciously. He through his light bombs at Robin, who dogged them easily. Starfire swooped down with Beastboy and the began attacking him. Starfire threw a handful of starbolts and Beastboy turned into a dinosaur trying to squash Dr. Light with his foot. The villain threw a barrier to capture Starfire and he shot Beastboy with his Light Rays.

"You fools, no one can turn of Dr. Light!" He said proudly. Cyborg grimaced and Robin smirked.

"I can!" Raven came down from her Raven form. Before she could say her mantra, Dr. Light threw a new machine at her. It blinded her eyesight and then blew up, causing her to fly across the street and crash through one of the Scrips Inc. windows.

"RAVEN!" Robin and Cyborg yelled. Dr. Light laughed.

"The little Darkette is vulnerable now! I invented a devi-"

"Shut up all ready man!" Cyborg blasted him in the face. Dr. Light was knocked out after that. Robin ran to the Scrips Inc. building while Cyborg helped Starfire and Beastboy.

Robin ran into the building while everyone was staring at him. He pressed the elevator repeatedly waiting for the doors to elevator opened and Robin dashed inside pressing the button for the 8 floor. Once the doors opened her ran out to the room where Raven fell through. He entered and saw a mess of broken glass and papers everywhere. He spotted Raven thrown against a desk.

"Raven!" He ran to her side and examined her. RAven opened one eye and smiled.

"That was one hell of a "thrown through a window." Robin stared at her and they began a fit of laughter.

"Lets go home."

End of flashback

"Don't move Rave." Robin plucked a small piece of glass. Raven twitched. Then he won't for the really big one and pulled it out.

"AH!" Raven yelled softly. Robin showed her the big glass piece and threw it in the trash. Then he examined her wound.

"It looks deep so I'll bandage it ok?" Raven nodded. She still had a feeling he was having a problem. She decided to confront him about it, they were best friends after all. She took a deep breath.

"Robin? Why are you so...down?" She asked him. He stopped bandaging and stood still for a moment looking at nothing in particular. He sighed and look up in her deep purple eyes.

"I ended it with Starfire today." He looked back down and began bandaging again. Raven looked at him very surprised. She thought they would last longer than 3 years. Maybe even get married and have kids. Raven secretly had a crush on Robin, after the whole thing where he went to hell and back for her. But she never really looked into her feelings for him, until Starfire and him were dating. She began feeling jealous for no reason and would get uncomfortable when they were around her. Then she ignored it, and everything went back to normal for them. She had felt Robin and Starfire drift apart, and they had begun arguing, but Raven thought they would make up again. Looks like they didn't. She couldn't help but me a little happy.

"I'm sorr-" Robin roughly pressed his lips to hers. She was so surprised she didn't respond, she just stood there while he kissed her. After a couple of seconds, she couldn't help but kiss him back. He licked her lips asking for entrance. She accepted and let him explore her mouth. He then pushed her forcefully onto the hospital bed and pushed his lips to hers again. He began tearing off her cloak and wanting to take of her leotard but she stopped him.

"Not here." She moaned as his lips kissed her neck. She pushed him of playfully and let him to her room. She closed the door and locked it. When she turned around Robin was behind her very, very close. He leaned in and gave her a sweet kiss. The he began kissing her almost desperately and then it went to rough. She jumped on him and he let her towards her bed. Then he got on top of her and kissed her forehead and cheeks and nose, until he reached her mouth again. He began going lower to her jaw line and then to her neck. She began tugging on his cape and shirt, until he finally removed it. Raven gawked at his well-shaped toned body. Then he began tugging on her leotard until she finally unzipped it and took it off, leaving just her bra and underwear. He smiled and began kissing her all over again going further down...

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